People Divulge Which Games Can Actually Ruin A Relationship

Games are suppose to be fun.

It's about fun and not winning.

That's a lie. Winning is winning!!

And don't let love fool you. You stay the course.

Sorry, I'm projecting.

Let's discuss what fun pastimes have really dampered relationships.

Sometimes it's best to just talk. Or watch TV.

Redditor ctw1271wanted to warn everybody about the competitive situations that are suppose to be fun but can burn down relationships. They asked:

"What's a game that can ruin a relationship?"

I am Monica. Remember she was the competitive psycho one on "Friends?"

I never play games in a relationship anymore.

Not since the fire.

Fork in It

Cat Chef GIF by XboxGiphy

"Overcooked has sparked many an argument. Bomb Corp/Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes are both good for this as well."


Word Problems

"My wife and I only ever played one game of Scrabble about 6 years ago - we don't talk about it, ever!"


"Lol, came here for this. It’s probably just how I grew up, my family always played scrabble to win and used the by-the-book challenge rules and everything. Gets pretty intense but there’s no hard feelings towards anyone for being a try-hard or whatever."

"I had no idea some people had an entirely different attitude towards scrabble until I saw some Reddit thread talking s**t about people who use obscure two-letter words. Like I don’t have the whole list memorized but I’d never hesitate to bust out the old 'qi' or 'za' if I needed to."


The Burn

"My wife loves this game. It goes like this. In bed. Sleepy. Getting ready to drop off into a deep, coma-like sleep. My wife snuggles up next to me and whispers into my ear: 'Do you smell something burning?' Then I have to get up and check the whole house for non-existent smoke. I hate that game."


Just Hug

"Spin the bottle."


"I was once at a party with my ex boyfriend, and this game came up. I said I wasn’t comfortable with him kissing anybody, since he wasn’t even a big kisser in our relationship, and we proceeded to argue and he went upstairs and sulked."


No Loyalty

Episode 9 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderGiphy

"Diplomacy. The object of the game comes down to stabbing other players in the back."


Is it wrong I want to play these games? Is that why I'm single?

Stay Confined

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"Escape Rooms apparently."


"I'm so sorry. Escape rooms are the best. You'll find someone who can do escape rooms with and you'll thank the fates that this one ended."


Shut Up!

"Some people call it A**hole, others call it Presidents. It’s a drinking/card game. I’ve seen hell break loose more than once. A lot of people I know just outright refuse to play it due to its nature. It’s become “'he game what’s name we do not speak' kind of thing."



"Risk; have gotten into multiple fights while playing the game. We quite literally had to start making truces with a 'kick in the b*lls' rule, where if you broke the truce, the person you broke it with gets to kick you in the balls. Truces were either over a certain border(s) or over a pre-determined number of turns."

"Added fun idea (having myself played many different variations of risk)... try playing LOTR risk (possibly the most advanced/complex version of the game) with the ring and extra mission cards (as well as the territory/reinforcement cards) and see how many rule disagreements you get into."


Damn Dumbo

It Takes Two. Supposed to be a game about saving your relationship and learning to work together right? Well it was all going well until we got to the point where the couple theorizes killing a stuffed animal Elephant will save their marriage. Don't ask me why, I truly don't know but my bf immediately went from having fun to nearly crying over this elephant begging for her life and my stupid monkey brain thought 'yes must complete task at all costs, will throw this thing off building because it says so.' My bf now thinks I am a monster and I'm inclined to agree."


Not ready for Secrets

truth or dare asl GIF by Sign with RobertGiphy

"Truth or dare."


"I dare you to divorce me and take both our children into exclusively your custody and only allow me to see them 1 a month at a place and time of your choosing under the supervision of child protective services."



"Destiny 2, my online fling became addicted and grinded way harder than i can, and she basically ended up ghosting me to play with her guild."


"My wife became obsessed-with/addicted-to D1 back when we were dating, and it only got (a lot) worse when D2 came out. Nearly destroyed our relationship. We have kids, so there was more incentive for us to fix the problem, and we did, but it took a long while."


Body Count

"WoW. that thing has a body count."


"4 year relationship and marriage plans ended within months of my ex playing this. S**t was like she was drug addict, sole thing that mattered to her and any one or thing associated with it. Such a shame."


"I started a character on a friend's account because I was curious. Made a Dwarven paladin and then suddenly it was 4am and I had work the next day. No thanks."


She's Out



"My wife and I played together about three times... and three times we got into arguments. I played another time with a friend, and we did so well that it felt like I was cheating on my wife. 'Man, I wish my wife tossed the food over that fire pit as good as you.'"


"I banned my wife from playing with me... I play with my brother in law now he knows how to run a kitchen."


Truth Bombs

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"Never Have I Ever."


"First time I played 3 months removed from college and I discover how to tell a room I was a virgin without telling them I was a virgin."


Break Ups

"Catan. The robber is a relationship breaker."


"Shocked to see this so far down! My husband and I almost never fight, but we played Catan with my sister and her husband and I won, and I'm pretty sure my husband is still harboring a grudge and lots of bitterness... This was 3 years ago. We don't talk about it but we have also never picked that game to play since."


Just a game...

"Dota 2 or any MOBA really. I used to rage at my own friends and family. I finally grew up and realize it doesn't matter how much I practice, I'm never going pro. Might as well just have fun and don't sweat over winning or losing. It's only a game. Don't have to be mad. Especially over a game I'm just okay in."



"Risk. Can't believe nobody has said this yet. I've seen more grown men act like babies whilst playing Risk than any other game. I've seen game boards thrown across the room, tables flipped, drinks thrown, beer poured into full Pringles cans. When Risk was more popular years ago, getting betrayed in Risk was probably the leading cause of ruined friendships for guys aged 15-25."



angry magic the gathering GIFGiphy

"Magic the Gathering. It was all fun for my boyfriend at the time while I was learning the mechanics. Then I started building my own decks (slivers at the time) and I started winning. He swore it off and never played with me again. I took all the cards when we broke up."


Just be simple... play some card games. Though that has brought me trouble before. Just watch Netflix.

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