People Divulge The Last Straw That Broke Apart A Friendship

People Divulge The Last Straw That Broke Apart A Friendship
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It can be hard to let a friendship go.

You might be thinking in your mind perhaps a broken bond can be salvaged, saved from the ruination of forgotten meet-ups and borrowed money that's yet to be returned. However, the best thing for both you and the other person can be a swift exit. Give yourself a good enough reason to never speak to the person again and stick to it.

No one needs that kind of toxicity in their lives.

Reddit user, u/HungryForSh-t, wanted to know when you had it for good when they asked:

What was the last straw before ending your best friendship?

Perhaps the former friend makes bad choices in regards to how they see you. This can fall into a few categories, but seemingly all of them lead to you finally having enough of their nonsense.

If I Recruit Ten People, And YOU Recruit Ten More People...

"He joined a pyramid scheme and would try to get me and others to join non stop. Eventually he moved to a different city to "further his career" ditching family and friends."


Underappreciating Your Kind Gestures

"My best friend of 2 1/2 years was going out of state for a 4 day weekend trip so I house/ babysat for her kids, There were 2 others in charge staying too, I was 2nd in command. I cooked, cleaned, took the kids out and bathed and exercised her 2 dogs, I wasn't expected to do all that but I did to keep busy and make it easier for Everybody."

"I had to leave before she came home as I had to return to work on Monday, on Tuesday afternoon she called me and wanted to discuss the weekend, surely she appreciated all I did over the weekend right? WRONG, she got mad and accused me of talking crap about her behind her back and complained I used cooking equipment without permission. When she only said we couldn't touch her washer and dryer and that's it, she never said thank you for all I did. At that point I just yelled ENOUGH and hung up the phone, that was the last time I spoke to her and that was almost 3 years ago."

"I put up with a lot of her crap but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Good riddance"


Taking The Bully's Side

"My middle school "best friend" knew that I was being bullied by another girl and had been bullied by this same girl, but because the bully was popular, she wanted to be this girl's friend. She managed to become this bully's groupie, not really her friend, by stroking her ego all the time and taking the bully's side even when she picked on me. The last straw was when I told my "friend" about my, at the time, most recent incident with the bully where I'd politely asked the bully to please move out of the way, as I was trying to go to the bathroom and she was standing in the middle of the entrance talking to one of her friends."

"She responded with some completely irrelevant mean comment about my appearance. My friend responded "well, she has good comebacks, you gotta give her that..." I probably should have cut her off sooner, but that was the pin that finally broke the camel's back and I never spoke to her again."


Window Cleaners Share The Best Things They've Ever Seen | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Abusing The "Borrowing" Policy

"Best friend of 5 years. Ended up owing me £300 ish and a PS4 which was only loaned to him for a few months which turned into 2.5 years. He also told me that if I got into a relationship with my now girlfriend at the start he wouldn't talk to me going forward."

"This was simply because half a year before I started seeing her, he tried to and she ended up turning him down. He was pretty much the ladies man out of the two of us, so I have the feeling that because I ended up with the girl, he couldn't stand it and just decided not having me in his life was easier."

"The last straw for me though was the fact for 3 months I had been chasing him asking for my money and PS4 back, all of which he would ignore or leave on Read. Then after 3 months I see he posts on Facebook about buying a car for himself. Removed from him all social media's after that and just haven't bothered since."


Not Taking Your Job Seriously

"She wouldn't take the pandemic seriously. I work in a hospital and she was going out with friends like nothing was wrong, and she lied to me about it. It's been a year now since we last spoke. Hopefully she never caught covid, but I'll never know."


Turns out, there's an awful lot of cheaters out there. Cheating, perhaps the worst thing you can do in a committed relationship, definitely seems like a decent reason to put the friendship on hold.

A Big, Ol' Cheating Circle

"She started cheating on her husband. Her husband had cheated on her and it turned into this ugly revenge thing. She wanted me to help cover for her, keep it secret from my husband, and start cheating on my husband too. She wouldn't drop it after I said no."


"wait she wanted you to cheat on your husband as a revenge bc her husband cheated on her?"


"Yeah she would say it like we would have fun together. I figured it was to make me share the same secret and more likely to keep hers."


Like Winning The Lottery?

"She slept with my husband.

They are now married with 2 kids.

I pick the best of them."


Cheating Under Cover Of Travel

"My former best friend came to visit me (we lived in different countries) and used said visit as cover to cheat on her husband - literally disappearing on me overnight to go and sex some loser she'd been talking to online, leaving me to field an awkward call from her husband who wanted to know why his wife wasn't answering her phone."


Then there's these friends who, let's be honest, probably shouldn't have been friends to begin with.

Emotionally Manipulating Your Significant Others

"A person that was supposed to be my friend "best friend" would hit on my girlfriends, did it all the time. Wasn't a big deal because i wasn't too serious about them. It was the last straw when he aggressively pursued the woman I told him I thought was "the one". He even went so far as to tell her I sent him to "test" her while I was at work..."

"If she wasn't the loyal, wonderful and intelligent person I knew her to be, my so-called "friend" would have destroyed the relationship... That was the last straw! I told him to disappear from my life and that if I see him again, he would never enjoy solid food again..."


When The Whole Friend Group Comes For You

"He became manipulative, passive aggressive and just someone we didn't want to be friends with anymore."

"We told him how he was acting, hoping we could fix things but instead of taking responsibility and apologising, he blamed us for not talking to him sooner. He explained how 'hurt' he was that we felt that way. He expected us to excuse everything because of his mental health. I understand that it may have been the cause, but he still hurt many of us. He still treated us like verbal punching bags and that wasn't okay. I could have forgiven all of it if he had just said he was sorry, but we never received an apology, and we were all fed up by the end. That was two years ago."

"I had tried messaging him a couple of times this year, but he told me he wasn't interested in fixing things, which I suppose is his loss. It was a shame because he was my best friend and had been since school, but things change and people change, and sometimes not for the better."


Wait For The Twist Ending...

"I met one of my best friends while studying in uni. Both engineers. He is one of the smartest people I know and we could talk for hours about science, anime, movies, books, etc. He then got involved with a woman after I started working. He then contacted me, a few years later to ask for my assistance in finding a job. I knew he would slay at my current job so I made sure his CV was on top of every selection process knowing that if they called him and interviewed him, he was a shoe in. We worked together for a bit and then he got promoted twice. I was happy for him but talked to him less as I began to see some odd patterns in his conversation topics. Lots of conspiranoia: 9/11 truther, fringe science, Big Academia restricting science and the list went on."

"Years passed and I was eventually laid off from my job. I took the chance to finish my degree and found a different job. Not a call, nor a chat...not even on Facebook. Two years into a new job, he then contacted me again with some superficial pleasantries...and then came the ask. He wanted to borrow my family's beach film a gonzo porn movie. I then understood that our friendship wasn't what I wanted or needed so I requested him to never call me again. This bothers me to this day. He keeps telling mutual friends that I'm a whiny baby. F-ck him and his narcissism."


Inexplicable Hatred

"Best mate invited me to his place for drinks and a bbq. We had a pretty good time but the other people there wanted to hit the town. I didn't have enough money to go out that night."

"Everyone was getting ready to go out and I was going to walk home when the taxi arrived to pick them up. I had no problem with any of this, I'd had a few drinks, ate some good food and was just chilling like I said, till the taxi arrived."

"I guess he thought I left earlier once they decided to go out because he realized I was still there, looked me dead in the eyes and said "Why are you still here?" It broke my heart, my best friend, we've literally known each other our entire lives, seemed angry I was still there."

"We haven't spoken since. That was 3 years ago."


Finding someone to consider a "friend" can feel daunting, especially later on in life when opportunities to meet new people start to dwindle. This can make you feel like you need to hang on to your friends that you have, even if the friendships isn't a positive influence on your life. Don't be afraid to cut the cord if it means a happier existence for the both of you.

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