Babies are a blessing, and a life event that bring peace, love, joy and harmony; well, most of the time. Sometimes it feels like the blessed event can be a curse. Not all bundles of joy turn out to be a triumphant idea. And telling loved ones that one is expecting can turn out to be a harrowing and cold experience. But hopefully as time rolls along, everyone can come together for the sake of a new life. It's just the initial announcement can be.... bumpy.

Redditor u/Beeblebroxia wanted to hear from people who have had some shall we say "unexpected" reception when discussing their stork delivery by asking..... What is the worst reaction you've ever witnessed to a pregnancy announcement?

I'm out....

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The story goes that when my uncle's wife told him she was expecting their second child, he stopped the car on a busy highway, got out, and started walking.


Grandma says you're an idiot......

My grandma's reaction to my cousin's 2nd pregnancy.

1st baby was in high school, everyone acted as calmly as they could because what was done was done and teenagers are idiots. Best to support and move on.

8 years later and pregnant by a boyfriend of 2 months.

Grandma forgot all her English and began straight yelling at my cousin in her first language. Cousin only spoke English and kept asking me what Grandma was saying. I honestly didn't want to translate, Grandma was pretty much saying she was glad that our Grandpa was dead so he didn't have to see his granddaughter disgrace herself and the family for the second time.

And that if she died soon it was going to be because her dumb granddaughter couldn't figure out how to keep her legs closed.

My translation to cousin: Grandma says you're an idiot.


Never with Thai...

When I told my estranged father I was pregnant. I hadn't talked to him in a few years and he asked to take me for lunch, we went to a Thai place and I was about 4 weeks pregnant and couldn't keep anything down. I had to excuse myself from the table to throw up and when I came back I refused any more food. He straight up just said "are you pregnant or something?" And knowing his reaction I started to cry and said yes (even though it was a planned pregnancy and I was excited about it).

He went on a huge rant in this restaurant about how I'm a disappointment and a failure. He hadn't met my fiancé so he didn't know who the father was, and when he did meet him he didn't like him for getting his daughter pregnant.

Well now I have two kids and he's never met the second and only seen the first one twice so I'll take it as a win.



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When my mom got pregnant after 18 years of trying, she called my dad to come home. He did and my mom told him the news. He looked at her as though she's crazy, said "don't be an idiot" and walked out. Mom got pissed and called him a bunch of times to come back. Took him another solid half an hour to believe her.


Pass the Binky....

When my husband and I found out we were expecting we couldn't wait to tell family. My parents were away for the weekend so we wanted to get to my grandparents first because we knew once my mom found out, she would call them.

My grandmother wasn't home but my Gramps was. We couldn't wait. We let him open the bag with a binky in it that said "please hold on to this for me, knowing my mom she'll forget it. See you in 7 months."

My gramps opened it, looked at it and then us and said nothing. After waiting a bit he said "so is this supposed to be a good thing?" The very first person we told & he said that. We said uh yeah and kept the motto of "it couldn't have gone worse than Gramps" when we told the rest of our family.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention my grandmother watches our daughter 2 days a week. She adores her and he does too however when we said we were having our son 2 years later. He said "this is crap."

Get Out...

I got pregnant when I was 18 and married the baby's father. My mom called me a slut, told me I ruined my life and said that "you just killed your grandparents, is that what you want, to give your grandfather a heart attack!" Then she kicked me out of the house, but not before telling my husband that he was marrying a whore. I only told her because she accused me of stealing a bottle of vodka that I couldn't drink because I was pregnant.

Turns out my brother stole the vodka and blamed me.

I've been married for 23 years now and my mom is on her third divorce. We don't speak anymore. Oh and my grandparents loved my husband and my baby and didn't care that I got pregnant.



Cousin announced her pregnancy 4 months ago. Her husband has been working overseas for over a year now and they haven't gotten together since.

She's been saying it's a miracle baby but everyone knows she's been hooking up with her deadbeat ex-boyfriend who no likes and will probably run off somewhere else if it weren't for the lockdown.

No one is happy about the announcement aside from her. Her mom had to be taken to the hospital because of increased blood pressure and heart problem, stemming from the stress.

Her husband wants a divorce or annulment, whichever one is faster and has refused to help her out.



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I was told by my future MIL that she didn't understand why I was so excited, because I was just going to miscarry anyway. (I have had miscarriages previous).



When my wife told me that her younger brother and his wife were expecting, my reaction was an "Uh-oh...".

A little background:

Her brother and wife were the type who constantly fought all the time, were really bad with money (multiple car repos and a bankruptcy), she was lazy and didn't want to work, and it was obvious they wanted a baby to "save the relationship". So what do they do ? Went on to have two kids, she developed a pill habit that cost her her nursing-job (caught stealing oxys), the fighting gets more intense, and then they end up in divorce court.

So my "Uh-oh" reaction was from me seeing the outcome of this in my head and I was spot-on.

Now these poor kids are messed up in the head (the son has severe anger issues) and my wife's brother almost ended up in jail for falling behind on child-support.

If I could predict the stock market like I can predict what this guy is going to do next then I'd be a billionaire.


Happy Holidays....

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My sister announced her pregnancy during our 30-people christmas family dinner... with her baby daddy that she was dating for only two months.

The place went dead silent, I awkwardly congratulated them, my mom went to grab a shot of anything strong enough to help her swallow the news, my cousin and her boyfriend went outside for a smoke. I wanted to eject myself from that situation ASAP.


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