I think it's safe to say that we all own something unique, that most people don't have. The things that exist in our home can be wildly different from the average person, and that's one of the things that makes our home special. Here are a few examples of the strange and wonderful things found in peoples' homes.

u/Shiny_Manetric asked: What's something in your room right now that most people probably don't have in theirs?

Good to know.

An uncut currency sheet. It is 50 1 dollar bills that were never cut when the came out of the US Mint.

Edit: If you have an uncut currency sheet you can cut it up and use it, so it's not just a cool thing you can put in a frame.


Nothing unpleasant about that.


A pleasant assortment of didgeridoos.



A working iPod from 2004.


Still have mine. It's the U2 special edition. I believe it still works.



I got a autograph from Chef Anthony Bourdain.


Now that's cool.


A have a custom made wand from the Harry Potter Universe. I worked on the Fantastic Beasts 2 film (part of the Harry Potter Universe) and was gifted it by the director and producer. It has my name on it too.

Edit: for those requesting pictures and non believers - https://imgur.com/a/eFjmkm9


I'd join that cult.

A goat skull.


Ayyy. Someone else said they have a raven skull! You can start a cult together!


A lot of weird words in there.

A dictionary from 1899.


I would want to know if it has the word 'computer' in it, referring to a person rather than a machine. This used to be a job that people good in math would do, often working in teams so they could divide the tedious work up and then check it out afterwards to see if all teams came up with the same results.





I have a large storage container filled to the top with McDonald's toys. Before my grandfather passed away he would go and get a coffee every morning and would get me a toy from there when he got a coffee. I've kept them ever since. I can bring myself to part with them. I have full collections of the Monsters Inc toys, the Lilo and Stitch toys, Winnie the Pooh, Beanie Babies, etc. 90's and early 2000's toys. That man was a saint, and my hero.

*Edit 1: I said can bring, I meant to say can't bring myself to part with them, sorry about that

*Edit 2: thank you for the awards, and the wholesome comments

*Edit 3: picture links, Pictures for everyone who's asked


Not creepy at all.

I have a glass milk container filled with the heads of action figures.


Get out the way!

A magnet that has a cow with the words "moo b*tch!"


Got milk b*tch?




I'm going to go with 2 unicorn tapestries given to me by my dad for when I moved out. One of them is also one he himself still has in the attic. Before anyone assumes, my dad is still living, and no idea where his is at.


A strange collection.

A metal fire exit sign from a defunct RAF base in the UK. It was in a pile of rubble from where the buildings were in the process of being demolished. I took it home, cleaned it up and put some lights in it. I also have a collection of various animal skulls.



This is very interesting; I have a small bag which my grandfather used to carry while going for fishing in the river, he used to catch a lot of fish, after his death I took this bag and kept it with me. Any time I go fishing, I carry it too, am always shocked with the number of fish I get daily, it's amazing.


Snek friend.


Snake that is pink and white. Yes it is a reptile, no it is not a human extremity, and yes he and or she is a genderly confused danger noodle that has befriended the cat.


That's pretty neat.

I grew up with a full sized cast-iron carousel horse in the corner of my childhood bedroom. It was a gift from my dad to my mom for their wedding (she loves carousel horses) and the room it was in became my bedroom when I was born. It's still there, it's been at least 24 years.

We've always wanted to paint it, just never had the proper tools to do it. Some day!


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