weird things

I think it's safe to say that we all own something unique, that most people don't have. The things that exist in our home can be wildly different from the average person, and that's one of the things that makes our home special. Here are a few examples of the strange and wonderful things found in peoples' homes.

u/Shiny_Manetric asked: What's something in your room right now that most people probably don't have in theirs?

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Schools are breeding grounds for stories.

That many teenagers in a building is a recipe for disaster. Or at least a good story.

Though not all those stories are good--sometimes they are deeply, deeply weird.

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Have you ever experienced a "glitch in the Matrix"? You know, those instances where your whole world suddenly becomes unfamiliar, and the unexplainable occurs before returning to normal? It's beyond the blue pill and the red pill- this sh*t happens in real life too. Here are some of the craziest glitches.

u/C00LRTH4nU asked: What is the creepiest glitch you've experienced In real life?

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Foreigners Share The Weirdest Things About The U.S. That Americans Don't Even Realize

Let's be real--the USA is a weird place.

If you live here, you know. It's like 50 small countries all tied together by a loose governmental structure. That in and of itself is already weird.

But there's so much more to the story that even Americans really don't grasp. Those who have come in from out of the country have an entirely new perspective.

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