People Break Down The Creepy Encounters That They'll Never Forget

People Break Down The Creepy Encounters That They'll Never Forget
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You feel that chill up your spine and don't know whether it's knives or fingers...

Creepy feelings are hard to ignore, nor should they. Call it an evolutionary trait, to know when our bodies are in danger and we need to get out, but there is something that happens when we feel ourselves in a creepy situation. There might be an unknown danger on the horizon, or maybe a voice that comes from nowhere speaking in your mind, but whatever the situation you know you'll never forget it.

Reddit user, u/UnwantedJason, wanted to hear what still haunts your mind when they asked:

What's a creepy encounter you'll never forget? (Serious)

When You're Unsure Of What To Do

There's situations we find ourselves in that immediately send shivers up our spines, but the reasons are immediately apparent. It might take a moment or two to understand what's happening and, more importantly, what's about to happen to us.

You Had A Bad Day

When I worked at a hotel, I was outside just before starting work, and talking with a co worker while she had a smoke. Some guy was walking down the street towards us with a 2x4 in his hand. We didnt notice him until he was quite close and he screamed something about his dead family. He then stormed right up to us and swung the 2x4 to hit my co worker in the head, and I just reacted, stepped between them and raised my arm to take the blow... and he didnt go through with it for whatever reason. He held it ready to swing for a moment, and then stormed off and threw the 2x4 in a garbage can.

I went and picked it up after just incase he came back... and thats when I realized it had a bunch of nails sticking out of it!


When You're Unsure Of What To Do

This was about 10 years ago. I was home alone and there was a knock on the door. I open the main door, there is now a screen door between and the man who knocked. He says, "Hi! I'm doing some work on a house on your street can I use your restroom." (Our big dog comes up behind me. This man isn't phased.) "Oh I see you've got a dog!" I tell him that there is a gas station in very much walkable distance he can use. "I don't know if I can make it. The people we are doing work for locked their door. I get it. I know your husband isn't home-" I cut him off, said no. Closed, locked, chained the door. Texted my husband. I was supposed to leave shortly to go to class that afternoon, I decided to stay home locked inside because I was afraid to leave the house.


Getting Chewed Out In Two Angles

When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I was walking home from school. A brown Oldsmobile stopped next to me and the driver leaned over and opened the passenger side door, telling me to get in, that my mother sent him to pick me up. I knew not to get into the car and started to walk away. I was walking on the other side of a ditch because this road had no sidewalk and I knew the neighborhood well enough to run if I needed to, so I wasn't too afraid that I couldn't get away. Not two seconds after I started walking, the man switched his tone and became furious, yelling at me to get into the car. I don't remember his face so much but I do remember he wore a cowboy hat, but this was east Texas in the 90s.

As he was yelling at me, a gray SUV pulled up behind him and blew its horn causing him to peel off without first closing his door. The SUV then pulled up along side me while I was walking and a woman, incredibly hysterical, proceeded to scream at me to never get into a car with a person I didn't know and continued to scream at me while driving alongside me as I walked all the way home.. honestly, between the two of them, I thought I had done something wrong and was too afraid to tell my mother about it when she got home from work.. I walked that same route every day to and from school after that and never saw that man, or woman, again..


Creepy People Gonna Creep

They do, don't they? It's just what they do.

You'll encounter these types of folks out in the world, sometimes in the most unlikely places, but you'll meet them.

And you'll be afraid of them.

Unable To Take "No" For An Answer

Not too long ago I was babysitting my best friend's young baby. She and her husband went out for Valentine's Day. Not even an hour into babysitting there's a knock at her door. I opened the door because they know a lot of people in their neighborhood and I figured it was a neighbor or friend. This guy looks surprised to see me and I ask him why he's there. He said he delivered stuff for them a few days before and he may have some missing items that they ordered and can I call my friend to ask. So I shut the door, locked it, and called my friend. She answers and says "oh my god that guy hit on me the other day and won't leave me alone!" She went on to say that he asked for her number in the delivery app after dropping off her delivery. She didn't answer him. Some time after that he literally came back to ask her out at her door! She obviously said no but he must not have gotten the message.

After talking to my friend I went back to the baby. Next thing I see after walking by their windows is him starting into my soul through the living room window!!! He asked if my friend answered and I told him that there's nothing missing from her delivery and he thankfully went away. I don't think he came back after that and her husband reported him on the delivery app. Extremely creepy.


0 Stars

An uber driver pulled off route in a random part of town saying there was a really nice restaurant down there, I was pretty and he was taking me to dinner.

It was midnight, I had no idea where we were, I just started yelling that my husband was at home and he would call the police if I wasn't there in five minutes.

The driver continued arguing with me for a bit and eventually turned around and went back.

Was driving in the same area with a friend a few days later, asked him where the restaurant was. It was an industrial area. There was no restaurant.


Staying On The Trail

My friend and I went on this trip to Europe with a bunch of other teens as a choir and we traveled to five countries in the span of two weeks. When we went to Venice, I was wrapped up in all of the sites and sounds, and my friend kept pulling me in and out of stores. I had found out later that she was doing that because this guy kept following us for about half the day until we finally lost him. I worked on my situational awareness a lot after that. We were about 16 when this happened


The Inexplicable And Unknowable

Finally, these people seemed to find the most horrifying situations a person could be in. Voices coming from nowhere, haunting images, and souls that may or may not still be in your body are not common but they're out there, waiting for you.

Footsteps Which Nobody Owns

Home in bed and Hear someone open the front door and the unmistakable sound of work boots walking around on tile floor. Figured it was my dad as it sounded exactly like him.

I ask why he's home so early but no response. Footsteps get closer to the bedroom which was at the back of the house and I yell out again asking why he's tying to spook me.

They get up to the door.

I call out again and nothing.

I waited a minute jumped out of bed scared as hell and left for the day until my family got home. Called my dad right after I left the house and he was at work.


Coyotes Speak?

I was playing outside of my grandmothers house and heard the biggest male voice calling my name. I say big voice because I felt the call as much as I heard it. PeaPaw was long gone and dead, and She almost never had men over so I went inside to see if it was one of my uncles. Nanny was sitting on the couch watching her "stories" aka soap operas. No uncles just her. I went back outside only to find a pack of coyotes in the same spot I was playing in. (Rural TN) This spooked me something fierce. Still does.


Taking Tolls, Snatching Souls

About 10 years ago I drove to a 7-11 with my boyfriend. I stayed in the car and he went inside to grab cigarettes and some drinks. As I sat in the car I saw this teenage boy walk out the door. He looked at me and we made brief eye contact. His eyes looked completely devoid of anything. Just nothingness. My blood ran cold and I felt frozen in place for a moment. The boy continued on walking away while I sat there shaky. Just completely unnerved. Just then, my boyfriend got into the car and blurted out "I just had the weirdest thing happen. Did you see that kid who walked out of here?...". He told me how he had the same exact experience with that boy inside the store. I don't know exactly how to explain how or why we both felt this way when making eye contact with this kid. We still bring it up from time to time. We call him the soul snatcher. Weird sh-t, man.


Keep your eyes peeled.

Know when you have to run away or call for help. Who knows? It might be the only thing that keeps you safe when these terrifyingly creepy moments come about.

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