Schools are breeding grounds for stories.

That many teenagers in a building is a recipe for disaster. Or at least a good story.

Though not all those stories are good--sometimes they are deeply, deeply weird.

u/zoomwoofwoofwoof asked:

What is the weirdest thing that happened at your school?

Here were some of those stories.

A Horse Is Definitely More Distracting

In order to protest the dress code, which the administration said was to promote "professionalism," a girl wore a horse costume to school everyday. The costume met the rules of the dress code, so principals could not do anything about it. Teachers loved it.


There Was An Entire Mythos With This Kid

There was a kid named Oo Reh in my school he claimed to be the god of the galaxy. He said he would summon the white tiger to kill me. Oo Reh told me that his form that I knew him as was not his real body and that his real body was in a fire proof crystal in the center of the sun. Oo Reh said that he had a weapon called the master ball that could control electricity, later on he claimed that I stole the master ball and it's powers. There are dozens of other things I could talk about too he was one hell of a god I'll say.



There was a quiet and kind of odd girl at our school, usually wore her hair in pigtail braids. A friend of mine took her to prom. I met her once or twice and thought her interactions seemed a little forced, but just thought she was a normal teen that was trying a little too hard.

Found out a year or two after she graduated that she was actually a 30 something year old woman who faked being a teenager and had apparently done this before in other towns. Even after she was caught and arrested for fraud, she swore up and down that everyone was wrong and she was really a teenager. I'm still not sure if she really believes it or if she was just a scam artist. Either way, that poor woman had a lot of problems.


WWE High School Edition

I think I was in 9th grade. Two senior girls got into a fight into the cafeteria over a boy. One girl dumped chocolate milk on the other girls hair. A fight ensued. Screaming, cussing, clawing eyeballs the whole nine yards. The principal got involved to break it up. And the bigger of the two girls just full on falcon punches him in the balls and drops him to the ground. The girl then climbs on the lunch table and proceeds to elbow drop the principal as he was laying on the floor in pain.


Beef Jerky Bandit

My school's pretty normal but once someone put a pack of beef jerky on top of some of the lockers and every time the staff removed it a new one would appear in its place. This went on for a few weeks until it stopped and we never found the culprit. Nevertheless, the mighty beef jerky lives on in our memories.


Boycott For Your Nerves

Not my school, but a school in the local area. One grade had a bunch of rowdy kids so they split up the lunches so that they weren't all in the cafeteria together. When the kids heard this, they were heartbroken so they decided that they were going to strike the school food. They signed this huge petition and everybody stopped buying lunch from the school. A ton of food went to waste and the administration was not happy...


Vaseline On Hot Dogs?

Our senior prank was supposed to happen at 6 am when the janitors clock in. We were gonna go through the halls and take all the desks out of classrooms and put them in the hallways.

Last minute people decided to break into the school at 2am and they tripped the silent burglar alarm. Not to mention people were urinating in the halls, smoking weed in the band room, and rubbing vaseline and hot dogs on lockers.

The cops came. 64 people were arrested. It was a good time.


The Basilisk

2011 my high school bio teacher had a pet snake in a glass cage in her class room. One day she found that the snake had somehow gotten out the night before. The school had to be closed for two days so animal control could find it. They could not find it and concluded that it must have left the school and gone into the wild.

Flash forward to the Summer of 2017. The school was putting a door between two office and they begin to notice a foul stench in the wall. They take apart the wall and find a snake that had just started to rot after it died getting stuck in the pipes. It was confirmed to be the bio teachers snake. It never left it just lived in the walls.


My Son

One of my classmates named Frank had a presentation on physics class. He needed an egg. He brought one with him, but threw it at someone before the class. One of my other classmates, Max, said "I'll borrow you mine!". At first I thought it was a sexual joke, but then he reached to his bag only to take out an egg with a face drew on it. He said "But be careful, this is my son Leonardo." and gave it to Frank.


Sooty Soot Soot

A kid stuffed his uniform sweater in the tailpipe of a delivery truck. The driver made it to the highway when he noticed something was smoking. When he pulled over and unwedged the burnt, mangled, sweater from the tailpipe he noticed the tag which not only had the name of the school, but also the name of the kid to whom the sweater belonged. Kid got expelled. This was in 4th grade I think.


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