The internet has a nasty habit of stifling creativity. While it'd be nice to say the internet actually pushes us to think more outside that old box, most of the time it reminds you that someone else has that idea. How can you truly break out when it's so easy to see someone else have the exact same thought as you on the other side of the planet? Only they had it 7 years ago and posted about it as a joke. Fortunately, there are still innovative thinkers out there, breaking the mold and shattering expectations.

Reddit user, u/CounterintuitivePaw, wanted to hear how to be different when they asked:

What's something common you do in an uncommon way?

At Least You Know You Aren't Missing Anything

I go to the grocery store hungry and walk every aisle in a masochistic exercise in self control.


Traumatized For All Glassware

When I was a kid, my uncle bought a brand new house. In addition to buying the house, he bought all new glass-wear. Well, I poured myself a glass of coke and took a big swig, not realizing all of the plastic/debris from the insulation into the glass was still in the cup.

For the last 20+ years, I now blow into the glass before pouring myself a drink. I will also blow into the glass if someone else would like to pour me a drink and the glass is in my sight.

Super weird but it was a traumatizing at the time...

Good question!!


Cereal Science

I drink milk with my cereal, but not in a bowl together, rather I eat cereal dry and chug a tall glass of milk when needed. I have done this my whole life and find the "normal" way gross.


Systematically Take It Apart

Eat pizza.

I pull off the toppings one by one and eat them individually. I then pull the cheese off and eat it like a quesadilla. After that, I lick the tomato sauce off and proceed to scrape the soft bread underneath with my teeth. I then eat the rest normally, until the crust, which I eat like a hot dog. The hole time, I was eating around bubbles, just to eat them at the end.


We Don't All Eat It Like Bugs Bunny?

I eat carrots weirdly, i eat the outside first, nibbling around until i hit the core, seperate the core and the outside, eat the outside, then the core, the core tasts was sweeter and its juicer that the outside Most people dont even know there are 2 layers of a carrot, 3 if you count the skin as a layer


Eat As Fast As Possible

Oh eating for me that's the thing that throws people off. I feel like I'm eating at leisurely pace but according to everyone I apparently "inhale" my food

My favorite moment of this was going out with a few of my cousins to our favorite bar and I got a burger there. The burgers aren't small patty alone is 10oz. Waiter sets the burger down walks away for a minute comes back "So guys how's th- ITS ALREADY F-CKING GONE!?" He then walked away for a good while my cousin nearly choked on his food and my other cousin was depressed because when we walked in she declared she would "see me eat the burger this time!" Instead of it just magically disappearing like Pavlovs burger.


Flat As A Board

Not sure it's that uncommon outside of Western culture, but I sleep without a pillow. I don't really get how people are able to sleep with a pillow. Looks very uncomfortable.


Pure. Unadelterated. CHAOS.

Writing in a notebook. Instead of in order, I just open the notebook and write on whatever page it opens on. Everyone I know thinks it's absolute chaos, but I keep the page open while I need it, and hardly ever have to find it again, and it feels quicker so it works for me.


This Must Take Over An Hour

I eat Kit-Kats by nibbling the chocolate off of the edges first then eating the wafers layer by layer...I'm a heathen


Crab Arm Writing

I hold pens/pencils weird when I write, but not because of what fingers the pen is between, but my hand position; I essentially put my arm opposite myself and curve my hand back around towards myself, my hand resting way above the line I'm writing on. I can't explain why, but I remember always writing like that when I first learnt, and my teacher would always tell me my hand position was awful and try to get me to change, but I just couldn't write any other way. People have commented on it all my life, saying I look like I'm impersonating a crab or something, but it doesn't affect my handwriting it all, it's quite neat.


You Have A Flow And You Stick To It

Eating toast. I rip off the crust and eat it first, then sort of peel the rest so that the two crispy sides are separate (so it's split down the flat edge) and fold both halves so the crispy part is in the middle and the softer middle part is on the outside. I prefer the texture that way.


Selective Dining

I eat all of one thing on my plate and then move onto the next thing


I also save the best bite for last, to end my meal on a good note. If I'm eating a pepperoni pizza, I eat the crust first, since it's my least favorite part, then work my way over to that most beautifully crisped piece of pepperoni.


Uncommon Or Future Trendsetter?

When I make my bed, I hold the blanket by the top with my arms outstretched and belly flop onto the mattress.

Boom. Bed made.


Seeing How The Other Side Lives

Holding fork and knife like a left-handed person, I am actually right-handed.


I'm left-handed and I and every other left-handed person I know holds a fork and knife like everybody else. Fork in the left hand and knife in the right hand.

I guess the difference is that if I only have a fork or a spoon I'll hold it in the left hand and not in the right hand.


Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

I lie in the tub while taking shower. It's a nice easy way to wake up from the early morning dizzies.


Early morning dizzies?


You know, first thing in the morning when you have brain fog, your eyes are barely open, and your equilibrium isn't 100%. It usually lasts about 10 min for me.


Slowly Enjoying One Of Earth's Greatest Gifts

I put the milk in my bowl first and then the cereal. But not all the cereal at once. In 3-4 small batches. I like my cereal wet, but not soggy.


This Feels Like More Of A Trot

I walk down stairs with an irregular rhythm where I have the momentum of my first foot lead my second foot rather than actually stepping with the second foot.


Like a galloping sort of feel? Same


Be Warned. This Is How The Great Butter Battle Started.

I eat certain things upside down. Pop tarts, frosted cookies, crackers with cheese, any cracker that has salt on top, and lately I've been eating burgers upside down. It helps them hold together more.


A Very Particular Way To Eat

I eat the skin off of my grapes and then eat what's left. It takes me 30 minutes to eat a small bowl of grapes.


I do this too. Don't you think the skins make your mouth dry a bit?


Yes, then you get a bit that sits flat on the back of your tooth like its welded to it.

I love the texture of the peeled grape.


This Is So Brilliant I'm Mad I Didn't Think Of It

I eat burgers upside down, because the structural integrity of the burger is better maintained if you can let all the juices soak into the (usually) thicker top bun.


Don't Just Be Different. Break The System.

I make instant noodles in a frying pan.

Put the noodles in the pan along with about a half-inch of water (depending on the size of your pan), then sprinkle the flavour packet in. Stir it through, and let the water boil off. Now you've got a delicious even coating of flavour across all your noodles, and they're just at the right consistency without having to drain any water and lose the flavour. If you want some egg with it, you can just crack one over the top and stir it right in. Wonderful.

(It's also useful if you want to add things like fried mushrooms or chicken or bacon to your noodles; you can just fry them up, then put the water in the pan and cook the noodles as before, scraping up all of that delicious crispy goodness.)


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