Ever try watchng a move you loved years back only to fnd that it hasn't aged well at all? That happened to me more times than I can count––older comedies and B-grade horror movies tend to be the biggest culprits––and I don't even have all those wasted hours to show for any of it.

"What hasn't aged well?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor TheToastyNuts, who reminded us of so many things we would rather forget.

"Me saying..."

Me saying 2020 was going to be a good year when I found a $20 bill in my front yard on January 1, 2020.


"My comment..."

My comment from a few years ago on a YouTube video where I said "How could a virus take down an economy? Lol"

Damn that comment aged poorly.


"Teachers saying..."

Teachers saying you would not walk around with a calculator in your pocket.


"In my country..."

In my country, parents use(d) to tell their children, "Eat all of your food or there will be bad weather tomorrow" (to avoid leftovers).

Today we have overweight children and a climate crisis...


"There's legit an episode..."

Sex and the City. There's legit an episode where Samantha encourages someone to go to a party because 'Harvey Weinstein will be there.' Gross.

Plus everyone is whiny and crap.


"After a rewatch..."

The movie MAS*H. My husband remembered it as hysterical. After a rewatch with me, he came to the conclusion that a lot of things we used to think were funny just aren't okay anymore.


"Climate science denial..."

Climate science denial has exponential return rates on this question.


"Last year of college..."

Last year of college got me out of shape because of stress/lack of sleep. Told myself that I'd get back in shape in 2020. One pandemic and 4+ month long ankle injury and here we are.


"Several episodes..."

A lot of old British music programmes, primarily Top of the Pops. Several episodes were either hosted by, or featured stars who later turned out to be pretty heinous criminals.


"You won't regret..."

The Bill Cosby Pudding Pop commercials from the '80s. If you don't know what I am talking about go to YouTube and search Bill Cosby Pudding Pop Commercials. You won't regret it.


"Me and my belief..."

Me and my belief that the world was full of happiness and kind people. Now I realise that those things exist, it's just not as much as I'd hoped for.


"Donald Trump..."

Donald Trump saying people around him wearing masks were good enough.



My 10 minute video on my IG about how my year's gonna be the most dynamic and I'm gonna let go and be chill. Nope. I'm all about survival and trying to secure myself financially.


"Then computers..."

"The teacher won't accept your work if it's isn't in cursive!"

Then computers, email and smartphones happened. Nowadays, it's barely taught in schools.


"Me having a mental breakdown..."

Me having a mental breakdown on New Years worried about 2020 being another bad year.


"If you put that in there today..."

Sexual stuff in kids cartoons. If you put that in there today you're basically a sicko.


"I exchanged emails..."

I exchanged emails with a few of my elementary school teachers when they left the school mid-way through the year. I emailed my favorite teacher often, and I'd ask him about how the new school he was at was etc.

A few years later, I found out he was jailed for child molestation. 13-year-old me sent an email to him asking how prison was at the time. My siblings never let me forget.


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