People Break Down Which Animated Movie Affected Them The Most

People Break Down Which Animated Movie Affected Them The Most

Some movies just hit you in a place that you would totally rather be left un-hit. Personally, as much as Kubo and the Two Strings was an amazing, brilliant, and poignant piece of animation... I'm also pretty sure watching it should only be undertaken by trained professionals who are following established safety protocol and have appropriate equipment on hand.

Watching Kubo requires:

- A beverage to rehydrate while you sob.

- Something cuddly to grip onto while you sob.

- Some moisture wicking device like tissue or a handkerchief to dab away your tears while you sob.

Kubo should avoided by anyone triggered by depictions of memory disorders like dementia or Alzheimer's, anyone who has lost a parent, anyone who has fought to protect a child from toxic family, or anyone who has recently been turned into a magical monkey.

One Reddit user asked:

What animated movie affected you most emotionally and why?

The comments get pretty intimate, obviously, so proceed with caution. There will be talk of loss, death, abuse, etc.

Ellie's Adventures

pixar gif love GIF by Disney PixarGiphy

Man, the scene in Up when he gets the house to Paradise Falls and sits down...then he finally reads Ellie's book of adventures, something he hadn't been able to do since he thought she was disappointed that they never got there while she was alive.

Then he realizes she kept filling it out the entire time and was extremely happy with her life with Karl. "I've had my adventure. Now it's time for you to have yours."

The final words he see from her letting him know that she doesn't want him to be a bitter old man, but rather, find a new purpose in life beyond her. Honestly, it's such a fantastic movie about loss, it's hands down my favorite Pixar movie.

- Cheezie-Beats

UP is emotional terrorism. I cry at multiple points during that movie and it is starting to scare my 3yo.

- Harrie1212


Iron Giant.

"You stay. I go. No following."

- Oxymoronisanoxymoron

When he closes his eyes and says "Superman." -- it's wrecking me right now just thinking about it.

- gcanyon

I'm a 50 year old man, and when he closes his eyes and says, "Superman" as he meets the missile, I completely lose it. Every. Time.

- Zampaneu

A Story To Tell

Brother Bear

I have a story to tell you. It's kind of about a man and kind of about a bear. But mostly, it's about a monster.

Gets me every time.

- booksoverppl

Hearing Koda say I don't think I like this story always makes me want to cry.

- Musicfreekx

I bawled watching this, the whole story is so heartbreaking, and beautifully done.

- usernameerror12

Humans Have Surprisingly Little Humanity

Wall E. It just broke my heart how wall E was left alone and what all happened. Wall E knew love more then any of the humans.

- areyyyyy

Wall-E also just rips humanity a new one. It's an amazing takedown of how the rich have abused this planet and mollified everyone else to help them destroy it. I saw it 8 times the first week it came out.

- piedrift

I related because Wall-E was just this lone entity that wasn't know about. Then when he was first discovered was nearly blown to pieces. Even then, he was so desperate for companionship, he took care of Eve.

So much compassion from someone so misunderstood...

- KithMeImTyson

An Under-Appreciated Hero

Big hero 6 "I am satisfied with my care"

- AdventurousAddition

My friend and I went to watch this movie when we were in high school. We were the only older kids in the theater. Everyone else was a parent to an elementary aged kid. We were crying laughing at some of the jokes and just crying at the end. That movie doesn't get the appreciation it deserves.

- rahws

This movie isn't one moment of crying, I cried most of the movie. Maybe I just need a big squishy hug.

- sometimesiski

My Grandfather died days before it hit home video release. Despite being in my thirties, he was the first relative who I had lost. I sat down and watched this movie in silence. And again. And again. The ability to watch the characters grieve and not just wrap it up in a tight bow helped me walk away in a more stable place.

I have not seen it again since but it is not because it isn't good, just too much emotional baggage I want to leave behind.

- theelectr1cwolf

Such A Treasure

you got this kingdom hearts GIFGiphy

Treasure Planet.

It was my dad's favorite.

I really relate to Jim Hawkins.

"I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)" by John Rzeznik (lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls) is a banger and really relatable.

It captures the feeling of wonder and adventure that I desperately wish I had in my life but never have and likely never will.

- MaskMan192

The scene where Jim is freaking out because he feels that he failed and Silver comforts and encourages him still makes me cry. It's just such a lovely movie about growing up and how important the voices of others are in building our images of ourselves, and the way they use music and the body language of the characters to convey emotion is extremely well done.

As a kid I longed for a Silver to come along and believe in me; as an adult, I try my best to be the Silver for the youngsters I know.

- roostersncatsplz

That's the exact movie I was thinking of!!! It does such a phenomenal job of showing the inner change from boy to man that happens in life as well as the thoughts and challenges of a growing boy. I could relate deeply with it. Also, it's the only Disney movie I really could relate with at all, me being male.

I love how you can clearly see the emotional damage Jim hides deep inside and the way he shoves down. You can see how he acts out or closes up and acts like nothing can get to him which is something I think us guys can relate to hard core.

The song "I'm Still Here" hits me at a very personal level.

Also, this kid who's got all this emotional crap balled up inside him isn't at all portrayed as weak like I think society sometimes portrays men who show emotion. And it's so uplifting to see how he tries so hard to be strong on his own with no one to teach him how to deal with all he's been through, and then eventually have someone who opens up emotionally as well and helps him.

Anyway, as a guy, it's a beautiful thing to watch and wish that maybe someone will eventually allow you to show your emotional side, value you through it, and help show you to way.

- Nobility773

The Best Film I'll Never Watch Again

Grave of the Fireflies. I don't generally tear up, but this one made me sob

- thexavikon

It's a brilliant movie, and a terrible trap. Most of Studio Ghibli productions are feelgood stories. Grave of the Fireflies gives you 2 days of depression.

- CalmerBrain

It's the best film I will never watch again.

- 406highlander

It's legitimately difficult to watch. And the worst part (something I learned the last time it came up in a thread like this) is that it's based on a short story that's semi-autobiographical. Though even if it wasn't, it's so realistic, a lot of the circumstances undoubtedly happened to a lot of people as part of the war. It's not even a story you can pretend didn't or couldn't happen.

- scudamore

Love It. Can't Watch It.

I love Coco. I can't watch Coco. That movie makes my wife and I ugly cry before we even get to the end, because it emotionally takes us back to the day we lost our first son. And I'm not even entirely sure why - the movie isn't about someone losing a child - but the whole thing is just beautifully put together and I think maybe the struggle to not be forgotten just hits home when we're thinking of an infant nobody but the two of us and a doctor ever even saw alive.

Ugh. I'm tearing up now just thinking of the music from the film.

- JebFromTheInterWeb

Doing The Right Thing In A World That's Not Right

Princess Mononoke, because it forces you to stare at humanity's worst and best and accept it.

True nature of the human condition explained by a genius with that script.

- Pocket_Dons

A couple of my favorite moments in that movie are really early on when the boar demon is attacking the village. Ashitaka's sister is leading people working the fields back to the village and someone falls down so she turns and pulls her little knife to face down the demon. Ashitaka has been, until this point, asking the demon to turn aside and leave the village alone. Only once he sees a life directly endangered does he start to fight the demon.

Every minute of the movie is about trying to do the right thing in a world that's not right.

- dieinafirenazi

Grandma Is Still Here

Moana. The scene where her grandma died and reincarnated into that giant manta ray. And the one where she came to Moana after she failed on the first attempt to restore the heart. Just the line "There is nowhere you could go that I won't be with you."

And when Moana confronted Te Ká and she's barreling down at Moana. The visuals of that scene, the song, the lines "they have stolen your heart from inside you, but this does not define you"

- scenicviewtoinsanity

This is my answer too! My grandma died shortly before we saw the movie in theaters. I absolutely sobbed when her spirit came down through the village and out into the water. Actually crying right now thinking of it.

- kellyfacee

This is mine too. No magic - no Prince Charming to come and take care of everything for her -- just Moana learning from Maui and then doing it on her own. When she says, "let her come to me" I stand up and cheer.

The music is good also. In the song, "I am Moana" I love the lines:

"But scars can heal and reveal just Where you are

The people you love will change you

The things you have learned will guide you

And nothing on earth can silence

The quiet voice still inside you

And when that voice starts to whisper

Moana you've come so far

Moana listen

Do you know who you are?"

For Moana's name, I substitute my own. Shivers up and down my back each time.

- cnacvno

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