People Break Down The Stupidest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them
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Every so often you'll encounter someone who says something so foolish, so idiotic, so ridiculous, that you just have to go tell everyone on the internet about it.

These are those stories. Be warned: Stupidity occurs.

Reddit user, u/AnimeMangaGod, wanted to know:

What is the stupidest thing someone has ever said to you?

Off To A Hot Start

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Apparently, China and Russia are using the pyramids to spy on America. When I asked how, they told me that they snuck giant disks into the pyramids and when nobody is watching the pyramids open up to stick the disks out. People were actually agreeing with this guy.


Electronics =/= Gas

My brother to me in the car on our way to high school.

Me: turns on radio

Bro: turns off radio

Me: what are you doing?

Bro: its wasting gas



A Lot Of These Upcoming Problems Could Be Solved With Another Science Class

"Dude, what the f-ck do you mean? Tree's aren't alive they don't have a nose."



When is the 4th of july?


I think it's the 17th February but i might be wrong


Fact Or Fiction?

Early in dating my now wife we watched ["30 Days of Night"] at the cinema. I lent over and mentioned it was true that some places do experience 30 days of total darkness because of their position on the Earth.

She paused for a moment and asked back 100% earnestly "and the vampires...are they real?"


Look At An Atlas

Some kid said "Your Japanese right? Nihao."

I said "Thats Chinese..."


Isn't That Part Of The Tragedy?

Waiting to be wheeled into surgery, had a chat with a male nurse about the same age as me mid 20s. asked me what i'm here for, told him it's a surgery regarding my cancer mets.

guy proceeds to say in awe "wow, i could never imagine having cancer at this age."

Well, neither did I just a few months earlier you insensitive prick, it's not like i made that decision consciously. 2 yrs later and that still riles me up... "you're too young to have cancer" is also on par with that and i hear it way too often.


Repeating My Job Description

Not stupid, but hilarious. A guy on the job told me, "[You're] always telling people what to do".

I'm a construction superintendent.

Telling people what to do is in my job description.


The Science Checks Out On That

I had an adult once tell me that they don't drink soda that is carbonated because the bubbles are an indication that the soda is infected with aerobic bacteria.


Just Eat In Moderation

"Drinking water while you're eating food is bad for you. Cause it dilutes your stomach acid and you can't properly digest your food."

B-tch please.


While that is incorrect, drinking while eating can lead to overeating. Either because the liquid you're drinking also contains calories, or for the simpler reason that chewed food in solution will settle more efficiently and allow you to eat more before triggering a sense of fullness.


Well, Uh, I Mean, Um...

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I'm a boy, and in like 6th grade after the talk my friend comes up to me and says "Do you think girls vaginas get hard when they see a hot guy?"


Age Doesn't Dictate Height

Because I'm so short, I've always been the shortest person in school, people always think I'm a kindergartener walking with a bunch of 8th graders. So they'll walk up to me and ask "How old are you?"

I tell them I'm 14, they'll respond with the most idiotic thing you can say to someone who's short and in the eighth grade and that idiotic line is "How are you that short but in the [insert grade?". That line has always gotten on my nerves because by their logic the taller you are the higher the grade you should be in.


So Many Other Things For You To Say First

When I told my coworker I had cancer, he responded with, "Ah, another way for you to get attention."


Don't Brag When You Don't Know What You're Talking About

I told my US college educated* supervisor that my mom was going to Hawaii to celebrate her retirement. She says

"Ooh, exotic. She'll have to get a passport now right"?

I'm not knocking college education (I'm college educated) but this person made a VERY big deal about it to the point of looking down on others who didn't have a college degree. I wanted to say "Btch you know Hawaii is part of the US right?" But, she was my supervisor, so...


Someone Should Read More National Geographic

A shark is not an animal, it's a reptile.

I actually had it put on a shirt.


Boom. College.

My dad tell me I wasn't good enough to take over the family business, ended up getting my mba and the business went under when my alcoholic brother took over


Literally All You'll Be Doing For Three Straight Years

I taught a required undergraduate English course. One of my students told me that he hated writing and that he would never write again once he graduated.

I asked him what he was planning to do after graduation, and he said, "I'm going to law school."

The whole class turned around to laugh at him. He dropped the class and I never saw him again. It was 20 years ago and I still wonder what happened to that guy.


He Just Science'd You So Hard

"The government is lying to you. We're not running out of oil, oil comes from bones. Animals are dying all the time. You could make it from chicken bones."

I mean, he's not wrong that oil comes from organic material... his scales were just really off.


I Think You Just Walk Away.

This dude was arguing with me about his seat belt, finally he said 'if something happens I will just put it on real quick'.

What do you say to that?!


Clearly you don't understand the speed at which he can react.



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When I worked for TSA, another TSA agent told me she wasn't going to accept an Alaskan driver's license as valid ID because "We can't take Canadian driver's licenses."


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