People Break Down The Most Famous Person They've Ever Spoken With

People Break Down The Most Famous Person They've Ever Spoken With

A friend of mine happens to know Kieran Culkin because she and his wife go way back. When I first heard that, I was reminded that I really need to start watching Succession sometime soon. Now to see if I can get invited to one of their parties...

Have I mentioned that I've run into Pete Davidson more than once? He's a chill guy. Friendly. New York is rife with celebrity encounters––everyone has at least one (and often much more than that).

People were keen to share their experiences with celebrities after Redditor ASAP-Killerr asked the online community,

"Who is the most famous person you've spoken to?"

"This doesn't really count..."

"This doesn't really count because I was a baby but Matthew Broderick held me. I was in a movie called Election and I had a few scenes in it. Man, I wish I was old enough to remember any of it but my whole life my parents have told me about it and how nice Matthew was."


We'd say it counts. Great film, by the way. Highly recommended to any of you who haven't seen it and appreciate sharp comedies.

"I used to work for him..."

"Steve Irwin, I used to work for him at his zoo before he passed. He was super nice, more mellow than what you see on tv but just as passionate about his work."


He seemed like a lovely man––sadly, gone too soon.

"My wife took my son..."

"My wife took my son to a local Comic-Con six years ago while I had to work. Struck up a conversation about the weather with a nice older gentleman. Two days later she hears his voice on TV and says that guy sounds exactly like him. Proceeded to show her his picture and confirmed she chatted about the weather with Batman (Adam West)."


"I was wearing a red Darth Vader shirt..."

"Carrie Fisher. I was wearing a red Darth Vader shirt that said 'choking hazard' and she laughed when she saw it, and said 'I love your shirt!" I was trying not to gush and asked her if I could pet her dog, Gary. We chatted for a few, mostly about Gary. She was super warm and funny. it felt almost like talking to a sister rather than a film star."


Carrie Fisher had that way about her. Another one gone too soon. Those of you who have not ventured into her work outside of Star Wars absolutely should. She was a remarkably talented writer.

"Politely asked..."

"Kevin Bacon. Didn't recognize him. Politely asked if his flight companion was Kyra Sedgwick whom I recognized. His expression was of mild surprise which then made me realize I was missing something."


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"Back around 2014-2015..."

"Back around 2014-2015, Peter Mayhew said he liked my Han Solo costume. I'll always remember that."


"Right after the show..."

"Not sure if this counts, but Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comics, was a big idol of mine when I was in middle and high school and I was obsessed with his work after doing a huge research project about his life. When I was 16, I was in a production of the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and right before the performance, they announced that Schulz's daughter, Amy, was in the audience, along with three of his grandkids and his first (and only at the time) great-grandson. I was freaking out at the idea that I was about to perform a musical for the Schulz estate as one of his beloved characters.

Right after the show I went out to meet them in the audience and expressed how much I admired Amy's father and the impact he had on my life. She was amazed because she didn't think people my age cared much about his work, and thought that his legacy had really only lingered with older generations, but here I was saying I knew everything about his life and work and was honored to meet them. At the end of our conversation, she asked for my mailing address so she could send me some autographed books and other merch. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life."


"I worked at Dodgers Stadium..."

"Conan O' Brien.

I worked at Dodgers Stadium selling beer for the 2018 World Series. He calls me over and bought a couple of beers. Looked at him and said, "Well, I guess I don't need to check your ID." He said "That's sweet," and chuckled. He tipped me $10 too."


"Served her a drink..."

"Lady Gaga. Served her a drink at a Halloween party in a nightclub once when I was bartending. Great smile, very friendly, and a lot shorter in person than I would have thought. 10/10 would serve her a drink again."


She does come across that way––and I'm pretty sure she's joked about her height more than once.

"His face lit up..."

​"I spoke to Jason Momoa at a convention. My wife is a huge fan and told me how the dude throws axes and drinks Guinness. He didn't say much during the photo opportunity, but afterward, I asked him if he was going to hit up one of the ax-throwing bars nearby.

His face lit up and he said "I don't have the time during this trip, but thanks for the heads up, brother!" He then gave me a fist bump. My wife was quite jealous."


Stars––they're more like us than you think, right? At the end of the day, they're just people. It's nice to hear such positive stories.

Have some celebrity encounters of your own that you'd like to talk about? Feel free to brag in the comments section below!

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