People Admit The Dumb Things They'd Do Differently If They Had Known Better

People Admit The Dumb Things They'd Do Differently If They Had Known Better

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The old saying goes, "Forget regret, or life is yours to miss." Living too long in the past can mean you miss out on the future in front of you. We've had heroes in books and movies tell us for years that you should move on. Forget the past. Nothing beneficial happens if you dwell on previous events. However, if given the opportunity, there's no doubt many of us would like to go back and fix, maybe, one (read: TWELEVE) things. That was in Reddit user, r/ReallyJustSomeGuyy's mind when they asked for Reddit users to tell:

If you woke up 5 years old but with all your memories leading up to this day, what would you do differently?

Protect The Chompers

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Brush my f-cking teeth.


But do it gently. Speaking as a person with receding a gum-line and damaged enamel. That stuff doesn't grow back.


Become The Child Prodigy You Were Always Meant To Be

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Do I get the brain-learnin' capacity of a 5 year-old? If so, learn more instruments and more languages. Among other things.


Save Yourself A Lot Of SuperBowl Heartache

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Stop being a Jets fan.


Pre-Schoolers Have No Idea The Gift The've Been Given

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Take all the opportunities I had to nap.


Find A Better Vice

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I'd avoid cigarettes. That was a poor choice in my teenage years.

I'd also avoid a few of my girlfriends, also bad teenage year choices. Those two things alone would probably have a massive impact on who I become.


How Would A 5-Year Old Get Stocks?

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you spelled stock market wrong. ;)

was actually thinking both microsoft and apple, probably a few others worth it... problem being how a 5 y/o is going to convince the adults around them to invest in the stock market.


Own The Playground

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Be the baddest dude in school with my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I'd UFC1 all my bullies.


There's A Story They're Not Telling

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Apple stock

Don't put my finger in the ultrasonic humidifier that one time because now I know it hurts.


This Person Speaks For Many Of Us

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I would just dress up like a fairy princess and play with Lego all day. All the stuff its hard to get away with doing as an adult.


Sometimes It's Okay To Be A Little Evil

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So am I 5 yrs old, with the mental capacities and memories of a 28 yr old?

I would manipulate the sh-t out of people


Just Date, Like, All The Dudes

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Ask out all the guys that I had a crush on and knew later they were also interested in me but were too shy to make a move.


Speak Up More

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Tell my dad to go see a doctor, and to quit smoking.


Sometimes, You Need To Wait

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Take a gap year before college. I feel like I rushed too soon into it and deciding a career path when I should've taken time to reflect, mature, and figure out what I want from life.


Bring A Checklist With You

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So much, pay more attention in school, not date in HS, keep my friend out of that car accident, have my sister's ex arrested, take better care of my car, not get so many tickets, just so many things


Get The Crying Out Of The Way First

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  1. Cry hysterically with relief
  2. I would do... gosh, just about everything differently

edit: I should mention that while I love my children and wife deeply, I probably got married too young and was really overwhelmed for a while. I also developed a chronic condition for which there is no known cause or cure but that is very, very painful. I probably would have been stuck with it at some point anyway but there were definite triggers I could have avoided when I was younger. My life is pretty dark except for a few bright spots, unfortunately.

[username deleted]

Hug Your Brother Every Day

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I would hug my little bro every day of his life. We lived so close as brother and as a big brother I always pick on my little bro. We grew a little bit a part after he finish his college as he kinda run away from the family and get married to a woman that the whole family though was a bad news for him. 4 weeks before his tragic car accident, he somehow came to my home and stay with my family alone without his kids and wife. He just came and we kinda reconnect after all the years we were away from each other. Me working in another country didnt help either during that period. On the day he passed away, he was in the hospital as his wife was delivering her daughter. I still remember how happy he was when he called me from the hospital about his daughter. On the way back he got into accident and passed away on the spot.


Dream Big

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I'm in my 60's. This may get long.

The first thing I'd do is cry and hold my parents who are now passed on. This would take hours. I'd snuggle them on the couch, and I'd listen more carefully to their opinions on things. I'd be more obedient, but I'd work not to tell them that an old man was in that body.

My God I would play. I would run like crazy though the woods again. I would soak up the sunshine of 1960...

...Now I'm entering puberty some years later and I have been carefully saving my money from chores at home. I start working harder jobs like mowing grass, and I find a man who knows accounting and have him teach it to me. I earn more money with my little business...

...By now I am an accomplished musician rather than the larva of a corporate douche bag. I live less expensively, and my home is very small and spartan. My wardrobe is plain and uninteresting. My wealth is piling up, and now I start making investments. But what I made really building up to is the roaring 90's and investing in Netscape, google, yahoo, and Apple.


Let It All Go

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I wouldn't work so hard in school. I wouldn't seek approval from grownups to make myself feel whole.

I'd actually have fun - I'd make the wise-ss comments I used to swallow down, I'd f-ck around in maths class 'cuz I hated it, I'd enjoy myself at playtime instead of sitting in the library.

I'd be the biggest, loudest, free-est version of myself. I'd be a f-cking handful of a kid and I'd own it like a boss!


Never Doubt Brady

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Remember to bet on the patriots when they are down 3-28


Baby Geniuses, But Good

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Freak out adults with my adult understanding of the world.


Sometimes, It's Not What Everyone Wants

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There are definitely things I'd like to change about my current self, but if I found myself waking up when I was 5 with all my memories, I'd just be very scared that I'd f-ck up my life with that information.

I like my life right now, how would I make sure I didn't butterfly effect myself away from meeting my SO or having the exact kids I have? I'd probably become so stressed out trying to recreate my life exactly as it was (warts and all) that I'd end up in a mental hospital.


And Sometimes, Be The Best Batman...

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  1. Convince parent to take out massive life insurance policy.
  2. Go to the movies.
  3. Leave down a dark alley
  4. Become Batman.


H/T: Reddit

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