People Explain Which Illegal Activities Everyone Does Openly Without Consequences
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Unpaid internships during summer's off from college are largely viewed as a right of passage.

But in most cases, they weren't exactly legal.

For-profit companies can, in fact, only hire unpaid interns if they are the "primary beneficiary" of the experience, i.e. not making coffee runs or spending the whole day at the copy machine, as most interns do.

Shockingly, many companies still continue to hire unpaid interns, knowing full well they are breaking the law by doing so.

But then, some people have no problem knowingly breaking the law, and worse still, they often get away with it.

Redditor Diligent-Log6805 was curious to learn about other illegal activities continue to happen without anyone seeming to notice, leading them to ask:

"What is illegal, but people continue to do openly without consequences?
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People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Seen At A Strip Club
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There is nothing wrong with sex work.

Sex work is real work.

Which is why I've always wondered... why do strip clubs have to be so gross?

But the hygiene is probably the tip of the crazy stories when it comes to strip clubs.

Redditor NomadFourFive wanted to hear about what happens behind closed doors in the places where the clothes come off. They asked:

"What is the worst thing you’ve seen at a strip club?"
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