Paul Rudd Was Caught On Video Totally Plastered And Dancing At A Club, And The Internet Is Totally Feeling It


The internet is in love with Paul Rudd.

That fact is beyond dispute.

He can do no wrong ever since coming on the scene in 1995's Clueless.

So when footage emerged of the now 50 year-old Ant-Man actor drunk and swaying to the music at a club, people couldn't help but express their admiration.

It seems Rudd has been partying ever since his beloved Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

No one parties like Paul Rudd.

Some were worried about Paul, their one and only.

But most Twitter users just loved Rudd for his little dance.

More and more clips emerged as Rudd's night went on.

Many wished they were there, partying hard with the Rudd man.

Paul Rudd is demonstrating all of our future goals.

Keep partying hard, Paul.

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