People Describe Which Parts Of The Human Body Are Badly Designed
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Dear Nature,

WTF is the deal with eyeballs? Why would you make them so sensitive and then give me nothing to protect them with!?!

And don't even try to say eyelashes cause 1. No real protection and 2. MITES!?!? REALLY!?!?

Reddit user StarGG4358 asked:

"Which part of the human body is horribly designed?"

... I am wholeheartedly convinced that Nature has it out for us on purpose.

Fragile Face Bones

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"For me it’s teeth."

"You have one set for around 10 years and then another for the rest of your life. It doesn’t even repair itself. They also need high maintenance."

"Sharks are lucky bastards, they keep growing more"

- StarGG4358

"I concur. And cavities hurt too!"

- catlay0420

Better Without Cakes?

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"The butthole right next to the genitals seems made by a sh*tty city planner that puts the toxic waste area right next to an arcade."

- BeepBeepWhistle

"The location of the anus."

"It's deep in a crevice that needs to be manually cleaned of fecal residue every time after use. Would have been better if it was like many other animals and the feces was ejected unimpeded by butt cheeks."

- PovoRetare

Designed To Fail

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"Knees last about 35 years, while everything the are attached to lasts 80."

- monkeybawz

"I am 35. No they don't."

"Seriously though, my knees are f*cked. My dad is 60 and just had his right replaced. Once that heals, it's back in for the left."

- Buwaro

"Eh, I’m 20, and my knees are already bad."

"Wtf does that spell for my future?"

- lmatier

Good Enough

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"The eye is evidence that 'good enough' is what drives evolution."

"We have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects."

"The lens is so poorly formed that one scientist in the 1800's said if he had been sold it by a lens maker he would be justified in returning it and never doing business with the lens maker again."

"Everything damages it."

- S_and_M_of_STEM

"The mollusc lens moves back and forth while the vertebrate lens gets squished and stretched."

- Masterdeetectiv

"The eye and it's blind spot! It's so dumb."

- Statakaka

Beta Testing

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"The Male reproductive system."

"I mean, who thought this up? The most important part of the system, the testicles, are positioned outside the man’s body, inside a fleshy pouch, with virtually no protection from the elements or worse, physical injury."

"Women’s ovaries are deep inside her body, protected by surrounding muscles."

"Men have this floppy bag that has zero support - they get crushed when you ride a bicycle or sit in a chair, get caught in your zipper and ache like hell at the smallest impact."

"And you’ll tell me that sperm cells need to be kept cooler than the 98.6F body temperature of the human body? Why? Who thought that up?"

"I think what happened was that God created man without a reproductive system but after He created woman, the man’s body had to be redesigned to accommodate a reproductive system."

"I think the design never got past the beta testing phase and went into production as is, flaws and all. And so here we are."

- Keithninety

"Testicles so easily hurt or injured. Why aren't they on the inside instead of being exposed?"

- Back2Bach

"Instead of designing new sperm cells evolution said: F*ck it let’s hang them outside to keep them cool and remind you how important they are by making them really sensitive to pain."

"I mean, some animals got their sperm cells redone so they can be placed inside their body. For example: elephants."

- StarGG4358

Those Should Be Separate

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"The air hole so close to the food hole. Those should be separate."

- [Reddit]

"We breathe and eat through the same hole."

- xyanon36

"You eat and breathe from the same space."

"Look at birds. They swallow stuff like fish whole cuz their windpipe is completely separate."

"Snakes push out their glottis when swallowing."

"Then there's us, choking on our own spit..."

- Masterdeetectiv

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resolution exterminate GIF by Doctor WhoGiphy

"The part of the immune system that gets bored and spontaneously decides that things like pöllen, cat dander or even your own body (lung tissue, hair follicles) are dangerous and need to be exterminated AT ALL COSTS!!!"

- StoicDonkey

"No one mentioned immune system. It works fine most of the time but autoimmune effects are pain in the @ss."

- Ake-TL

Bi-Pedal Problemos

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'Sciatic nerve."

"When I was pregnant with my son, something was pushing against it. Woke up one morning and within 45 min I went from 'Wow! My leg hurts!' to 'Holy sh*t I can’t walk 5 feet!' "

"I spent the next 5 days walking with a walker."

- fart-nomster

"Hips and lower back. We evolved to be bipedal but our spine hasn't fully caught up to that so the design is sub-optimal for us."

- 123throwawaybanana

"There are much more drawbacks to walking upright. Knees are under constant stress, thankfully the patella solved that issue."

"Also walking upright made the vaginal tract smaller which makes it hard to deliver babies who also have extremely huge heads."

- Masterdeetectiv

"No one has mentioned feet."

"Feet had a terrible "design" to them. We are the only animals effectively walking in the heels, all other animals walk on toes."

"Why we walk on heels? Because we walk upright and toes can't take that weight. So evolution basically bio-duct tape our leg ends and made feet for walking."

- Edge17777

Furniture Detection System

legs GIFGiphy

"Our shins."

"Quite often they're the fastest moving part of our bodies when we are walking or running, so a little cushion on the front would have been nice."

- snotwimp

"Oh that's because they're meant to be used as a highly sensitive furniture detection system."

- [Reddit]

OK so ... can we all agree that walking upright was a bad idea?

If we're going to stick with it, we're going to need to start using our obnoxiously big brains to compensate for pretty much everything you just read.

Sounds fun!

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