Parents Describe The Point At Which They Knew They Were Raising A Monster

Parents Describe The Point At Which They Knew They Were Raising A Monster

**Fair warning, some of these are a little disturbing and might bring up some stuff for folks who went through childhood or parenting trauma.

Parenting is hard, even when everything goes smoothly.

When children or their parents face extra challenges, it gets even more complicated.

It can take a while to realize that something went wrong somewhere along the line, but after that it can be painfully obvious.

Reddit user SideOfJay asked:

"Parents of Reddit, at what point did you realize you raised a monster?"


"Daughter wrote 'F*CK YOU' and 'MAMA DIES' with her figure scratched out on a piece of paper the other day when we wouldn't let her make lemonade.

"She's 8.... she's gone on rages and destroyed her room before, including throwing furniture around."

"Not looking forward to her as a teenager..."


Drug money

"When he sold my car for drugs 😐"


"Did you get the car back? Press charges? What ended up happening?!?"


"This was last week, he's been in hiding since."


Unloving sociopath

"Not a parent but a sibling. My sister has become a vain, selfish, unloving sociopath."

"She treats my mum as a slave and my mum loves her too much to notice. My mum was talking to her, she got bored and said, quote 'you can leave now'."

"My mum replied with something like, you can't talk to me like that. You need to respect me to which my sister replies 'I have no respect for the b*tch that cleans my knickers. Leave'."

"I'm in shock, if I said that to my mum I'd be slapped but she turns a blind eye."


Turn it around

"I'm not done raising her so I still hold onto hope that we can turn things around."

"My middle child is 10. She becomes completely uncontrollable when things are not going her way. She tells me she hopes I die."

"She has told me that she is going to go to school and tell them I beat her so she can go to foster care."

"Her older sister struggles with depression and cuts herself."

"She often tells her she hopes she kills herself. She hopes she cuts too far one time. She will go outside and scream at the top of her lungs."

"She has hit me, spit in my face. Breaks things, destroys the house."

"My ex-husband was extremely abusive towards me. They saw him beat me."

"It was very, very bad. Once we were divorced he was court ordered visitation. It wasn't so bad at first, he mostly just dumped them off on his family members."

"But as they got older, his drug abuse and untreated mental issues got worse. He turned his abuse towards them."

"He never hurt them physically but the mental abuse was there. They haven't seen him in over two years. I told the judge I would go to jail before I'd allow them near him again."

"They both had a pretty rough childhood. I am a recovering alcoholic so my own issues played into it. I was never abusive but I was definitely not there for them like i should have been."

"I was more of a friend than a parent. I'm sober now. We are all in therapy. I really hope that by doing these things that we can make things right."

"I haven't given up, i still have hope. But it's really really hard sometimes."


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"My son steals my wife's eyeglasses while she is reading on her phone. (she can see up close fine but anything past about 3 feet is a complete blur)."

"He knows this... and knows he can get away with taking things off of counters and drawing on things if she can't see him."

"He's 3"



"Hello, this is the story of my son Felix. I am from Sweden so i am sorry if my English is bad."

"Felix is 6 years old and Julia is 4 years old in this story"

"I can start with a incident that made me wonder how i raised my son."

"So me Felix and his younger sister Julia we're on a camping trip through the north of Sweden when my son, from nowhere just started to scream 'I will kill you Julia' and after he starts to pray to god."

"No one in my family is religious and that is what makes me feel uncomfortable. I ask him 'Felix what's going on?' and he answers 'Julia wouldn't let me play with her hair'."

The whole trip i would always check out what Felix was doing because i could just feel his anger of something but couldn't put my finger on what until 5 years later (2017) when the same thing happened again."

"Me and my wife had just picked up the kids (now 11 and 9 years old) from school and let them play upstairs while we're cooking food, and then from nowhere we heard the loudest scream saying 'I WILL KILL YOU JULIA' so i ran upstairs as fast as i could."

"When i came up to the room my kids we're playing in i saw my daughter laying on the floor bleeding from her hair, and beside her my son is sitting praying to god with blood in his hands!!??"

"We're so confused, my son had pulled so hard in his siblings hair that she had lost hair and started bleeding. That is the most creepy thing i've seen in my whole life so far."

"When i asked my son what he has done he answers to me with most chilling voice i ever will hear 'Julia wouldn't let me play with her hair dad'."

"About 2 weeks after the incident i asked Felix why he pulled her hair, he said 'the man in my head tells me what to do, i can't choose what to do'."

"My son is getting help and my daughter is fine."


Thing B

"When Thing A was arguing with younger Thing B and said, 'Yeah, well.. I'll hit you and say mom did it'."



"When my youngest moved out. I had always had difficulty with her but once she was gone I realised how much of a bully she is."

"Recently she got angry when my partner told her to not guilt trip me and flipped out called him the scum of the earth, telling me I am a bad mom for being with him when he is so awful to her, saying really horrible things about his children."

"The thing is that my sweetie is incredible and everyone loves him. Except her because he called her on her bullshit and stood up for me."

"I can't even tell you how many times I have cried because of things she has said or done."

"My oldest daughter is a sweetheart and they are polar opposites. I am concerned there are some mental health issues right now because she has increased her behaviours."

"Unfortunately she is off on her own so I can't do anything but ask her to talk to someone."



"Not me, but my sister. She currently has her oldest daughter and my parents are raising her youngest who is a diabetic."

"My sister, who is blind, has often speculated that niece 1 does not like her younger sister very much and thinks she might try to hurt her."

"This was confirmed. While reaching into niece 1's computer bag to borrow her charger, my sister felt a bottle and pulled it out. It was niece 2's test strips."

"She had stole them while visiting."

"She literally has no reason to take them other than she doesn't want her sister to be able to check her blood sugar, which she literally die from if it gets too high or low."


Not all monsters are created equal, though.


"Not my kid but niece."

"Went to the fridge, took a glass of OJ, and dumped a massive amount of ketchup in it before proceeding to drink it."

"I couldn't sleep that night."


Okay, we want to hear your stories.

Let us know in the comments below.

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