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Regrets Of Parents Who Raised Jerks

Reddit user hurricanehershel asked: 'Parents who tried their best to raise their kids to be good humans but they turned out to be jerks, what do you wish you did differently?'

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It seems reasonable enough to assume that most parents would do their best to raise children who would grow up to be kind, contributing adults.

But not every kid will turn out to be the sweetest person, and hindsight can only help so much.

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Parents Describe The Point At Which They Knew They Were Raising A Monster

**Fair warning, some of these are a little disturbing and might bring up some stuff for folks who went through childhood or parenting trauma.

Parenting is hard, even when everything goes smoothly.

When children or their parents face extra challenges, it gets even more complicated.

It can take a while to realize that something went wrong somewhere along the line, but after that it can be painfully obvious.

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