Aminah McKenzie, a 21-year-old "full-time portrait and fashion photographer from Hampton Roads, Virginia," posted to Twitter on November 11th with a fairly straightforward premise: she would celebrate her love of color by running several of her photos through the smartphone app Pantome, which identifies prominent colors in the photograph, showing how each image's identity is tied closely to its color palette.

She had no idea how her simple idea would catch on...

McKenzie's photos looked stunning!





Twitter loved seeing the color schemes behind each moment identified.

In fact, her idea was so well received that another photographer, @MuendoVii, decided to turn it into the #PantomeChallenge!

His photos looked incredible as well:





Before long, photographers everywhere were joining in!

Color fans loved watching the challenge unfold on Twitter!

The Pantome challenge is love, the Pantome challenge is life. Haters need not participate.

If nothing else, the challenge inspired some young souls to take up photography for themselves. At the end of the day, is there any higher praise? Well done, photographers!

What Is the PANTONE Challenge? PANTONE Color

H/T - Buzzfeed, YouTube

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