People Divulge Which One Thing Their Ex Gave Them That They Still Have
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We all have a few items of sentiment we just can't bare to lose.

No matter who gave them to us, and why, the memories can outweigh the bad.

When we're in love and in a relationship, gifts and small tokens that can seem meaningless often come along with the territory.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries—each can be marked by a unique momento.

So when the love crashes and burns, does that mean you have to give away the loot?

There were good times. Right?

Let's discuss...

Redditor RoseGoldMinerva wanted to hear about which trinkets some of us just can't seem to get rid of, they asked:

"What is one thing your ex gave you that you still have?"

Clothes. I have several articles of clothing from my ex. But that's because I stole them. Potato... Pototo...


"A mug that says 'somebody in Idaho loves me'. Nobody in Idaho loves me anymore."



September 14th, 2021

"He gave me his high school beanie. He was one of those people who never wanted to leave his hometown due to all of the memories he made there, so this was a big gesture of love for him. He gave me a giant part of his adolescent memories in that beanie and I appreciated the sentiment."

"We broke up some years later, saw each other a couple of times around town before I moved out of state, then never spoke in person again. He died of COVID on September 14th, 2021. Right before he passed away, he jokingly messaged me about that beanie and asked if I was ever going to give it back."

"I jokingly said no, never. When I got the news that he passed away, all I could think about was that message and that beanie. When I go back to California, I’ll take the beanie with me and give it to his daughter so she can keep those memories he cherished alive forever."


Low Places

"Self acceptance and love, loads of it. She was such a gentle person who found me in a really low place in my life."


"Same with mine, we ended things since having kids was very important to him and I am staunchly child free, but he taught me what a healthy and loving relationship looks like and what I should demand in future ones. We're still on good terms with each other years later and and catch up here and there."


Soups On...

"Frugal cooking skills. His parents survived WWII in Europe. And so from him I learned how to roast a whole chicken, and when I think it's finished, boil the bones and magically find more meat in there and have soup, and make that $5 investment last for four or five dinners. Happily divorced from him for 30 years, but have never thrown out a turkey or chicken carcass in all that time without making soup from it first."



"A winter fresh gum wrapper. She took the piece of gum out and gave me the wrapper and said 'keep this forever' it's been about 20yrs that I've had that gum wrapper."



Well all of those things sound lovely. There are still fond memories.

Lego my Heart

"Not my ex, but her mother. Gave me a lego set for Christmas, the iron man helmet on a stand one. Got rid of everything that had to do with my ex but that. Love is temporary, legos are forever."




"It was April 2013. I had managed to remain sober for 2 months, but then I fell back off the wagon. She gave me a framed copy of 'The Serenity Prayer' and told me that she couldn't be with me any longer because of my drinking. That night was the last night I consumed a drop of alcohol. So... she gave me a framed 'Serenity Prayer' and my sobriety."



"A Christmas card signed by her. I sent back everything she had ever given me, but try as I might I couldn’t give this damn card back because it was signed "Love" and as much as I had disdain for her it was still proof that at one time she loved me and we were happy."


Feet Help

"Sock liners. Those thin socks you can wear in the winter under wool socks so they aren’t so itchy and for an extra layer of warmth. Ex came to my wedding and gave us both sock liners as a gift. We invited him because he was friends with our friends, but it was kind of awkward, and it was a weird gift. But damn - I’ve had those sock liners for almost 30 years and they are da bomb."



"A crippling fear of betrayal and heartbreak if I ever get too comfortable or happy."



I hate legos.

Love, not my favorite thing either.

But I'm not a total cynic. My scars are healing.

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