Raise your hand if you're a night owl too.

I feel more energetic at night. Even after a long day, the later I can stay up, the happier I feel. With the rest of the world fast asleep, I'm able to enjoy alone time, late night television, and deep dives into the internet. Ever walk through a city in the dead of night? Magical. But with the dark comes some mystery and things too unusual for the daylight crowd to see. That's why Redditor u/dum-*** called out to the night owls of the world to describe the most horrifying things they've seen at night.

20. Absolute nightmare fuel

"I was talking to some friends on my laptop around 2:00 AM when I felt thirsty. I went down the first flight of stairs and turned my phone light on. The stairs turn at a 90 ° angle, and I stood at the intersection looking down into my living room where I shone my light.

I saw a dark figure hiding at the other side of the couch. At first, I thought it was just a blanket, but the further I went downstairs the more it looked like a face. I was about halfway down the stairs when I stopped and immediately felt sick to my stomach. The figure ducked behind the couch, and that's when I knew what I was looking at was definitely not a blanket. I ran upstairs and locked my door. I got no sleep or water that night.

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed my back door was slightly open. I think someone might have broken into the house. I just hope they didn't have any malicious intentions."


19. This poor little kid

"Moved into a new house. Put the kids to bed that night older kid didn't want to sleep in her bed so we gave up and let her sleep on the floor In front of her bedroom door. Went to finish unpacking and getting things set up. Around 2/3 in the morning we heard her screaming and yelling creepiest sound I have ever heard from her. Went to see what was going on she was kicking and thrashing around in her floor but still sleeping. Tried waking her up to no avail. Apparently she started having night terrors when we moved. Scariest thing I have ever witnessed especially when it's your own kid and you can't do anything for them. This went on for months. I had to go Into Her room and just sit there to make sure she wasn't going to hurt herself while thrashing around and screaming bloody murder. You feel helpless. Thankfully she doesn't have them anymore."


18. Sleep paralysis is no joke

"One of my sleep paralysis episodes where my dad came into my room with a knife laid down next to me in bed and slowly plunged it into my rib cage while staring me in the eyes. It felt so incredibly real and is the only time I have ever screamed while having an episode also he was wearing the exact same clothes when I seen him the following morning which is a bit odd as I didnt see him the night before."


17. This creepy dad

"I was at a friends house when i was about...hmm I dont know 10 or something. It was me, my friend, and another friend that was also invited. We were planning to stay up all night but we ended up crashing at like 3 in the morning. I actually did pull the all nighter I planned to go to sleep but I heard a weird sound. It sounded kind of like a distorted refrigerator hum. It then abruptly stopped. I decide its nothing and I close my eyes. I hear the sound again only its more of a moan type sound. I see my friends dad just staring at me and my friends. I close my eyes and i have a mini heart attack. I open my eyes to see that he is gone. I honestly thought i was going to have a real heart attack. The way he was just...looking at us was creepy. I didnt sleep the rest of the night."


16. This high up knocker

"Something, or someone knocked on my window, it was three consecutive knocks that sounded very precise and clear. Thank god my curtains were drawn.

I live on the 17th floor of my building."


15. The most majestic terror

"A moose looking into my window"


14. A friendly nudist

"Not so much horrified but completely shocked. I left my friends house at around 3 am. She lived somewhere in Santa Monica, California. I'm sitting in my car when low and behold. A naked man walks by my car and I mean completely naked. Only wearing shoes. So what do I do? Start up a convo with the dude. He told me he likes to walk the neighborhood naked on occasion because he can and no one is ever out this late. He said I surprised him when I called him out. Such a weird encounter."


13. Remember the clown problem we had?

"Guy, in a clown costume, walked right down my street, with an axe. Yes this was in 2016, I wouldn't leave my bedroom after 8:30 pm for a month after that."


12. Demon clothes

"Sometimes the clothes I leave on my chair instead of folding look like spooky demons at 3am and that always gets me."


11. Ah, the orbs...

"I do a lot of late night driving alone along empty highways in the middle of nowhere (yay night shifts) and there is a particular stretch of highway and area that is especially creepy. There is no lighting whatsoever, from streetlights or civilisation; and may be lucky to see another vehcile every 50 miles or so.

In the night, especially past 10pm, there are often strange, bright white orbs that hover in the ditance, as if another truck were to be approaching, but they never do. It just hangs around for what seems like an eternity, before disappearing. This happens a lot on this road...."


10. Creepy shadow people

"Was chilling on the porch with my family (aunt, uncle, 2 kids and myself) I go inside to get a beer and see something kid size/shape duck their head into the master bedroom. Thinking the little one is playing hide and seek I go in to look and no one is there. I go back outside and ask who was playing in the bedroom, my aunt says 'we've all been outside, whats up?' So I tell her. She immediately tells the kids to go play because we needed to have a grownups only talk. She basically tells me that the house is haunted and to NEVER talk about it and ignore it because they FINALLY got the 'Shadow people' to chill out. This is coming from a career military family with a 'cut the ******* attitude.'"


9. The night belongs to the bugs

"Just the other night I stepped outside to check on something and came back in. As I sat down I noticed a big roach (palmetto) on the wall above the door I had just used. I turned around to get my shoes again and it was gone. I call to my wife in the bedroom to come help me find it. She appears and I tell her the situation...as I turn to start the hunt she says to me, 'It's on you!' and I start to feel its creepy legs scurrying near my neck. I fling and flail trying to get it off and it falls to the floor where I quickly step on it. I guess as soon as I turned to get my shoes it flew off the wall right onto me. Ugh."


8. Surprise visit

"So a while ago some coyote or wolf or something entered my area (Middlesex County) and was roaming around. At approximately 2:30 AM I go downstairs for a drink and snack and see the animal staring at me through my glass patio doors. I nearly **** my pants."


7. A bunch of creeps at a campsite

"Having a tent surrounded by a large group of drunk guys at night

They were yelling out what they wanted to do to me & didn't care about the guy I was with

It was a walk in coastal campsite that we had hiked to

They had arrived there by boat"


6. Absolutely rattling 

"I felt my entire house shake . I was the only one awake to feel and hear it. Turns out there was an explosion a few miles away"


5. Thank goodness for cats

"My cat went missing recently (he's back home now) and I was scouring the neighborhood late at night looking for him. I figured out why my house gets so many cockroaches and it's honestly a miracle I don't have more. There were literally thousands out in the streets, in people's yards, everywhere I looked - cockroaches. Big ones, babies, all sizes, just hanging out. They barely registered me walking by. Thankfully my two cats are cockroach killers, I get 2-3 a week in the house."


4. Deadly animals

"I was walking home at around 2AM or so. I got within 15-20 ft of my front door and then stopped. I had this just weird feeling that something wasn't right. So I took out my phone and turned on the flash light...revealing that about 5 ft away from me was a bull Elk staring right at me.

If I hadn't randomly stopped and done that, I'd have walked into it and could very well have been killed. As it was, I still backed away slowly and found a different way into my home."


3. This could've been even more horrifying  

"I was up late one night in my second story apt that overlooked a fairly low traffic intersection. I happened to be fidgeting with my treadmill settings - which was right next to the window.

I happened to glance out the window and saw a kid on a bicycle (not that strange in this neighborhood). At the same instant a car blows through the stop sign, hits the kid and drags her underneath the car for about 30 feet.

I yelled to the gf to call 911 and ran downstairs to attempt to help? Surprisingly the girl crawled out from under the car, was beat up but ok.

Disturbing, but best case ending."


2. Shadows coming to life

"Well, I was doing my regular staring out the window for no reason thing and I notice something on the lawn. It's dark so it's hard to make out. It's a shadowy figure, but I can't make out details. I watch it curiously to see what this figure will do and it starts moving. It moves through the carport and this is the part that scared me. As it walked through the carport, the motion sensor light turned on. Shadow disappeared the moment it turned on, but I know what I saw."


1. Too near a miss

"This is close enough but when i was younger i went downstairs to lock the front door because we forget to do it sometimes and just a few seconds after i did that somebody tried to open the door we later found out somebody broke into out garage and stole some things and tried to enter the house through the front door if i had not gone downstairs to lock the door i might not be here making this comment"


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