New Mom Shares Her Gratitude Towards Her Husband In Viral Facebook Post
Lindsay Stauffer (Life Off The Record/Facebook)

Much has been written about motherhood and fatherhood, about how it changes you, ushers in a swift change in priorities.

Lindsay Stauffer, a married mother of two, struck nerves when she shared her poignant and heartfelt memory of the day she gave birth.

Her husband's reaction to the birth had the most powerful effect on her.

She wrote about him in a Facebook post, recounting how the birth convinced her even further not just of her husband's love, but that he was meant to be both a father and provider.

Stauffer starts off with the following message:

"I was there the day you lost your heart."
"I watched you from across the dimly lit hospital room as you twisted and turned your body in every way imaginable, trying to get comfortable in the hard, stiff chair that would be your bed for the next few days. Your eyelids were heavy with exhaustion and rightfully so because the hands on the clock had moved into the wee hours of the morning."
"You'd been awake for almost twenty-four hours and yet you had stood by my bed arranging pillows and blankets to make me comfortable, leaned down to kiss my forehead, and told me to get some rest. I should've listened to you but I couldn't."
"Because just a few short hours ago we had officially become Mommy and Daddy, the evidence curled up and sleeping ever so soundly against your chest, and it had happened so quickly that my mind was in full sprint trying to catch up to the present."

She recalled how she felt watching her husband immediately adapt to fatherhood:

"And my heart?"
"It was busy taking in every single moment of you in your new role as Daddy. The way your eyes stayed fixed on our son's flawless newborn face, the way you studied his tiny fingers, the way you so carefully swaddled his little body, and the way you leaned down and whispered to him how much you loved him."
"Up until a few hours ago, you had only known this child through grainy, black and white photos and the sound of a strong, steady heartbeat but watching you with him now made it seem like you'd already known him forever.
I watched as you willingly gave up your comfort, your convenience, and your needs."
"And I watched as you gave up your heart."
"All for a sweet baby boy you'd known for only a few hours."

That was when things shifted:

"That was the moment I knew you would give anything for the precious, little life snuggled up against your chest, no matter what the cost."
"And husband? You haven't disappointed me."
"Not for a single second."
"You give when it's hard, when it's frustrating, when it's inconvenient, when it's uncomfortable, and even when we don't deserve it. But you never complain."
"Because giving isn't just what you do."
"It's who you are."

"You may question whether you're doing enough as a father and as a husband," she continues, before putting any concerns he might have about his abilities to rest:

"You may question whether you're doing enough as a father and as a husband, whether you're involved enough, whether you listen enough, whether you're strong enough, whether you love enough, but just know this:"
"We've never questioned you."
"We've always been sure of your love, not because you tell us, but because you show us. Your love shines through every act of selflessness and every sacrifice."
"You couldn't have loved us better."
"Not even if your heart was still completely yours instead of being held in the hands of the little ones who call you Daddy."

The post resonated with and touched the hearts of multiple women.

Stauffer's experience is only the latest to resonate with the online community.

In 2017, writer Juli Williams penned a similar post thanking her husband for all that he does.

"I want to thank you.
For holding my hair back as I hovered over the toilet those first few months of pregnancy.
For running out at 3AM to get me donuts because donuts make the happiest pregnant girls.
For letting me use all of your pillows so I could feel more comfortable sleeping with my big belly.
For holding my hand during labor to remind me how strong I am and how proud of me you are.
For rocking, swaying and bouncing our newborn even at 1AM, 3AM and 5AM so I could get some sleep.
I wouldn't be the mother I am today without you."

She proceeded to acknowledge him:

"I want you to know that I see you."
"I see how you stay up late at night looking for ways to provide for our family."
"I see that you've had a long day at work but still come home to happily put our baby to bed. And I see how she places her head on your chest and listens to your heartbeat as she drifts off to sleep."
"I see how you look at me when I take care of our child and how proud you are to see me grow into a new role before your eyes."
"I see how much you care about us and how hard you work to make us happy."
"I see you when you run to the drugstore at 2AM because I realized we were out of formula—again."
"Maybe our baby will grow up and not understand all you've sacrificed for us. But I want to let you know that I see you, and that."
"I know how much you pour into your work and to our lives together."
"I couldn't be the mother I am without you."

We're definitely better people after having read these. Kudos to all the fathers out there who are stepping up to the plate.

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