Boyfriends aren't perfect.

Your easy-on-the-eyes suitor seems flawless, but he can't read your mind, right?

That's a problem.

Female game developers in China came up with the solution to manifest the perfect man of your virtual world dreams, and women are flocking to these alternate reality men like moths to a flame.

Love and Producer is the name of a new mobile game that has become a huge phenomenon in China thanks to millions of female users looking for love.

Four types of ideal men are featured in the game, including a dashing CEO type, a boy band idol, a sensual scientist and a hunky police officer always ready to protect and serve.

Gentlemen, it looks like real boyfriends are on the brink of extinction if these artificial paramours take over.

And the reviews are in.

A pleased player told Wired:

"The men in the game are more attractive than real boyfriends. They're very attractive. They're generally into more feelings and emotions."

Check out the trailer for Love and Producer in the YouTube clip below.

Love and Producer (恋与制作人) Trailer

After the game launched in December 2017, it was an instant success when it was downloaded 10 million times within two months of its debut.

So what's the game's premise?

The story follows a young female TV producer looking to reboot a TV show focusing on Evols—which are people with superhuman strengths—that was formerly produced by her late father.

Obstacles involve recruiting the right crew member and guest stars for the show's revival, but all that is ancillary to the romantic aspects of the game.

The game holds perpetual interest by enlisting voice over artists simulating phone calls and social media updates.

That's where the money is.

Players can purchase these voice episodes, which involve autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) for that extra boost of scintillation for women wanting to be whispered to sleep. The late-night phone calls even have silent pauses at regular intervals to allow participants to respond to the voices.

Li Ke Hui is a satisfied customer.

The 32-year-old bought two of these voice episodes.

"One of them is about when you're having 'aunty visits'," she said, referring to the Chinese euphemism for periods.

"He's very caring. Men never really know what actually happens when we're having this thing—cramps or it's not just cramps. You feel horrible from the inside out."

Li described the sensation of listening to the voice being similar to that of a massage.


Wired noted that the success of the game is hardly surprising, given that half of the 544 mobile gamers in China are women. The developers, 70% of which are women, focused on attracting a primarily female audience.

Meng Juan, who with her team spent three years developing Love and Producer, told Wired:

"Female players are quite demanding."
"For us, understanding the spiritual needs of women in modern society, addressing their psychological feelings, and game quality are things we should not lose sight of."

The game is piquing the interests of women in other parts of the globe.








Gentlemen, this is a game you can't afford to lose.

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