Disney is preparing to release the newest in its line of live-action reimaginings of its animated classics: a remake of 1992's Aladdin.

Fans have been chomping at the bit for more information on the new film.

The live action film stars Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Will Smith as The Genie. The role was portrayed by the late Robin Williams in the animated version.

Finally, on October 11th, Disney released the first teaser trailer for the film and...

Disney fans.



Disney's Aladdin Teaser Trailer - In Theaters May 24th, 2019

People are stoked.

That Aladdin preview though.

Yeah, I'm ready for that #Aladdin

Hearing the instrumental arrangements of "Arabian Nights" and "Friend Like Me" sent Disney fans into overdrive.



me watching the new Aladdin trailer: ARABIAN NIIIIIIIGHTS LIKE ARABIAN

Will Smith got in on the action too, sharing the first official poster for the movie:

Will Smith showing off #Aladdin poster: LET ME OUT! Disney marketing: Nah not yet fam. Super Bowl we will rub the lamp Will

The only major complaint people seemed to have regarding the trailer is that there should have been more in it!


My reaction after watching the #Aladdin teaser. I needed MUSIC! Anyway, still gonna see

we got an aladdin trailer but no naomi scott as jasmine visuals... i won but at what

Fans wanted to see Will Smith's genie more than simple words could express.

Me after watching that #Aladdin trailer that doesn't show the

Really they didn't show anything with #Aladdin

@Disney that's it?????

Fortunately, longer trailers will surely arrive as we move closer to the movie's premier.

So all that waiting... for 5 seconds of footage

I was expecting more from that #Aladdin preview. But, maybe it's just me?

Although there will always be those who have some sort of complaint.

And now to Anakin for his reaction to the Aladdin

2019 is shaping up to be a gigantic year for the house of mouse.

we are actually getting a live action aladdin and the lion king along with toy story 4 in 2019 somebody pinch

Keep your hands and arms inside the carpet at all times, because we're heading straight for an Aladdin extravaganza!

My grown ass in the theater when Aladdin

H/T - Buzzfeed, Comicbook

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