People Divulge The Most Unsexy Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them

People Divulge The Most Unsexy Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them
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Some folks out there have crossed wires when it comes to sexy talk.

I've heard some of the creepiest things in life whispered in my ear.

Asking if I like being electrocuted is NOT an icebreaker.

That feels like a no-brainer!

But I'm not alone. The folks of Reddit had some experiences to share.

Redditor thecoragray asked:

"What is the least sexiest thing someone has ever said to you?"

Watch 'Silence of the Lambs' and do the exact opposite.

It's literally that easy.

Flesh Issues

hannibal lecter 90s GIFGiphy

“'I want to wear your skin.'”

"Alright Buffalo Bill I’m out."


"My wife says she wants to climb inside my skin and live in me."


The Old Days

"I was in college, right when Pokémon go was at it's peak. I was catching a Jigglypuff before class was starting. This dude next to me said 'Hey baby. I can Jiggle your Puffs' I moved seats."


"What an amateur. He should have said 'Hey baby. You're making my Wiggly Tuff!'"


Big NAY!

"A few weeks ago, in the midst of getting down and dirty, I said to my SO (in the straightest monotone voice) 'ride me like a horse - neigh.' She instantly starts laughing so hard she starts crying. After replaying it in my head I also start laughing."


"That is absolutely not sexy and absolutely hilarious at the same time. Wholesome!"


How Old?

Nothing Stick Around GIF by OriginalsGiphy

"'You remind me of my old philosophy professor.' The image that immediately popped into my mind was of a geriatric man with heavyset glasses lost in a library."


Remind me of who? No, thank you.


Animation Dog GIF by Jason ClarkeGiphy

"You'll make sounds only dogs can hear."


Acknowledge other Humans

"'Why cant I bother people that sleep on the street? They are drugheads.'"

"When she said that I knew that she was not the one, people with that attitude are not for me."


"I hate how so many people just dismiss homeless people as human beings just by saying they're drug addicts. 'Ok then maybe we can help them get off their addictions and that will eventually help them be more successful in life.'"

"'No they're dug addicts.' People will do anything they can to not recognize them as just other people."


Slow Down

"When a sexy boss I had told me that if I screwed up what I was doing she'd kick me in my testicles. I know there are people that like that crap and stuff but she really meant it and it was as non-sexual and threatening as it could have been. At the end I didn't screw up and we shared some beers that same day, now she works from her home taking care of her 2 children, never thought she'd be able to have any kids."


What's In a Name?

"I've had two women call out (one screamed out) my name during sex. Nothing puts me off more which, in their defense, they didn't know."

"It just comes off as cheesy to me and makes me laugh, pulling me right out of the zone. Nope."


"I'm the same way. It takes me out of the moment, like a teacher calling your name while you're daydreaming in class. I'm always like, 'Huh? What do you want?' for a second before it clicks. Then I'm like, 'Ohhhhh right. Right, that. No problem. I got you there.'"

"Thankfully I don't say all of this out loud."



Hungry Pet Pig GIF by CameoGiphy

"'The way you eat makes me so horny.'"

"It was twenty minutes into our first date. I was eating a salad. There was not a second date, and I gave up entirely after that because it was the third 'feeder' in a row. I have very terrible dating luck. lol."


Whew... people really need to think before they speak.

Do you have any crazy comments to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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