People Describe The Most Terrifying Thing That's Happened During A Zoom Call

Before 2020 ZOOM almost seemed like a novelty way to work and play.

Now, it's the mainstay.

Wow, this has been a long two years.

And oh my goodness, the things we've seen because of it?!

ZOOM has given us a literal window into one another's worlds,

and some of those worlds are a "WTF is happening" situation.

Redditoryarakmansarak1wanted to hear about all the ZOOM calls that have left many of us SHOOKETH! SO they asked:

"What is the most terrifying thing that happened during a Zoom Call?"

I was late to the ZOOM party. Still am. And my jobs allow me to be dark screened.

So you'll never know my drama. LOL...

Mute Please

Be Quiet Go Away GIF by Ryn DeanGiphy

"It was mandatory to keep our mics and cameras on and my parents were having a screaming match in the background. Maybe not terrifying but it was horrible."



"Last time when I was having a discord call with my online friends (playing mc together), we saw fire in one of my friend's background. We were telling him that there was fire outside his window but he had deafened his discord and he couldn't hear us. Some guy spam pinged him in the no-mic and then he saw the message, turned around, and left the meeting The whole group freaked out because he didn't respond for a week, even after we spam pinged him again."

"At the end of that week he messaged in the chat and said that he freaked out a lot but his house was intact and no one was hurt but the small patch of trees behind his house. (I'm pretty sure the message saved his life)"


Mean Girls

"A personal social nightmare. During a discussion heavy class I was taking last year I had a question that turned into a 2-3 minute back and forth with the teacher as they expounded on my question. Just when they were redirecting the convo back to their PowerPoint slides one of the girls in the class wasn’t on mute and someone in their room, I guess their roommate or something, said, 'that guy has such an annoying voice' and the girl responded, 'I hate hearing him talk, every time he opens his mouth I’m just waiting for him to shut up.'”

"Teacher reminded everyone to mute themselves and the girl got wide-eyed and muted herself. We could see her tell her roommate about it and then laughing, but they didn't apologize or anything. There was just a few moments of silence and then the teacher moved on. I stepped away from my computer for a bit and barely ever said anything the rest of the semester."


Speaking Up

"I attended a virtual networking zoom for work and during the main speaker event someone unmuted. They were clearly on the phone with someone and started going 'oh no I can talk now. It’s cool I’m just on this stupid webinar. I’m not even going to listen to this.'"


"HAHAHA. That happened with my company too. My work leadership wanted to do 'spirit meetings' to 'boost morale' and one of the agents had a hot mic that picked up her saying, 'Hang on, I gotta go to this wack-a** meeting.' It was amazing. She was just saying what we were all thinking."


Hide Dad

GIF by CTV Comedy ChannelGiphy

"I was giving a university lecture on zoom, i only require camera if it's an evaluation. One of my students were speaking, camera on, and her dad shows by only wearing a g-string. He realizes that the camera is on and makes a quick escape."


How hard is it to mute? Although now I'm going to be super sensitive to make sure for myself.


Lights Camera Action Thumbs Up GIF by Milwaukee PanthersGiphy

"Saw a guy's wife beat him over the head with a purse. He was on mute and no one else on the call had noticed. I had to interrupt the call to ask if he was OK. Apparently, the wife had been abusing him for a while and this was the final straw that made him leave her."


Shots Fired

"Multiple shots being fired at the apartment across from me. I was on my weekly team call when it happened and I was asking a question so I was unmuted I went holy s**t those are gunshots and hit the floor. All my team saw was me throwing my headset off and frantically rolling off my couch. Supposedly my mic picked up me calling 911. Don't get involved with drugs everyone. There's a chance people will come and try to shoot you in the middle of the day."


'Hey IRL name.'

"Was on discord with friends and hopped in a work call early. I forgot I switched calls, and walked away from my desk with my headset on to go get a snack before the meeting. Someone said 'Hey IRL name.' Thinking it’s a gaming friend, I blurt out 'the f**k? Since when do you call me IRL name.'”

"Was not a gaming friend. Was the CEO. (I work for a start up so I luckily have a decent relationship with him) I realized my mistake a second later and mentioned that I’d been sitting in a call with friends while working today and apologized. He luckily laughed it off with me and never brought it up again."


For TEN minutes...

"Last year during the Dixie Fire in California, CalFire set up a Zoom meeting to give a state of affairs for residents who were evacuated. It was a public meeting. Whomever hosted, didn’t understand how to mute people. Some dudes came on and started saying utterly offensive and disgusting things. For TEN minutes."

"Every bad word, insult, vulgarity you could imagine. The CalFire team didn’t seem to understand how to mute people, or how to read the comments telling them what was happening. My husband was a fireman deployed to that fire and I was pissed. Just wanted information."


TP 911

Toilet Paper Comedy GIFGiphy

"Attended a zoom wedding and one old couple didn't know you had to self mute. Just prior to the wedding beginning the wife (offscreen) yelled 'Toilet paper, I need toilet paper quick!' Then just after the wedding ceremony finished same lady said 'That was the most boring wedding talk I've ever heard.'"



"My friend is a special ed teacher. A student recorded a brief clip of an inopportune moment and almost got him fired for inappropriate behavior - sexual harrasment. He was playing a harmonica and briefly had his back turned to the computer. The student turned down the volume on his computer and said my friend was simulating oral sex. There was an investigation and he was cleared, but it was pretty traumatic for him."


So Helpful...

"Yeah, I teach, and I prefer cameras on for the younger classes so I can see if they're paying attention, but mics on only when it's your turn to talk and cameras optional for teenagers. I had a good student not responding to questions when usually she'd be full of ideas, and it turned out her grandmother was having a meltdown caused by dementia and the student was home alone with her trying to reach her parents and avoid calling the police to respond."

"One of her parents was in the room with me (we were team teaching from on campus) and was pulled aside to go deal with the crisis, which was how I found out. I was teaching a professional development workshop on best practices for online classes and shared the story as an example of exactly why cameras and microphones should be optional."

"You don't know what's happening in the background and why the student isn't responding."



"At the middle school I used to go to a teacher got assaulted by her boyfriend. Apparently he didn't know her entire class could hear it and it was recorded as well. They were not on camera but the threats and sounds were enough to arrest him."

"Edit: did a little research and it was actually filmed as well and a video of it circulated online for a while. The latest update is a month later and the guy was being charged for abuse and the teacher was still not working because of the trauma."


Best Class

Oh My GIF by OmazeGiphy

"Girl crap-talked our professor without turning off her mic. Someone recorded it and went viral on TikTok. Several million views. Funny thing is, best class I’ve ever taken."



"My cat once walked over the keyboard and I said, 'sure, why wouldn't you walk over there?! It's not a laptop. It's a modelling ramp your father built for you!!' Turns out she had unmuted my mic. The instructor politely asked everyone to mute their mics."


“I need to go”

"At the end of 2019 I was at the office in London, and on a Zoom with about a dozen other folks spread across the US. Got some pretty shocking news during the call, and felt a cold sweat come on, a lightheaded sensation, and then searing burning pain in my chest."

"I’d suffered a massive heart attack, and apparently managed to say 'I need to go' and then pushed my chair back from my desk and just collapsed. Thankfully it was still working hours and the office had people in it, so my team-mates got me into a safe place, grabbed my nitro spray, called an ambulance, etc, and all was eventually well."

"I ended up having a quadruple bypass not long after this. Had it been an hour or two later in the day I’d have probably died as the office would have been empty."


Poor Kid

"Blind kid in a zoom class at the end of last year during english, I see out of the corner of my eye he is the only one with a camera on, teacher was chill if we didn’t want them on while online. Starts stroking his soldier in front of half the class and the teacher. Teacher kicked him from the class without saying anything and continued on with the lecture like nothing happened. Poor guy probably didn’t even know, but yeah that was a very jarring English class."


The Crawl

"My brother was on a zoom interview for a job in England early in the morning in my basement where we had our computers set up and I used to have my room. I crawled across behind him to avoid being seen in my underwear as I needed to get some clothes from my old wardrobe. My brother later told me he could clearly see me crawling across. I jokingly say his interviewer told him, 'your sex slave is escaping.' Funny enough he got the job."



Hide Reaction GIF by florGiphy

"Had an optional zoom meeting with my boss and the head of a software company who's product we use. I was the only one who showed up. I wanted to die."



"This happened when I joined my company as a fresher and I was in training period. So one of the trainers started sharing his screen and it had porn tabs open. He stopped sharing instantly but everyone saw it. Then the other trainer (who was a lady btw) told him to leave the meeting saying she will take care of the rest."


ZOOM is not the way. Be careful people.

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