In the immortal words of Ms. Britney Spears... Oops I did it again. Well, who hasn't? In this time of Covid we've been forced to meet over computer screens and thrive in ZOOM meetings. This is not a conducive way to live. Maybe I'm an eight hundred year old man, but I can't figure it all out and I don't care. I can't get the video to work, let alone the audio. And I've lost track of the "groups" that I keep mixing up. Can you imagine sharing in your Zumba class the thoughts you had about plotting to kill your boss that only your therapist was meant to hear? Just me?

Redditor u/SidneyRL wanted to know who, besides us, has dialed into the wrong number while dealing with online discussions, especially this last year. They asked... What's was your most embarrassing "oops wrong chat" moment?
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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The pandemic has changed the way we work, learn, and socialize.

And while getting acquainted with teleconferencing and remote learning during quarantine may have been challenging, it seems people have adapted well. For the most part.

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We live in the pandemic era. That is to say, we live in the era of Zoom video chatting.

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2020 has been a real handful y'all. And number one on the "2020 is the worst" list is COVID! We've had to shelter in place and avoid most human contact. I haven't hugged my mother in six months; it's frustrating. So why is it when we're all suppose to be hiding out and avoiding contact until this under control do we have so many fools running amok... especially loved ones who implore us to join. Some of us have had to get creative with invitation excuses. The "we're in a pandemic" reasoning is a bust.

Redditor u/TooAwkwardForMyAcc wanted us all to discuss the new ways we've learned to avoid our society in this time of Covid by asking.... What's the best way to tell your friend you don't want to meet because you're scared of Corona?
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ZOOM is the new way of communication. This pandemic has forced us to figure out a new world way to communicate. How do we hold court from home? You ZOOM... and oh the things we learn about one another thanks to this new way to "see." We're not always meant to be in one another's homes. Lesson learned.

Redditor u/lol4r4 waned to know how ZOOM was working our for everybody in these trying times by asking.... Students during the COVID outbreak, what is your most embarrassing Zoom story?
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