People Break Down The Most Ridiculous Facts They Know

People Break Down The Most Ridiculous Facts They Know

Not every fact in the world is interesting.

Facts can be super lame. On the other side of that, facts can be utterly ridiculous.

Ridiculous because of the fact itself, or ridiculous because, how on earth does somebody know this truth?

What do we mean? Well, take a look.

Redditor u/asthagaur asked:

"What's the most ridiculous fact you know?"

Here were some of those answers.

Nobody Said The French Were Reasonable

"The French author Georges Perec wrote an entire novel without using the letter E."

"Gilbert Adair translated it into English without using the letter E."

"Perec wrote a follow up novel, Les revenentes, in which E is the only vowel used."-InisElga

Universal Better Watch Its Back

Disney Fireworks GIFGiphy

"The #1 buyer of explosives in the world is the US military. #2 is Disney."-phreakzilla85

"This sounds terrifying until you realize it's just for fireworks."

"But I mean they could be storing up secretly and in the next few years Dreamworks is going down."-nerdinmissouri

The Night, The Royalty

"Mozart wrote the 'Night Queen' aria so his sister-in-law could show off."

"The piece is so good that it is included in a collection of music from Earth on both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft."


"And he wrote Come scoglio because he hated the singer who was going to perform it and knew the note changes in it would make her head 'bob like a chicken.'"

"Also, Leck mich im Arsch."

"Fun Mozart facts!"-shaddragon

You see these facts and immediately your brain kind of short circuits. WHY?

What Is The Sumerian Equivalent Of 'Karen'?

"One of the oldest tablets from Mesopotamia is a customer complaint."-Informal_Chemist6054

"There is even a whole collection that was discovered. So some dude did a terrible job trading copper AND kept all the complaints he got about it in a room specifically built to house the complaints."-Lou__Crow

"Not one. Multiple. Ea-Nasir was so well known for his terrible trade practices that we have multiple tablets from angry customers."-to_walk_upon_a_dream

Bigger And Benner Than Ever Before

"If you stand at the base of the clock tower in London commonly called Big Ben with a digital radio tuned to the BBC, you'll hear the sound of the bell striking the hour via the radio before you hear it live."

"In other words, sound travels faster digitally from the microphone in the tower to the BBC studio to their transmitter to your radio, than it does analogically from the bell to you."-RutabagaDude

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

"Apparently in Korean fairytales instead of saying 'once upon a time' they usually say 'back when tigers used to smoke.'"-dogarebetterthencat

"And it apparently comes from a time in which tobacco was so cheap that literally everyone used to smoke."-whita_019

Bodies Are Wild

"Your eyes have a different immune system than the rest of your body."

"If they knew about each other, your eyes would basically start dissolving, as your immune system attacks your own eyes. Fear not, your brain won't let that happen."-ShanestudiosYT

"Basically your eyes are their own closed containment inside your body."

"Your regular antibodies would treat the jelly material of your eyes as a foreign agent and flood that area with white blood cells so hard your eyeballs would just dissolve into pus."-GreyLordQueekual

Whether it's the fact that a signal from your brain is all that's preventing your eyes from dissolving or that Korean fairy tales involve smoky tigers, it's all just plain WEIRD.

A Little Bit Of Lead

"A human body can produce enough carbon upon cremation to make 200 pencils. You can be your own souvenir at your funeral."-Holybull79

"Sounds like a good way to set yourself up for some kind of weird soul magic if you ask me."

"I don't trust b*tches not to write some weird voodoo spell with my bone pencil and summon my soul to do their bidding!"-lillithfair4

Philippines Got It Goin On

"Gordon's Gin's label reads 'World's Number One International Gin.'"

"This is because it's the world's number two selling gin. The world's number one selling gin is a brand that is only sold in the Philippines, which sells so much that despite only selling in that country it outsells every other gin brand globally."-AmorallyBlaine

Ears Gone

"The eruption of Mount Krakatoa was the loudest sound ever recorded. It was heard over 3,000 miles away. Imagine an explosion so big in New York that Los Angeles hears it."

"It produced seismic ripples through the earth that were picked up on devices, and showed that the ripples of the explosion circumnavigated the earth several times."

"The decibels were so high at the point of the explosion that just the sound was lethal within a few miles and is a decibel level that re-liquifies solidified concrete."-Dreadamere

What did you see here that surprised you? Was it more interesting or more ridiculous?

Ridiculous facts are everywhere, so walking down the street you might notice one. Take a look next time. Maybe your neighbor's license plate secretly reads "IluvFeet." \ Maybe that lamppost has initials carved in it of a couple who broke up the day after, but have their legacy engrained in it forever.

The ridiculous things in life truly make it interesting.

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