People Break Down The Most Regrettable 'Phase' That They Outgrew
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Raise your hands--who had an emo phase in the 2000s? I know I did, as did a lot of people around me. All of us heard “It's just a phase" from our parents at some point, but when you're a kid, life as we know it seems so permanent.

Of course, most of the time, it was “just a phase". And looking back, those phases are regrettable, to say the least. Here are some prime examples of that.

SirGergoyFriendman asked:

What was your biggest/most regrettable "It's not a phase, mom. It's my life." that, in fact, turned out to be just a phase and not your life?

The enthusiasm of a young person can lead to some unexpected changes that parents are just not ready for.​

Hi, Wheeljack!​

"I was VERY into The Transformers when I was a wee lad in the 1980s. One day, I decided to change my name to the name of my favorite Autobot. My name was lame, and I wanted an awesome Transformer name. And I was VERY insistent that my parents only call me by my new name. Calling me by my 'old' name would cause a big fat tantrum on my part."

"So for the better part of a week, my poor parents had to call me Wheeljack."


​Very 2008.

Ariana Grande Shrug GIF Giphy

"My cat-ear phase. I wore cat ears every single day. Everywhere. I had like 20 pairs of them. Now everyone thinks I'm a furry."


"I find that very cute and wouldn't have thought you'd be furry. Even if you'd had cat mittens. I think my suspicions would have started if you moved a bit like a cat, displayed catlike grooming habits or got a cat mask."


​Not gonna lie, that car sounds cool.

"I went to a car show once as a teen, and the only newer car there was some chick's PT cruiser. It was hot glittery pink, and at the time I was obsessed. I insisted that one day I would have a hot pink car, with pink seats, pink dash, pink carpets, etc. I was pretty heavily goth at the time, so my parents just rolled their eyes."


These phases can often lead to some very strange fashion choices.​

​That’s commitment.

"When I was a teenager (early 00s), I was waiting for my mother to pick me up and was wearing one of those sh!tty sports wristwatches. It was itching me so I took it off for a second, but then she arrived and because I was struggling to get it back on my wrist, I looped it around the equally sh!tty chain I had around my neck in a rush to get out the door."

"My mom asked me about it in the car, and I told her this was my new style and I planned to wear it like that every day. She rolled her eyes."

"I wore that watch on a chain around my neck every single day for 3 years or so. There are even professional family photos where I'm wearing it because I refused to take it off."

"One day, the chain broke and I lost the watch. I was in high school at that point anyway and it was a major lady repellent, so... phase over."


Not everyone can be Eminem.​

slim shady eminem GIF Giphy

"Baggy pants, being a rapper someday and being a professional skater."


"When I was about 14 and Eminem was starting to blow up I bought myself a keyboard with a synthesizer. It cost like $200 which was all the money I had saved up. It finally came (this was way before amazon prime and such) and I tried rapping."

"My sister told me "you're effing horrible" and I gave up right then and there."


​This should be a sin.

"I used to button the top buttons of polo shirts."


"I must say, this is probably the worst one I've read."


"Cheaper than a chastity belt."


Reddit Users Share Their Best 'It's A Small World After All' Experience

Looking back at our regrettable choices, all we can do is cringe.

​An optimistic look at bad tattoos.

check me out season 3 GIF by Portlandia Giphy

"Being a tattooer. Regrettable because of those poor people who have my awful doodles on their bodies."


"Take heart! My favorite tattoo is the one I drunkenly got my buddy to do in his living room one year during March Madness! It's dumb and frankly mediocre? But such a good story and has such good associations I smile every time I see it."


​RIP Fredro’s.

"My friend and I decided we were going to open a bar in Jamaica with exotic snakes in glass cages in the walls at each booth. We convinced ourselves it would be amazing for at least two years in college. It was going to be called Fredro's."

"My entire family made fun of me for it. Once we got out of college, we realized it was not feasible and joined the office grind. We're also two white guys with no ties to Jamaica."


Talk about cringey.

"I wore a top hat with an anime pin on it for around a year. Met one of my current best friends while wearing it, idk how he could bear to speak to me after that."


My weirdest phase was probably when I insisted on wearing knee-high rainbow socks to school every day. But honestly, I don't regret it. I rocked those socks, and I wish I still have a pair.

To all the people out there cringing over their past selves, remember that you were just a kid, and to be easy on yourselves. After all, we've all been there

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