People Share The Most Random Things They Miss About Life Before The Pandemic
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So apparently we are in the endemic phase of this nonsense.

We have light at the end of the tunnel.

So what now?

Where do we go from here?

Normal seems like an outdated word.

How do we get back to normal though?

Is it even possible?

What are reaching back to?

Life pre-Covid.

Those were the days.

If only we could bring them back.

Redditorhetravelingsong wanted to discuss our new normal in this hopeful "endemic" phase. So they asked:

"What’s something random you miss about pre-COVID times?"

I miss people being sane. Though that maybe election cycle issues not COVID. We'll never know.

I thought I was Alone...

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"Being able to grocery shop after 11 pm."


"Hell yes. I miss the days where the Walmart across the street was open 24 hours."


let's just go...

"I miss spontaneity... everything now seems to have a barrier of difficulty."


"I live very close to Disneyland so I have an annual pass. My friends and I would just go there after work and hang out and grab a bite to eat."

"Now, we have to reserve a day to go. And most of the time, the days are at 'full' capacity so we couldn't even reserve. I don't want to schedule to hang out at Disneyland for a couple hours for July. So yeah, I definitely miss the 'lets go eat at Disneyland tonight?' texts."


Not til 24-25

"Functioning global supply chains. Ah, the product you want has got microchips in it? 9 month wait."


"Minimum, I'd been saying for a while now that I wouldn't expect a true return to normalcy in terms of electronics prices till 2024-2025. Although Crypto crashing through the floor really took some of the pressure off graphics cards which I really appreciate."



"How affordable everything was!"


"Yep. Today I was bagging up my things at the grocery store and I heard the cashier say to the lady behind me 'thats $78.12.' She had -- 2 boxes of Kellogg's corn flakes, a carton of 12 eggs, milk, strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, a small cheese cake, English muffins, coffee, and a small whole frozen chicken that could maybe feed 3 people if the meat portioning was small."



sushi GIFGiphy

"My favorite sushi place. It was good quality, close by, kid-friendly, and not too expensive."


All of this... it was a simpler time.


Janet Jackson Reaction GIFGiphy

"As a retail worker, just how f**king NASTY some people have gotten."


"They applauded you for being an essential worker but won’t vote for policies that’ll raise minimum wage while insisting a wage cap for heavily paid employees."



"Some of the people closest to me became very bitter and petty over the last 2 years. So many people have the 'crazy eyes' now."


"So true and holidays with the family is like who has the biggest tinfoil hat building contest. How many jumps does your brain have to go through to think that the Covid vaccine CHANGES your DNA into the patented DNA so that the government now controls your body."

"So like vaccinated people now have a singular DNA set. I feel like I still have a chunk of my brain just broken off due to that comment alone. I was also told by same family member that I could never donate blood again due to the vaccine. I guess it is so my patented DNA doesn't affect people?? FYI my vaccinated butt just donated today fine and multiple other times after the vaccine."


Homeward Bound

"House prices."


"I'm resigned to never thinking I have a chance on owning property where I live. I'm 30 and just can't imagine it anymore. And I don't want to live anywhere else so, whatever."


"That didn’t happen because of the pandemic. That was already happening regardless."


Oh Mickey

"All Day Breakfast at McDonalds."


"It was honestly hell to do, and not very popular. ITs margins aren't anywhere dinner and lunch specials. ON top of that, the temperatures are such that They require its own grill, meaning that if you have 2 grills in shop, you are down 50% of lunch capacity."


Way back when...

Season 5 Friends Tv Show GIF by FriendsGiphy

"Hanging out with friends. And I mean waaaaaay before Covid. Like 2006 back when I had some friends."


I miss the old days. Maybe we'll get back there.

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