People Share The Most Oddly Violent Facts They Know
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I will never understand how people watch boxing or UFC.

Between Squid Game and the endless myriad of serial killers docs, how are any of us peaceful?

We know more insidious truths than we'd like to believe.

Because survival itself can be violent.

We know too much, but let's share.

Redditor Butterflychunks wanted to hear about the creepy things that rattle around in our brains. They asked:

"What’s an oddly violent fact that you know?"

We really are prone to violence as humans. It's part of the DNA.


"The number of British soldiers lost to mud alone in the battle of passchendaele is thought to be numbered in the thousands."


"They had to climb over the bodies of their brothers in arms to get in and out of those hellholes. Bodies were just left there to rot. No bloody wonder the ones who made it home came back with drink/drug/mental problems."

"My great grandad was in the trenches and came back as a violent alcoholic who could NEVER talk about anything he saw. According to my Gran, his daughter, you’d never dare ask him."



"The Dachau concentration camp was located near Munich. While not an extermination camp in the proper sense it still had a crematorium due to the high number of inmate deaths, and often times ash of the burning bodies would 'snow' on the residents and in the streets of Munich. Officials passed it off as local wildfires and the people believed it."



"Well, I think how shrikes kill their prey counts as violent. They literally just stab them on tree branches, cactus spines, whatever nearby. They're nicknamed the butcherbird for a reason."


"Same for actual Butcherbirds in Australia, they are only distantly related but are pretty much Shrikes Australian counterpart. Also they are songbirds."


‘fighting teeth’

"Male llamas and alpacas have some very sharp lower incisors sometimes called ‘fighting teeth.' Why are they called fighting teeth? When fighting for dominance of a herd (which is a savage display in and of itself) a male will use those teeth to castrate other males, ensuring they can’t mate with the females of the herd. Farmers and breeders will file these teeth down, usually during shearing."


“to be fair”

"The Paraguayan War, by some estimates, killed over half the population and 80% of all military aged males in Paraguay."


"At one point in the war there were so few men that the military started to use children and preteens. In the battle of Acosta Ñu the Brazilian army literally massacred like 3000 children ('they were disguised so many Brazilian soldiers didn’t noticed they were actual children)."


War is evil. And violence is unnecessary, but let's continue.

root and all...

"If you have a tooth knocked fully out (root and all), it can go back and live on like nothing ever happened if you get it back into the socket within 45 minutes. After that, the ligament that attaches the tooth to the jaw dies and while you can put the tooth back in (and it will stay there), your body will recognize it as foreign material and resorb it over time."

"Pro tip 1: don't put the tooth on ice. Instead put it in a cup of milk or carry it in your cheek."

"Pro tip 2: don't go to the hospital - a knocked out tooth isn't an emergency and you will wait much longer than 45 minutes to be looked at. Go to the closest dentist - it will be their biggest emergency of the year (possibly of all time)."


Animal Cruelty

"When we have to submit animals for rabies testing we have to cut their head off (and make sure we get some of the brainstem too) and send it via fedEx/UPS to a lab."


"Can confirm. My cat bit a vet tech when I brought her in just before putting her down. They wanted to do a rabies test as I didn't have recent vaccines done as she turned into an indoor cat. Kinda crappy icing on the cake after I went in to be with her when she was put down."

the USAF...

"When I joined the USAF they took footprints in the manner of taking fingerprints. This is because after a plane crash your feet were still intact in your boots while the rest of you was charred beyond recognition. I was going in as a flight nurse. I imagine they did it to everyone as even in a nonflying role you could be on one of our planes. I’m not sure if this still done. They now have a DNA database of everyone in the US military so they only need a little bit of you to ID your remains."



"You would have to hold a pillow over a person’s face for at least 4 minutes before you would actually be able to suffocate them. That’s why you should play dead if someone tries to smother you with a pillow. More often than not, they’ll think the job’s done and you can catch them by surprise."


That is way more information than I needed. I already have nightmares.

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