People Confess The One Thing Most Folks Aren't Ready To Hear Yet

As kids, we refused to believe the fact that Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny didn't exist.

Maybe we were afraid that once we accepted the reality, the magic would be one–which one might argue is exactly what happens.

But who knew that as we got older, keeping the myth alive for kids is the real magic of the holidays... until they eventually find out the truth. Sigh.

Aside from holiday mascots, there are other things in life that many of us adults are never wanting to accept.

Curious to hear examples of this, an anonymous Redditor asked:

"What is one thing most people are not ready to hear?"

These disappointments are tough ones to process.

Never Coming Out On Top

"It's possible to make all the right choices and still lose."

– DeftTrack81

Failing To Measure Up

"Sometimes your best just isn't good enough."

– subzerojosh_1

Key To Moving On

"You don’t always get closure."

– Lolimagineusingredit

Getting Left Behind

"The longer you stay alive the more family and friends you will see pass away and you will attend many funerals…"

– thesoloracer

Don't Live In The Clouds

"Not every dream comes true. Actually, just a few do, if you're lucky."

– RooTheCrow

When it comes to romance, some people keep looking.

Destined For Lonliness

"There isn't somebody for everyone. Some of you will stay alone. Yes. Forever."

– Micander

The Thing About Soul Mates

"There is no such thing as soul mates. There is no such thing as 'someone for you.' Relationships take work. There will always be differences. Part of being in a relationship is working through those differences and loving the person despite them."

– ForgotMyOldAccount7

Nothing can prepare you for these to shatter any preconceived notions you've previously had.

There Are Worse Things

"Death isn't the worst thing that can happen to you."

– 305andy

Western Shriek

"Bald eagles don’t actually do that majestic screech from the beginning of every western movie. That sound is a red tailed Hawk. You’ve been lied to."

– SkyGriff10

You Can't Please Everyone

"You are the villain in someone’s story."

– ex_ter_min_ate_

Down With Science

"Nuclear energy and fusion reactor are WAY more safer than people think. Chernobyl was caused by human error and a bad reactor design. Fukishima was caued by a tsunami. I haven't read enough to know what caused 3 mile island. Nuclear energy is really cool and interesting!"

– ThatToastKid

Friends don't always meet expectations.

Faith In People

"People won't change just because they said so. And especially when they said so twice."

– Friendly_Stanley

"In my experience people only change when two factors are present."

  1. "They NEED to."
  2. "They WANT to."

"If either is lacking they will generally stay the same."

– sinistersavant

Karma Takes Holidays

"Bad people don't always get what they deserve!"

– Natural-School5690

Agree To Disagree

"I can respect your views and not agree with them."

– MysteriousPraline468

Seek Joy From Within

"You cannot rely on other people to give you happiness or validate your feelings."

– dyingweakling

I've learned the hard way that you can't please everyone.

When I was in a supervisory position at work, I had a hard time balancing friendship and professionalism. Telling others what to do while trying to be friendly proved to not be an effective strategy–at least not all the time.

And when I went the opposite route and interacted with colleagues strictly as their superior, I ended up hearing whispers behind my back about not being approachable.

Being in charge is not for everyone, but I also learned that even outside of the work environment, you're not going to be unanimously liked solely based on your positive personality, no matter how much you radiate it from your core.

We're always going to have critics, and that's not necessarily a downer. It keeps you humble.

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