People Reveal The Weirdest Reason They Were Called Into Their Boss's Office

It's never a good feeling to be called into your boss's office because you truly never know why or what's coming next.

And it might be for a trivial reason, but still, your heart pounds and you sweat while waiting for the reason to be presented.

And then if it's for a dumb reason, the adrenaline crash is crazy.

u/Sinifish asked:

What is the weirdest reason you were called into your boss's office?

Here were some of those answers.

Set You Up A Glass(es)


My glasses didn't match my uniform. He told me to change them. I said no because I don't have vision insurance. I told my boss I am not paying $600 or more just because my blue glasses don't go with my Olive Garden uniform. He was still insisting I change them. I told him to pay for my glasses then. Needless to say my boss shut up real quick.



I used to grab a chicken sandwich on my first break at work. Apparently, some new hire assumed I was going to lunch 2 hours into my shift. After I came back 15 minutes later (our standard break time) I got called in to ask why I felt I should be going to lunch. Told them I didn't and to check my time card.


Monkey In The Middle

Back when I was an intern, a coworker told me to give a pile of papers to my boss and to tell him that he is an "*sshole". He told me explicitly that I have to call him that way. I went to my boss's office, told him who send him the papers and then I told him "Well, he also said that I should say something to you, which is really unplea" -

"Is it that I am an *sshole?"

me:"Well yes but"-

Him:"It's ok, he's one too".

It turned out that those two guys are basically bffs and that they constantly do something like this.


All Good Deeds

  1. To pull me away from a customer, who was yelling at me, who my manager knew was f*cking crazy. He even pulled the whole " IN MY OFFICE! NOW!" down-the-hallway gag. The customer just gave me that smug "ha ha" look as I walked away. I was shaken up by it but as soon as I walked in and closed the door, he apologized and told me that the customer who was just yelling at me had been banned from our business for causing sh*t with employees and other customers and as soon as my manager saw them walk in, he called the cops and the cops were on their way.

He then pulls up the cameras on his computer and says "I'll be right back. Watch this" and he leaves his office. I watch the cameras and see him walk right up to the cops who just entered, take the cops to the customer, and has the cops escort the customer out of the building. He then turns to the camera and gives a big thumbs up.

2. To promote me to a supervisor job I didn't even apply for, or was aware of.


Rude Customers Don't Run This Joint

"Hey, u/Closer67, could you come to the office?"

"What's up?"

"Someone wrote a review complaining about doing your job too well."


"I'm serious. Take a look."

Review goes on to talk about how the reviewer's son and friends had attempted to see Deadpool, I had denied them entry, sold them tickets to a different movie, found them trying to sneak into Deadpool and consequently kicked them out of the theater and denied them a refund. Then, it talked about how I, and a second employee who was involved, should be fired and how good of an employee a third employee was who gave the kids their refunds.

"Are you serious right now? He gave them a refund, and now this person is complaining about me following policy while acknowledging exactly what was going on?"

"Yep. Don't worry, I'm not gonna write you up or warn you or anything. Just wanted to tell you 'Good job". Now, could you do me a favor and send in (third employee who gave the refund)?"

Edit: you can always tell the people who never had to do any kind of customer service job. If you have a job, then you have to uphold the rules and policies of the place you work for. If you don't, then you get in trouble. You don't get a pass just because it's a movie theater or a fast food restaurant. That's not how any of this works.



In the early 2000s my boss called me in so he could show me Wikipedia, which he had just discovered. He says "ask me anything and I'll find the answer!" I asked how many tacos are sold per day in San Antonio. He was angry because that's "obviously not a question that Wikipedia can answer".


Sparrow Attacks

The new policy of not transporting wildlife in the work van had to be explained to me, because a) I was the reason the policy came into existence and b) I was the only person on the site it would ever apply to.

It was a sparrow that had flown into a window. I carried it back to the mailroom, found a box, and took it to a wildlife rehabber that night. The employee driving the van was VERY concerned about this tiny half-ounce bird getting loose in the van and attacking her.


Reward For Dumb Behavior

Used to make levels for Quake while taking tech support calls. One day, while modeling a level and doing an FFR (Fdisk, format, reinstall) I notice a boss out of the corner of my eye. F*ck it. I'm busted. I don't even try to hide what I'm doing. Mute the customer and ask if he needs anything. "Put youself in time when you get off this call. I'd like to see you in the pit."

The pit was a corner of the call center where all the lead techs and bosses sat.

My stomach lurches.

"Ok." I turn my attention back to the caller and finish up in about another 20 mins. I loved this job. I'm really bummed. I switch my status and start walking back to the pit, except now there's THREE bosses right outside my cubicle.

"Can you do a level that's the floor plan of the call center, with the elevator and all?"

No sh*t.

I was promoted a month later.


Quick Conclusion Jump, No?

Had my boss call me in once because a parent accused me of hitting their child. Apparently the kid came home with a bruise. When they asked me what happened I explained the kid wasn't even in my room. They were in a class on the other side of the building and I didn't even see them the entire day. Turns out the kid had a hockey game that night before he came home. Guess where the bruise came from. Thankfully, once they had the facts they pretty much told the parent "This never happened. You are mistaken and we are standing by our teacher." It was scary though cause you seldom get out of these types of accusations without at least a suspension as they look into it.


Roma Romama


I used to work IT in a school, my boss was the principal. I'm gay - this is actually sort of relevant to the story.

One of the rules in the school is that principal and VP doors are to stay open at all times, unless they are having a meeting with parents.

All the VP and Ps doors were closed. This is super super odd. There were 4 vps and a principal, so having them all closed is basically unheard of. Even the administrative staff were freaking out a bit.

Finally, I get buzzed into the principals office. Of course everyone is looking at me like "What did you do?!".

I walk into the office and my boss (an older lady that I totally respect) finishes up her email, pushes her glasses on her face and says "What do you know about lady gaga?"

As it turned out, they were all trying to one-up each other in the talent show and my boss wanted a gay opinion.

I told her she needed to do Bad Romance and kept it from everyone.


Trying To Understand The Youths

I worked at this ad agency and the creative VP on my team called me into his office one day and put on the video for "I Fink U Freeky" by Die Antwoord. He made me sit through it and then asked me if I could explain it to him, because his son was really into them and he just didn't get it. Since I was just a few years older than his son I guess he thought I might be able to explain it to him.


This One Is WILD

I worked a job where we had to wear ugly pant suits and we kept our blazers at the office. I walked in one day to find my blazer missing, and my boss called me and asked me to come to her office and let me know she'd borrowed it. I get to her office to find that she'd borrowed my blazer because she'd been "out partying at the beach last night and woke up late" so she was wearing a bathing suit bikini under her uniform. She'd borrowed my blazer to hide the bright orange you could clearly see through her work shirt. The best part was, the reason she'd been at the beach was that she'd needed to get a tan so that she could pull off "faking being on vacation in Hawaii". She'd lied to the guy she was sleeping with and said she was going on vacation to make him "miss her" and she'd gone tanning and even BOUGHT FAKE SOUVENIRS to make it seem legit. Craziest boss I ever had.


What A Tangled Web We Weave

To thank me for saving her marriage. My wife and I split, as she was in a full-blown affair with her boss, and left me. I was devastated. My boss was sleeping with her boss, and about to dump her husband. After walking beside me (great boss that she was) through my pain, she dumped her boss and focused on repairing her family.

Weird but cool. The Texas Tornado...


Thank Goodness THAT'S Taken Care Of, Byeeee!

My boss called me into a meeting room because I was having a private conversation while my scripts were running, which she knew meant we could not use or computers for several minutes.

She thought she heard me complaining about something and demand to know what I was discussing.

She also told her boss I was threatening to burn co-workers houses down.

Her boss flew into town for a week and we discussed these and other items over sushi. She told me she had my termination paperwork completed before she got to town, but wanted to observe and talk to me first. She left after she shredded the papers and my manager had delivered her own notice.


We Know We Said Smile, But We Didn't Mean It

For smiling too much while I was helping a customer. And it wasn't just my bosses office.. It was the store directors office. My boss's boss's boss.

The company I worked for is quite well known in the Midwest for its own terrible "A helpful smile in every aisle" slogan.

Ten years later I still can't wrap my head around it.


Stealin' And Sexytimes


When I was 16 I worked at a restaurant. I was called in to the office with three other employees and one of the owners because the day before someone had made a pizza for the staff and not paid for it. It happened all the time and was never a big deal. I was a dishwasher and didn't even cook. So after a few minutes of yelling about it being made they dismissed me and kept yelling at the other two. When I left the other boss called me in to the back. Those two had been caught on camera having sex and smoking in the parking lot. Things had been coming up missing and they wanted to know if I had ever seen them stealing.


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