Annoying, social pet peeves occur everywhere you look.

For some reason, even though we've all heard about the little behaviors and tendencies that bother literally everybody, we still do them.

There must be something so subconscious, the tendency must be so subtle that even knowing the problem doesn't help.

Nevertheless, a Reddit list of those behaviors may still be helpful. Perhaps becoming more and more aware will, eventually, make us stop bothering each other.

Rockabilly_Rocker asked, "What is one really annoying thing that almost everyone does?"

Race Starts NOW

"Speeding up when being passed by another car. To some extent, most people do this."

"I think it's purely subconscious for most, but can be really annoying when you're trying to pass someone going a bit slower than you want to go while also not clogging up 2 lanes of traffic."

-- irishwonder

Different Paces

"Walk super slowly in a group and therefore cover the entire pavement" -- enlaggedhoop

"Couples can be super awful for this, too. I'm a fast walker and I've definitely been blocked by slow-moving couples who, for some god-forsaken reason, are holding hands but also walking a foot and a half apart." -- BuyHerCandy

The Escalation

"In a conversation with multiple people start talking louder as the conversation goes on and eventually you're yelling." -- hotdogsteak

"French Canadian here, you described every family gathering I've ever had." -- Phil-Michaels

"Whenever my mom gets on the phone, her volume goes all the way up to 10. Possibly 11." -- silly-gaijin

"What's That You're Doin' There?"

"They try to peek at what you're doing on your phone" -- realjokepersona

"That, my friend, is when you start writing as creatively, inventively and insultingly as possible about [them], on your screen, while he is reading over your shoulder." -- Jetzinberlin

"Did you write this on your phone because someone was looking over your shoulder and you wanted to call them out?" -- Yajne

Not Your Turn Right Now

"Telling someone a story then they cut you off with a dumb comment or changing the subject" -- Silent-Mime

"They cut you off with their own similar story." -- helpdebian

"I hate when they focus on a small detail that had nothing to do with the story you're telling and ask 20 questions about that small thing." -- wooztheweb

Just Be a Little Conscientious Out There

"If nothing is behind me, don't pull out in front of me! Wait the extra second and then pull out, you stupid f***ing bastard!" -- helpdebian

"When they pull out in front of you and then turn before they even reach the speed limit" -- 100ProofPain

"This drives me nuts. If you pull out in front of me and I have to use my brakes, even a little, you clearly don't have enough space/distance to pull into traffic." -- brb_on_a_quest

Just Let a Comment Exist By Itself

"Just trying to explain why you had a bad day or feel like sh** and someone taking it as a competition...'Yeah but MY day was worse'...ok" -- Keishim

"Gah I hate that. It's like c'mon people, the point here is to validate what your conversation partner is saying and get all indignant with them."

"Keep asking questions to prod them to continue their rant about whoever's pissing them off, so you can raise your fist to the sky and curse the name of whoever offended your buddy."

"Bam. Free friendship points. It's so easy if you do it right!" -- AllYourHeroesAreOld

Keep it Sealed, People

"Audibly chew their food. I know it has to be done but the sound of other people chewing just cuts through me, with open mouth chewing and lip smacking being unbearable." -- Corky83

"I have a friend/coworker who does this and is makes me MENTAL. Literally every food is loud, even things that shouldn't be. Slurps coffee, soup. Chomps chips, carrots. The only nice thing about quarantine/ staggered shifts is that I'm missing this." -- polish432b

Cop Out

"Saying 'no offense' and then immediately say something super offensive" -- scythentic

" 'NO offence, but you're so weird,strange, ugly and disgusting. Also nobody likes you. But NO OFFENCE.' " -- CertifiedMugg

" 'Don't be so sensitive' " -- juanpuente

Not How That Works

"Thinking that someone is 'too young to be depressed' or 'just sad' or saying 'don't be depressed' and expecting for it to magically work and for someone to just be like 'woooow dude thanks I never would have thought of that' " -- Jovannaa07

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