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Partner Pet Peeves: What Drives People Crazy in Relationships

Reddit user ExistingAI4149 asked: 'What are some pet peeves you've experienced with a partner?'

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A pet peeve is defined as something a person finds especially annoying.

These tend to vary from person to person which makes them a frequent issue in relationships. From small habits to major personality traits, it's hard to know what will set someone else off.

A partner's interesting quirks or routine habits might inadvertently get on their significant others last nerve.

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Jar Jar Binks

All it takes to ruin what could've been the perfect TV show or movie is one character.

There could be several reasons for this.

One, it could be because audience members are unable to separate the indiscretions of an actor off-camera who was maybe embroiled in a drawn-out court case.

Or, it might be due to a horribly written character that either makes zero contributions to the over-arching plot or has distracting idiosyncrasies.

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Elderly woman holding Kodak film camera
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Given enough time, we all change as we get older.

But sometimes the ways we change can surprise us, including things we no longer like or which now annoy us.

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messy kitchen
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Sharing a home with a roommate is always a delicate situation.

Whether it's one of your closest friends, or someone you only met through newspaper ads or referrals, maintaining a harmonious living situation can be challenging.

As long as all residents do their share of the chores, keep common living spaces clean, and are respectful of noise, it's not so hard to get along.

In some cases, however, people find themselves running to a studio apartment, possibly smaller than their bedroom, owing to how truly unbearable their roommates are to live with.

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More often than not, when we indulge in a television show, we accept the fact that not everything we're watching is 100% realistic.

Even outside the world of science fiction and fantasy, we acknowledge that certain conflicts resolve a bit easier than they likely would in real life ("you had me at hello"? seriously?), or that modern medicine hasn't evolved quite that much (Meredith Grey drowning and coming back to life anyone?)

However, there are certain tropes and clichés which are becoming increasingly commonplace in film and television which result in viewers finding themselves truly unable to suspend their disbelief.

Sometimes not even coming until the film's climax, leading viewers to think "surely they're not going to go there?"

Only to find themselves infuriatingly disappointed that yes, they did.

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