The list of what irritates me is endless.

I mean... breathing too loud or dust can set me off.

I'm a bit unstable, yes.

But I'm not alone.

So let's discuss.

Redditor Aburntbagel6 wanted to hear about all the times many of us just couldn't control our disdain. They asked:

"What never fails to piss you off?"
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People Explain Which Topics They Give Absolutely No F**ks About
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

Have you ever found yourself enjoying brunch or a few drinks with friends, when you find the conversation swerves into a new topic?

While the rest of your friends continue to talk about this topic with excitement, going into great detail, all the while, you can't help but ask yourself:

"Why should I care about this?".

Redditor RunikVarze was curious about which topics result in people immediately rolling their eyes, by asking the Reddit community:

"What is a topic you absolutely cannot give a f*ck about?"
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People Explain Which Part Of Their Body They Find The Most Annoying

My uterus.

That's it.

That's my most annoying body part.

Why is it trying to overthrow the whole rest of me?

Please make it stop.

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People Share The One Word People Need To Stop Overusing
Mimi Thian/Unsplash

I use the word 'literally' like, literally, all the time.

Am I a professional writer who understands that the repetition can lose some readers? Yes.

Am I educated and fully aware of the definition of the word "literally" and the fact that I almost never actually mean "literally" when I say literally? Also, yes.

Do I know it annoys some people? Also, also yes.

Am I going to stop doing it any time soon? ... ... ... I'll take that into careful consideration.

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People Explain What They're Absolutely Sick Of Hearing Anymore

How many times have you said "I've heard this before" or "I'm sick of it?"

People are tired of hearing the same old thing time and time again.

Promises, lies, and nonsense.

We're tired on personal levels, professional levels, and even global levels.

Redditor fireonpluto wanted to discuss all of the aspects of life we want everyone to just shut up about... they asked:

"What's something you're sick of hearing?"
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