People Who Make More Money From Their Side Hustles Than Their Day Jobs Share Their Experiences

In this day and age, it's not uncommon for people to have a side gig -- an extra job as a way to make more money -- aside from their regular 9 to 5.

It's also not super uncommon for some of these people to find that their side gig can -- and sometimes does -- pay them more than their 9 to 5.

My best friend is a brilliant journalist by trade, but he makes way more money by freelance editing than he does as at the paper he writes for. Freelance editing is a side gig, however. He doesn't do it all the time, and yet makes enough to pay his monthly rent just by doing one freelance job!

Redditors have discovered other side gigs that pay them more than their regular 9 to 5, and are ready to share their experidnces.

It all started when Redditor DonkKinnis asked:

"People that actually found a side hustle that makes more than your 9-5, what was it?"

I Need A Weapon

"Making swords, it started as a hobby - like let's see where we can take it. It is now a company with 15 guys employed, and 1,500+ swords a year. Best job ever"

– Charming_Height_6944

"You’re living my husbands dream. He would love to forge swords as a hobby. If you feel so inclined, can you message me with info on your starter setup? It’s my goal to surprise him someday with a fully functioning beginner forge, but I have no idea where to start"

– _StaRrFoxX_

"Lucky for you guys England and France are at war. Business must be booming."

– Tudpool

Happy And Healthy

"I was a therapist for 5 years in acute inpatient psych, and I burned out HARD. From awful pay, zero security, staff getting cut but workload increasing, and the work culture being one of “suffering Olympics” where you’d see who can work the most on the least sleep, it was inhumane."

"In the last 2 years, I turned my photography hobby into a successful business! I shoot weddings, elopements, couples’/family sessions, you name it. I work much less and make much more, plus the second hand dopamine is fantastic for my own mental health."

– LimitedGenius

"Me, working inpatient psych as a nurse, studying this thread like my life depends on it."

– Addwon


"I sculpt miniatures for 3D printing, RPG, DnD etc. I make roughly triple what I was doing at a previous ''real'' entry job."

– CougarJo

Just Whistle While You Work

"Cleaning houses makes pretty good money. It's surprising how much people will pay you to just come in once a week and do a little cleaning."

– Sprinkle_drama

"My dad told me once of a acquaintances wife who started a cleaning business. Not by hour but charged for the task. Floors swept and mopped was $xx dishes done and benches wiped $xx carpets vaccumed $xx bathroom cleaned $xx toilet $xx. It worked brilliantly esp for young busy working men. Having set prices for set tasks was easier for them to get their heads around than 3-4 hours cleaning. She did very very well out of it"

– SupTheChalice

Flowers DO Cost A Fortune!

"Wedding Florist. Quit the 9-5 last year!"

– _adsbygoogle


"I sell brownies on delivery apps"

– andydessa

"There is a kid who did this with frozen pizzas from his apartment on YouTube."

– Elegant_Housing_For

"This is f-ing brilliant."

– HappyPixie

I Want One!

"I sew stuffed animals, quilts and sometimes children’s clothing. I use to work in a nearby hospital working with Covid patients and Covid samples. I can make my old paycheck in a day if I spend the entire day working."

– YrsaAse

Should I Be Scared?

"Building killer stereo systems I’ve also have been building patio chairs really just making stuff if you can make it but make it well and take pride in your craftsmanship there’s a market for it"

– Bass_head_thomas

"Read this too fast and thought it said “serial killer system” and I was very confused and slightly worried for a moment."

– Infinity9999x

A New Idea Is A Good Idea

"I’m a software engineer. I had a coworker who was into bowling and couldn’t find an app he liked to track his stats, so he wrote one himself after using it, his friends started asking if he could give it to them. He put it on the App Store. Within a year close to half his income was coming from his app selling."

"He tried to repeat his success a few times, but none of his other apps ever caught on."

– dring157

Didn't Even Know This Was A Thing

"Secret shopper."

"So technically I don’t have a 9-5 cause I’m a student, but it’s still a VERY well paying hustle."

"Essentially all I do I drive around the city, go to random stores, buy a lottery ticket, see if they ask for ID, and leave. Then I fill out some paperwork, and I’m done."

"They compensate full gas charge, and give roughly 30$ per store. I can easily do 20 stores in a day. The problem is once all the stores are done, I can’t check anymore."

– Mattrockj

Very Entrepreneurial

"I'm the unofficial tech guy for a pretty large retirement community. It started by me setting up a dvd player for my grandma, she started telling her neighbors and now one day a week I go by and will spend the day doing minor stuff for tech illiterate people. Half the time it replacing batteries, allot of the residence are given computers their kids or grand kids that ill set up for them. I charge next to nothing, but usually will ask for the old tech if im replacing something which i refurbish and sell. Alot of people buy their grandma new mac book every 2 years that are barely used, then given to me."

– handsthefram

Fun, Fun, Fun

"I became an Uber driver and make over 10k a month these days. Really enjoying it too."

– Alexanderdaw

Music Ties It Together

"I started a wedding DJ business and found people were willing to pay a premium for a non-cheesy DJ who doesnt make the night or party about them. Even though I only worked Friday-Sat-Sundays due to weddings mostly being held on these days, I was making 2x my 9-5 job."

– JamesKPolk130

"This day and age it does make sense to do this. Invest in a good sound system. Invest in a decent light setup. Be sure to have a wi-fi connection at the venue so if someone requests a song you can easily download it. Watch people have a great time"

– chxnkybxtfxnky

The Universe At Work

"I left my job in publishing and performed the same functions on a freelance basis for about two years."

"I made only about 5-10 percent less gross. Once you factor in my lack of commute to Manhattan, not havimg to buy clothing for work, not getting lunch out, etc., net was only single digits less."

"It was also cool because every so often the universe would toss me a random extra day off. That was hard to give up."

– AlanMercer

Check And Mate

"I make custom chess board sets for professional chess players."

– Magnetic_penis_strap

I understand. I would pay big money for one of those!

Do you have a side hustle we should know about? Let us know in the comments.

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