Ah, the 1990s. A simpler time.

Blockbuster Video was king. I remember when DVDs first became a thing and they were such a novelty item. We kept our VCR with us for a long time even as we upgraded. There was something about going to the store and just browsing for a long time and coming across cool and interesting titles that took my breath away.

I recently watched this Netflix show called Blockbuster, a comedy about the last Blockbuster in the United States. I cannot recommend it. The 1990s fill us with such nostalgia, of course, it's just a shame to see people capitalize on that nostalgia in such an uncreative way.

People shared their memories with us after Redditor LoneStar2920 asked the online community:

"'90s kids of Reddit, what do you miss most about the '90s?"


"Malls, there was literally everything there. I lived at that place. Also, for some reason, floppy disks. I don't know why, but I really miss them."


It's been kind of sad seeing malls go. They were really the center of the universe for kids growing up at that time.

"Waking up on Saturday morning, eating a bowl of cereal while watching cartoons. Then hopping on my bike to ride to my best friend’s house to see if she could hang out with me."


Aww, this is so wholesome. Remember when people played outside?!

"I used to record..."

"The music. I used to record the local pop radio station on cassette and there would be pop, ska, punk, rap, electronica, hard rock, grunge all kinds of things. The summer songs were always catchy and fun."


You can thank the Telecommunications Act of 1997 and Clear Channel for this ending.

"Summer afternoons..."

"Summer afternoons, where you had no digital distractions and for that you had to come up with (often stupid) ideas. Also MTV." -Reddit

Honestly, MTV was often the distraction!

"Being able to own things..."

"Being able to own things without having to take out a subscriptions."


We're looking at you, Adobe!

"I miss going to video stores..."

"I miss going to video stores and browsing."


Trying to figure out what movie to watch was always a fun time! So many choices!

"Basically just living in the moment."

"Technology has helped us a lot and I do enjoy it. But I miss the days where I woke up and had the sheer motivation to go outside to the park, or to genuinely sit down with friends and have a meal and not have the need to rush anywhere else. Basically just living in the moment."


Tell us more about this so-called park you speak of.

"Being able to sleep."

"Being able to sleep. Having an imagination. Having dreams and artistic ideas."


It sounds like adulthood ruined these things for you.

"Having to watch the scroll..."

"Having to watch the scroll at bottom of the TV screen to see if you got a snow day. Anticipation of the charts then excitement to sled ride all day long. That feeling can never be duplicated."


Yes! The anticipation was a killer.

"Geocities web pages, made with heart, not for money."


Aww, man, Geocities takes me back. It was nice that people could have a website for free hosted on a server that was relatively fast and reliable.

Nostalgia is killing us. If you'll excuse us, we're going to go watch old Cartoon Network shows.

Remember when that channel was good? My age is definitely showing.

Have some memories of your own? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!