Don't get us wrong, we love minor details.

Except when they're absolutely infuriating, of course. Have you ever watched a film or show and noticed a tiny little plot hole that just absolutely never gets addressed?

Or worse, something is ever so slightly off in the shot? Perhaps the coffee cup in Game Of Thrones?

u/IvyHav3n asked:

What minor detail in movies/TV shows always annoys you?

Here were some of those answers.

Coffee Needs Time


Whenever someone pours a fresh cup of coffee, they start drinking it immediately.


On this subject, almost any time a character is holding a Starbucks cup or something like that, it is incredibly obvious that the cup is empty. There's no weight to the cup and they make no effort to hold it straight. I didn't notice it for years, but after the first time I saw it, I can't unsee it.


Movie Datesz

When people agree to going on a date but don't mention any other details about picking someone up, the time, etc.


its obvious, they have to meet the other person at

location: where the shooting is going on (why would they go somewhere else where they are not shooting?)

time: when the shooting is going on

who will pick up: their respective drivers


Could Everyone Go Back To Driver's Ed

Moving the steering wheel around way too much when they're "driving"


And never watching the road but also never driving into things.


Beep Boop Boooooop

Computer sounds.


Computers don't beep that often!


also, when they hack into FBI and NASA -


Why Don't We All Talk Like Humans

When people are on the phone with someone off screen and there are no natural breaks in conversation that allow the other person to even respond.

Drives me insane.


and when two people are talking in a car, the driver never looks at the road. Man, you are going to crash, please don't look at the passenger right now.

IRL when I am driving, I never take my eyes off the road.


The Same Sound Cue

Some times when they play a police radio call in the background, it's the same sound played when you built a police station in Simcity.

Ive heard it in everything, from small budget tv shows, to multi-million dollar blockbusters.


Looks Cool, Ain't True

Sword on sword clashing. Except in certain circumstances, that shit F*CKS your blade, even blunt sparring swords bite into each other. Also, drawing a sword from the back, if it's any longer than your arm, you're not just whipping that thing out.


Just The Unrealistic List

  • Parking in NYC, London, or SF right in front of the building you are entering.
  • Guy walks into a bar "Give me a beer" Bartender doesn't ask "what kind of beer"?
  • People don't lock their doors when they enter their houses.
  • To many people stick the usb stick in right first try
  • When someone orders a drink or food and then leaves without ever taking a bite/sip
  • That weird rattling noise when someone raises his gun or rifle.
  • Lighting a puddle of gasoline by throwing a zippo inside it.
  • Hitting arbitrary keys on a laptop and the desired piece of information is either mailed or printed right on the spot.
  • Websites that characters use almost always look weird and fake.
  • There are unlimited number of bullets in a magazine
  • I have the upper hand on a villain and am pointing a gun at them. Now I'm going to walk up very close to them for no reason so they can grab it out of my hands.


Coughing Is Basically The WebMD Diagnosis

In most movies that do this, when someone starts coughing they have an illness that will kill them soon... because that is how coughing works.


It's More Dramatic


How people always instantly die when stabbed in a knife fight. B*tch it takes at least 10 seconds for you to pass out even if you're stabbed directly in the aorta, there's a reason for the saying "2 knives 2 bodies". In a knife fight you get to stab each other multiple times before one of you drops, then soon enough the other one drops.


I Have To Run A Half Marathon To Get To My Door, Brenda

When someone shows up, especially unexpected and knocks on the door, waits two seconds and knocks again. It's like they think people just hang out by the front door all day. It's even more aggravating in movies with huge *ss mansions. I always just imagine being the only one home, hearing a knock and having to walk my happy *ss across the house, down the stairs to answer the door to have the impatient visitor knock a few more times cause I wasn't fast enough.


Slipped And Digitless

Grabbing a sword's blade with your bare hands to prevent getting stabbed. I know it's possible to grab a sword or knife blade and apply enough pressure to keep it from sawing into your skin, but in so many movies/TV shows (Kong: Skull Island, Game of Thrones) all those scenes clearly show the person's hands bleeding. Blood means no grip, no grip means you just lost your fingers.


Oh, Now I'm Caught Up


Lazy exposition. A -"The three of us lived this event already so I'll just say what happened first" B- "Right! And then we all saw this happen next" C- "I was there too when this subsequently occurred." A - "Finally, we all lived through this last moment" Substitute 3 professionals going over some basics of their business if you prefer.


Doesn't Seem Like You're Certified, Bruh

CPR. I've never seen it done properly in a movie or show. I was CPR certified (it expired but I still know how to do it) and it really annoys me every time I see it.

The two worst I've seen are:

The unconscious guy was on a stomach-high table. Guy administering CPR was off to the side with his arms straight out in front of him. I love you Arrow, but come on.

The other worst one I've seen was the unconscious guy was laying on the floor and the guy performing CPR was sitting next to him with his arms relaxed and pressing with his wrists, if that makes sense.


Kiss Kiss Loud Loud

Excessive or incompetent Foley work. Obnoxiously loud ice clinking in drinks, sickeningly loud smooching sounds during makeout scenes, 2-stroke engine sounds for 4-stroke engines, manual shifting sounds for automatic cars, loud-ass clomping sounds for running shoes, etc.


This Movie Brought To You By Google Translate

People never finishing up their plates or even trying to look like they're actually eating, even if they explicitly talked about meeting for breakfast or lunch etc. beforehand. So ridiculous.

What bothers me even more is when characters are introduced as being German/French/whatever, but then proceed to speak their supposed native language with a terrible accent and Google Translate grammar.


I eat just about anything, but can't say I'm a fan of okra. Might it have to do with the way it is typically prepared, at least in my experience? It's slimy. It shouldn't be. It would probably taste better fried. But I have friends from the South who swear it is heaven on a plate.

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