One of the wildest rose ceremonies in Bachelor history took place in September on The Bachelor: Vietnam. In an especially dramatic real-world twist, contestant Minh Thu was just about to depart the show, having missed out on a rose, when she stopped and felt she needed to admit she'd fallen in love... not with The Bachelor, but with one of her fellow contestants. Though things seemed hazy for a little while, it now seems the pair are happily dating!

In the ceremony, Minh Thu tearfully admitted her love for fellow contestant Truc Nhu. She walked to Nhu and asked her:

Come home with me.

WILDEST rose ceremony moment: Minh-Thu confesses love, but NOT to the Bachelor

Though the Bachelor, Quoc Trung, tried to convince her to stay, Nhu returned her rose and appeared to leave the show with Minh Thu.

Love confession of contestant Minh-Thu, NOT to the Bachelor Vietnam but another

But when Truc Nhu returned to the show the following week, fans worried about what had become of the other blossoming relationship. Two weeks later, however, Nhu returned her rose once again and departed for good.

Now, it seems Thu and Nhu are happily together!

Did Truc Nhu and Minh Thu have their happily ever after? Truc Nhu's awaited first

The internet couldn't be happier:

Anh-Thu Nguyen, "a producer for the show, who is also queer and Vietnamese-American" found the moment "awe-inspiring:"

It's been a proud experience to see our clip resonate around the world and become an unexpected platform for discussing LGBTQI+ issues in Vietnam on a global scale.

In 2015, Vietnam abolished their ban on same-sex marriages, but the country still doesn't recognize LGBTQ marriages or allow them to happen legitimately within the Vietnamese government. Hopefully, inspiring stories like Thu and Nhu's will help sway the country's culture in a more progressive direction.

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