The fun thing about Reddit is that you can lose yourself on it for hours just reading all sorts of cool and interesting things. But what you shouldn't do, and what we would never recommend, would be to ask for relationship advice on the internet.

And yet people do it all the time. Sometimes the responses are terrible. Sometimes the situation is awful, and you wonder why people just don't go to couples counseling or something.

Put simply: Asking for relationship advice on the internet just won't end well (or look good) as we were reminded by Redditor JadoreBootyNoir, who asked the online community,

"What's the most f**ked up relationship advice you've seen on Reddit?"

"It turned out..."

"A guy was convinced that his wife was cheating on him because she would go out randomly late at night. So one night he followed her and confronted her in the parking lot of the Waffle House that she had gone to."

"It turned out that she had a phobia of pooping when he might hear it and for the duration of their marriage had been leaving the house to poop out of fear of him hearing her."


Sounds like therapy could help with that. That must have been an awkward experience.

"Teen's mom..."

"Teen's mom confessed on her deathbed that they were illegitimate. Teen was torn about what to do and went to reddit to ask whether they should tell their dad the truth. They were encouraged to come clean, they did, dad got pissed and kicked teen out of the house."


This is a perfect example of why you shouldn't take advice from strangers on the internet.

"Probably the post..."

"Probably the post from the girl that was complaining about her boyfriend's s****y underwear due to him not wiping properly because putting anything in his butt would make him gay."


Straight men are weird.

I just don't get it.

"Turns out she had some sort..."

"This dude's wife became CONVINCED she was pregnant, despite all medical scans saying otherwise, got real hostile and defensive when people tried to prove her wrong."

"Turns out she had some sort of severe psychosis after a traumatic miscarriage, and had joined a Facebook group of women who were all suffering from similar delusions. They called it a 'phantom pregnancy' or something like that, it was real sad."

"The husband thankfully didn't listen to the comments telling him to 'divorce her crazy @ss' and managed to get her proper treatment, and last I heard her condition was improving."


Okay, well this is a positive ending, at least!

"Starts noticing..."

"The dude who I think recently had moved in with his girlfriend. Starts noticing his gym socks supply dwindling and dwindling. Don’t remember how he discovered it, but apparently girlfriend was stealing them and using them to wipe her @ss after taking a dump and then throwing them away."




"A post from a girl..."

"A post from a girl about how her boyfriend keeps repeatedly going into a Waffle House and fist fighting the cook there. Like ritualistically going to the same Waffle House, ordering the same thing, the cook messing it up, and the two end up fighting."


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Surely there has to be another low-tier restaurant they can eat at to avoid this scenario, no?

"One jackass..."

"One jack@ss wanted to name his kids Israel and Palestine. So that happened."


Ummm... this is absolutely not a good idea.

"Someone in the comments..."

"Bed bug story is a classic. OP was having memory blackouts, and waking up with what she thought were “needle marks” in her legs. She was afraid her bf was drugging her. Someone in the comments told her she had red flags for bed bugs. Turns out, she had a bed bug infestation, and an allergy that caused her to severely react to the bites."


This sounds like an episode of House or Law and Order.

"There was one recently..."

"There was one recently where a father refused to go to his blind toddler's birthday because he hadn’t earned it. F**k that guy."


Wait, what?!

What is wrong with people?

"The one where she was pregnant..."

"The one where she was pregnant, in her third year of medical school, doing most of the household chores, and her husband was mad that she was studying for a major test instead of making him dinner."


That's grounds for divorce if I ever heard it, not that I'm advising that of course. I'm just another stranger on the internet.

Moral of the story: Don't, just don't ask for advice on the internet. You're better off going to a professional of some kind.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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