People Break Down The Most F***ed Up Thing Someone Has Ever Confessed To Them

Some people really have no filter. And that manifests in several different ways.

Boisterous, fun folks who say what they're thinking with no second thought can be a fun time. But the other type of person, who just can't deal with their big feelings, are some of the worse for wear.

They come at us with these crazy confessions expecting us to engage when all we want to do is run away. And they're everywhere.

So when u/Butt_Ro*dholds asked:

What's the most f**ked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them?

Here were some of those answers.

TW: Sexual Assault, Violence

"Temporary coworker tells me she was kidnapped and beaten by her ex-husband. Burned with cigarettes, hands shoved in the garbage disposal, head beaten with a hammer."

"The incident resulted in a baby she somehow still has. And they're not even divorced cause he won't sign the divorce papers."

"I work in a small town gas station, I'm tryna check out customers and she's reciting a true crime episode to me. The conversation started with mascara recommendations. It was the craziest thing I've ever heard."-whydidithavetobeme-

Uhhh Okay Ma'am

"A customer explained to me the benefits of a coffee enema to heal everything from my acne to preventing cancer."

"I couldn't get her to leave me alone for an hour because it was dead and no one was there to help. I worked for a skincare counter in a department store."

"Like if you don't need my products because cleaning your a** with coffee fixes it, why are you here? But she went on about how she started her kids on these and did their enemas until they could do theirs on their own. What."

"Then she also grabbed my hands and kept saying promise me you'll try it. Promise me. She left after I promised. No, I didn't try it."-TenaciousToffee

TW: Self Harm

"Visited a coffee shop for the first time on holiday. Barista commented on my tattoos. I said thank you."

"She told me she's not allowed to get tattoos but she cuts herself to enjoy the pain and that's nearly the same thing. I found a different coffee shop for the rest of the holiday."-kyridwen

This is when TMI goes way too totally too far.

Well I May Die Here Today

"Stuck driving a coworker out to a remote gas plant to do a system install. He was kinda f**ked up but assumed it was just socially awkward IT way. Nope."

"He starts telling me about him and his dad collecting nazi memorabilia and how proud he was of his German grandparents."

"Trying to make other small talk and he would just trail off answering questions and start singing to himself. Thought for sure I'd end up on the news and a manhunt would be conducted."

"Second best story - met the neighbour right after we moved in and she started telling me about them wanting another kid but doing the deed was hard because she was overweight and had bad knees and it just made it difficult."

"I'm a guy who never met her and have my kids playing mere feet away so I can't call her batsh*t crazy."-Dice_to_see_you

Oh, Gosh...

"Had to get my picture taken for a visa so went to a local photography shop that took the pictures and printed them out for you right there."

"I had been talking to the guy as he worked on other people's photos and when I finally got my picture taken he started opening up about his family."

"Apparently his son was killed 3 years ago in a car accident and he was telling me how much I reminded him of his son (going to school for engineering, 1st generation college student etc.)."

"The son was killed in his senior year so didn't even get to graduate, he even showed me pictures, it was heartbreaking."

"To make things worse he said he had a degenerative muscular disease and doctors had given him about 2-3 years before he'd be bed ridden."

"He then went on to say his daughter was taking care of him and how she isn't married yet and deserves to live a young persons life and man, it really put into perspective how bad some people have it."

"I still think about that guy to this day and hope he's doing well."-EA721

People Explain The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened To Them On Their Birthday

The Hitcher Of TMI

"Hitchhiking through New Zealand, I got picked up by a semi driver. Awesome guy, but an hour into the drive started unloading every bit of personal information he could."

"How he's cheated on his wife, screwed the company out of money, stolen items…. It was like I was a priest in a confession booth."

"When I asked him why he told me all of that, he said it's been eating him up inside for years and telling me helped get it off of his chest. He Said I had no idea who he or anyone he knew was, so it felt like I was the perfect person to unload on."-birdizthawerd

Ma'am I'm Just Here For The Slopes

"Used to work at a ski resort and was working in a different area than I normally work."

"Well this lady who I was working with found out I was slightly acquainted with her fiance and proceeded to tell me all about how his family hates her and is mean to her and all about his substance abuse issues."

"I don't remember all the details because it was a few years ago but she unloaded on me with every issue of her relationship and I'm like I'm just here to work. I didn't really even know her fiance. I avoided that lady after that."-beau8888

These revelations are the kings of "getting uncomfortably close."


"My favorite ever was some stranger outside a bar. Seemed normal enough until she said 'My husband and I used to do meth, but we don't anymore.'"

"I applauded her on this and then she followed up with 'Yeah, now we only have meth weekends.'"-FaintCommand

Wow...You're Awful

"After like a few hours of meeting a new coworker at my job one of the first things she told me was how much she hated her husband and how like twice a day she tells him how much she wants to divorce him."

"She also showed me a picture of her ex-husbands and laughed manically as she told me how she never loved him and that she just married him to spite his mom."

"I've met her husband she's with now and he's super cool and makes literally 5k a month at his job so I was genuinely confused and terrified to work with her after that."-Jamongler

DNA Test: 100% Off

"Sat on an Amtrak across from a very sweet older man, who within twenty minutes was telling me about the purpose of his trip to Maryland: to meet his biological father, who he had discovered via 23andMe, to discuss changing his last name, which was the condition of becoming being the sole inheritor of his father's estate."

"And that he was feeling a little guilty about that because his three half sisters would be excluded from their father's will because he 'finally had a legacy.'"

"Woof. He disembarked twenty minutes later, and I have thought about it constantly for the following four years."-mom_jean

Work Will Never Be The Same

"At work"

"Me: hey New Guy, nice to meet you!"

"New Guy: yea you too. Check out this picture of a dude in a coffin. That's my nephew. He was killed in a drive by last month."

"Me: ....lemme show you where the coffee maker is..."-Hippocr1t

Flowers For You, My Dear

"I started working at a flower shop as a delivery driver and on the very first day of training the woman I was paired with proceeded to tell me all about how she was still processing her parents' deaths."

"Went into great detail, explained the stresses of funeral arrangements and how she had to dress her mother for the viewing because her siblings weren't able to handle it."

"Even told me about a text message she believes she had gotten from her mother after she passed."

"I did my best to be sympathetic but we were out on a 4 hour delivery drive and she definitely took the opportunity of a captive audience to dump a serious amount of baggage. At a certain point I just didn't know what to say anymore."-redradbot

Did Ryan Murphy Write This One?

"First time meeting a lady while I was bartending."

"One drink in, she proceeds to tell me that her husband cheated on her so she cheated on him with a young Jehovah Witness that had showed up at her front door."

"She ended up getting knocked up by the Jehovah Witness and now has a child out of wedlock. I literally never even got her name."-MrMcSneed

TW: Suicide

"A little old lady probably about 90 years old was a regular in the mobile phone (cellphone) shop I worked in when I was younger."

"I always took the time to look after her Help her with her phone. Anyway one day she tells me that she helped her husband kill himself as he was very ill and didn't want to go on."

"She starts crying and said she'd never told anyone that and it's been a huge weight off her shoulders."

"Another time I bumped into a guy who I'd only ever met once before and pretty briefly. I say hi, how's it going and he tells me the intricate details of his life including his teenage sisters drug addiction leading to her suicide."-BullFr0GG

Hell Of An Opening Line, Dude

"Years ago I went on a date with a guy I met via AOL Personals. Within five minutes of the date, he told me he was working on a book about speed seduction."

"And he was so confident he could speed seduce me, he already had a condom on ready for me."

"I high tailed out of there full speed. I googled him awhile back and turns out he ended up self-publishing the book."-regnbueurora

A hallmark of just meeting someone is to try not to overwhelm them with big feelings and big information. Vulnerability without boundaries isn't vulnerability.

But we have all met someone with zero boundaries who wants to take advantage of our ears.

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​Disney Home Video

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Friends' Homes

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New Tech

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Mimeograph Solvent

"Ah, back in the old days, the smell of papers that the teacher handed out that were fresh off those old hand-cranked mimeograph machines. The solvent. Mmmm."

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Fast Times At Ridgemont High GIF by FilminGiphy

Pool Toys

​"Pvc pool toys when you're unfolding them before you blow them up."

- NoticeWhenUAreHappy

"I bought a shower curtain the other day and instead of a light plastic smell it smelled heavily of inflatable pool toys, best shower ever."



"I love the smell of basement- which I don't know if is weird, but I'm the only one I know who likes it."​

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​Home Depot

​"The smell of Home Depot"

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​Hot Pavement And Rain

​"Hot parking lot when it first starts to rain."

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​Burnt Matches

​"Matches after the flame goes out."

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"Ooooh I like the smell when you blow out a candle."

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