People Break Down Which Luxuries Not Everyone Realizes Are A Privilege
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We really take just about everything for granted. Life is full of miracles, and we as humans can only seem to ever notice the big ones, but really it's the small ones that count the most.

There are so many tiny gifts that many of us have that a certain number of us would be kill to have.

A lot of that truth came into perspective during this pandemic. Just look how many people are now food dependent.

Ask yourself, what little thing do I have that may be a privilege to another and a luxury to many and it may not even have that much monetary value?

Redditor u/vianneyal wanted everyone to take a good hard look at just how good some of us have it, by asking:

What is something people don't realize is a privilege?

Paper. Pens. A computer and a job that consists of using all three. It may not sound like much, buy it's far less stressful than retail. I often overlook that fact. I try not to though. God bless customer service people.


binge grocery shopping GIF Giphy

"Buying groceries without having to carefully consider prices."

- scooter-willie


"Hot showers.... Holy crap, I was homeless for a year and a half, and there was a time I blew $50 on a motel room specifically to take a hot shower. I remember pulling off my cold wet socks and just collapsing into the hot water, sobbing. Felt like all my problems went away immediately."

- reduxde

Space Place

"Having your own room/space. A lot of people and specially families around the world has to share living spaces. There was a thread on Reddit recently where a family couldn't give their teenage daughter a room of her own cause their house only had two rooms and they were poor."

"Everyone said the parent was a butthole cause the teen had a right to it and they should move to a bigger house/outside their area to amend that. Crap was freaking insane."

- nigelfitz


"Just having dependable, safe hot and cold running water on demand."

- implodemode

"This. I just got quite the rude awakening 30 minutes ago when my landlord texted asking me to severely limit my already very limited water use because the well that supplies our water is almost dry. I live in rural Canada where there's a drought and while I knew it was bad, my privileged self never thought we might actually run out of water before it rains next. Jokes on me I guess."

- percidiarose

Money Issues

sleeping beauty parody GIF Giphy

"Being able to quit a job without fear of losing financial stability."

- AMiniMinotaur

And here we are all trying to be Kardashians. When tons of people just want stability regarding food and jobs. I don't know what is more sad, that fact or that we live in a world where facts like that exist.


secret smell GIF Giphy

"Being able to enjoy total silence. (Freaking tinnitus)"

- Ozzel

For real. Mine started when I was 18 and I then realised how much I took everything being completely quiet for granted before that. I wish I could get it back."

- beanbagmouse

No Net

"Having your parents to fall back onto for help or advice during adulthood. I've been estranged since I've been 16, life ain't easy navigating the world alone."

- NotMyCabbagesAgain

"I hear ya. I was emancipated when I was a teen. I am grateful for the mentors and chosen family who supported me through to this point (I'm almost 30) but I wish that I had the solid nurture, example, and support that I truly needed growing up. I probably wouldn't have needed to spend so much money on therapy after high school."

- casteela

Sifting Filth

"Sewers. A literal city of tunnels you never see, draining and moving water in and out of your town/city, completely hidden from view. It's a freakin' luxury and you'd be surprised how much of the world doesn't have that while the rest of the world never even thinks about it."

- Happy8Day


"Decent mental health. While some people seem to breeze through their life goals, a lot of people suffer in ways that prevent them or slow them down. It's a privilege to have most of your emotional needs met and have the stability needed to focus on developing your artistry/skills."

- PermissionToRead

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Knowledge is Power

Happy School GIF Giphy

"Going to school."

- HumbleFrench2000

"Exactly. Too many people take education for granted."

- KirbyBucketts

Dream State

"Getting as much sleep as you need."

- Character_Comb_3439

"Yeah that's totally a privilege . And also having nice dreams. A lot of people keep having nightmares which is sucks so yeah thank God."

- Iman246

"I never realized it had a name, but I have always have pretty vivid dreams, often nightmares. I realized that if I believed I could fly in the dream, I could fly out of the bad situation. Still helps me now and then."

- malevolentblob

The Eats

"I noticed that I was privileged with eating to my taste- my dad told me how in mexico they ate what they had, it was rural farm life, i mean he continued to eat that way even living here in america, he would buy me and my sister whatever we wanted and make eggs and beans for himself. I can eat mexican food, japanese food, chinese, burgers, italian whatever really."

- maybe_secretlysatan


World Peace GIF by Live and Let Live Movement Giphy

"Not having to worry about war directly affecting your life and livelihood."

- Curly_Squid


"This might sound silly to some but the other night I decided to change my bedding randomly and realized how lucky I am to be able to swap to another clean set on a whim. Clean laundry, multiple blankets, a whole drawer of socks... those things make me feel rich. A lot of people don't have another set of clothes or a clean, safe bed to sleep in."

- Anticrepuscular_Ray

advancements in civilization...

"Clean water."

- JakeySan

"Plumbing in general. Toilets, faucets, clean drinking water, it's gotta be one of the greatest advancements in civilization."

- crusaderblings2

"Not just clean water, but "unlimited" water ready on demand trough several taps around your home."

- Lick_my_balloon-knot


"Having caring parents."

- HailHarski

"Same thing in romantic relationships. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking every partner is going to compliment you, tell you they love you, and so on because they all do that when so many people are in loveless marriages without any of that."

- therealjoshua


"Having access to dentists in childhood."

- Fr8ndInm8-2

"This. I am in my 40's with braces. My parents couldn't afford it and I waited until my kids (the ones that needed it) all got theirs done; then It was my turn. If I had gotten braces as a teen I'd like to think my massive underbite could have somehow been prevented. However, at the end of this year I'll be having surgery on my top jaw to move it to the correct position."

- Laceyfromcali

To Live

"Going years without cancer or sickness."

- ThePerfectionistt

"I've had cancer twice, and I still feel privileged when I think of the people I met in my ward who never made it out, or ended up with permanent damage."

- EatMyBeefCurry

Feeling Flushed...

toilet conan japan GIF by Team Coco Giphy


- Unisekaied-DemonLoli

"I (am from USA) didn't have a flush toilet until I was seven. Early enough that a flush toilet still feels like the normal thing, but late enough that I still appreciate it since I remember potty training with an outhouse 50 yards from the house in Maine (which is cold in the winter)."

- Tnkgirl357


"Weekends off work. I think about this every Saturday when the gardener comes to mow. He brings his son to help him. My kids are sitting in their PJs working on coding projects, while his son is out helping mow lawns. That is his kid's Saturday off school vs. mine. The danger is that someday, if my kids become programmers or whatever white collar job, they will look back and say, "It's because I worked hard to gain these skills," taking for granted the privilege of the time to do it."

- CJs2cents3456

The basics of life and survival shouldn't be considered luxuries. We really have a lot of society fixing ahead of us. Be grateful for every meal, and good slumber.

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