People Share What 'Useless' Item Is On Their Wish List For When They Win The Lottery

People Share What 'Useless' Item Is On Their Wish List For When They Win The Lottery
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Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to win the lottery? Having money for the rest of your life, as far as the eye can see, to cover your expenses.

And have you thought about all the things you would buy if you could really afford them? Are they ALL practical things, or are some of them silly?

We always love to fantasize about what life would be like if money were no object. And you are not alone!

Redditor OnlyVillager asked:

"If you won the lottery, what's something 'useless' that you would buy?"

Here were some of those answers.

I Be The Witch Of The Wood

"My teenage daughter disclosed to me the other day that her biggest life goal is to buy a house on an acreage that has a large wooded area."

"She plans to build me a house in the woods, fund whatever ridiculous bullsh*t art installations I want to erect in the woods, then spread rumors in neighboring towns that a witch lives back there."

"She's the best."-OpossumJesusHasRisen

My Kingdom For A Castle

"I'm blowing it all on a castle. No, not one of those fairy tale mansions from the 19th century robber barons called 'castles'.
Oh no."

"A fully loaded, honest-to-god, obsolete, medieval fortress. Two curtain walls, a keep, towers, barbican, portcullis, murderholes, loopholes, machicolations, the works. It'll be a well warmed summer retreat/place to hide out if another plague hits the world."

"I'm buying Au Train island in the Upper Peninsula to be specific. When the feds finally come after billionaires to pay their fair share, I'm running to my island and sealing the gates behind me."

"So I can get my affairs in order and pay my taxes. What were you thinking I was gonna do? Hide from the IRS? They can breach any castle lmao."-DaemonTheRoguePrince

I Wanna Be A Billionaire

  • "I want a cold water dispenser on my desk. It has to be connected to the water line, filtered and cooled. Ideally it also has that thing that automatically knows when the container is almost full."
  • "My new lifestyle would be to live 4 weeks in a different city, then 1 week at home. In each city, I would stay in a Luxury Airbnb or a five star hotel."
  • "I would hire a professional soccer coach. I'm talking someone that trains pro players. I'm Arab and I'm tired of not being good at soccer, just a few months of lessons and I'll be able to participate in pick up games and have fun."
  • "I would also hire singing, guitar and piano instructors. Singing would be the toughest because my voice sucks, but I figure with time I can be good enough to sing a song if I want to reference it. That's how bad I am today."-Reformedjerk

Imagine just not having to think when you click the "purchase" button.

A Nice Siesta

"Maybe not exactly "useless" in the way people are thinking (the way the question is asked makes me think by "useless" they mean "stupid/wasteful" but I'm thinking in terms of things that are fun and only for the purpose of having fun), but do vacations count?"

"If I had that much money all to myself, I would 100% rather have a regular sized house/car and spend the money on experiences instead."

"The idea of having a normal life but knowing that I can just decide to take the day off and go to DisneyLand or treat myself to a fancy dinner whenever the hell I want to is a fantasy I've had since I was literally a little kid."

"I get that those aren't useful things because they're not things I could USE like a car/house/purse/etc, but I'd definitely be happy:)"-StreetIndependence62

Doomsday Already?

"Well this stuff is only useless if there isn't some sort of apocalyptic event that happens in my lifetime."

"That said, I'd go full prepper and bury myself a bunker in the desert with tons of food and water stored away and decked out with solar panels, a garage full of electric cars, and a stash of every sort of modern electronic equipment available in vast quantities."

"So this would be a huge waste of money if there's never an apocalypse. But it would be very valuable to me if there happens to be one."-TimHawks1983

Talky Toilet

"I have always wanted a talking toilet. I don't even know why at this point. I just saw it on a tv show, don't even remember what, and since that day I have thought 'yes, I want this.'"

"But right now, with my paupers wage, I cannot afford such a thing. I have a lot of serious plans for lottery level money. I would open a shelter for homeless people and start my own dog shelter. As well as my own theme park."

"But I would still get a talking toilet."-MagnificentColossus

Put Your Bird On My Shoulder

"I would get into falconry, vintage guitars from the 50s and 60s, a live in Cook, most of the surfaces that I touch would be marble, and I would save a significant portion of my money to split between investments and gambling on riskier stocks."

"Depending on how much money a private jet would be in the cards as well as a flight license. This is one of my favorite things to daydream about"-freemason777

The best part of all of this is, it doesn't matter that these things are useless.

They bring us joy, and that is what matters.

"Boring" "Flame Thrower"???

"Definitely a boring company flame thrower. And a Barrett M82."

"Probably a supercar too, but not to drive it. I want to light it on fire in a public space as an appeal to consumerism right before I go take a private jet to Nappa Valley to eat at the French Laundry and get hammered on the most expensive bottles of wine I can find."-xdylanxfrommyspace

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Skin Creams

"There are many things I bought that I regretted it immediately. I love to try new stuff. Especially no-brand or brand that is not famous. My curiosity is very high, that is the problem."

"I wanted to know whether those products are okay for human being. For example, I bought BioAqua face products. The most product I regret is BioAqua aloe vera. After my third use of the product, I actually experience worst allergic in the world."

"My skin had a lot of red patches appeared in just few hours. It was itchy but not painful. Just I keep scratching my skin but I tried my best to control it."

"It took about three - five days to keep it clear with medication and creams. Then after a couple of weeks, I decided to use it again. I got the reaction."

"Thankfully, I still have the medication and the cream. So, I took it immediately. I also did not apply the cream that much compared to previous time."

"I still have the aloe vera bottle in my room. I wanted to throw it but I could not throw it. Yet, I cannot use it and yes, I feel sad when I saw it. So, you can understand how I feel."-nimbledealing53

Hobby Hobby Hobby!

"If I won the lottery - I would open a shop for my favorite hobby. I would manage it like a business, giving a decent wage to several workers allowing them to pursue a degree or whatever and have a job that doesn't suck."

"I'd lose money on running a store. But I'd enjoy it. I'd enjoy sharing my hobby, selling the stuff I love at reasonable prices and giving a few young people a good job in a stress free environment."

"Useless store, great life experience for the people I'd employ."-Dealthagar


"Plastic surgery. I'd like a breast lift and I'd like to get rid of this damn double chin."

"A boat. A pair of jet skis. A modest house on the water. Jeans that don't come from Target. The truck I've wanted since I was 13. A nice vacation. That's pretty much it. My entire frivolous wish list for myself."-that-1-chick-u-know

That Table Tho

"Varying scales of useless: if useless is anything I don't need but something that could be helpful, a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k, decent lighting set up, and quality green screen."

"If it's gotta be something both useless needs-wise, and not something for my hobbies, just a useless but neat purchase, I would track down Carly's water-fish coffee table from the show iCarly (the sold off all those props when the show ended years ago) and buy it for myself."-[username deleted]

Some Folks Just Like Being Scary

"A life size Terminator endoskeleton. Not some cheap plastic prop either. I want it to be made out of metal and look like the real deal because that would be sweet. I'd dress it up for various holidays too, just as a festive touch."-Mark1arMark1ar

All Good Things Come To An End

"If I won the lottery - I would open a shop for my favorite hobby. I would manage it like a business, giving a decent wage to several workers allowing them to pursue a degree or whatever and have a job that doesn't suck."

"I'd lose money on running a store. But I'd enjoy it. I'd enjoy sharing my hobby, selling the stuff I love at reasonable prices and giving a few young people a good job in a stress free environment."

"Useless store, great life experience for the people I'd employ."-Dealthagar

Prospero Año Y Felicidad

"My brother has this irrational hatred for the song Feliz Navidad. It's not that he dislikes it, it will literally make him a miserable bastard for the whole time it is playing."

"I would pay whatever the price to have a mariachi band follow him around all day playing it wearing nothing but sombreros and banana hammocks."

"I would double the pay if they would be willing to do it Christmas day............. No.......... triple the pay. It would be glorious and worth every damn penny."-AWrenchAndTwoNuts

Mobile Suit

"One of those mechs made in japan that you can pilot. One giant death robot, thank you. Just to roam around in my back yard and muck around with."

"I'd imagine any sinister purposes I'd have in mind would be easily traced back to the only mech owner in the area."-RazarG

Money doesn't solve all of the world's problems or all of a person's problems, even—but it certainly does make life a little easier here and there for those who need it.

Hopefully the 21st century sees all of us buying things with our millions of dollars.

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