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It's the fantasy we all carry in the back of our minds.

Winning the lottery, or trying to win the lottery, isn't necessarily something we seriously consider. After all, the lottery is really just a "tax on the poor," but there is a playground in our heads to visit every time that jackpot ticks more and more upwards. What would you do with all those millions? The mind races.

Reddit user, u/Thund3r_Playz, wanted to know how you'd spend your millions when they asked:

If you won the lottery right now, what would you immediately do?

Hey, all you responsible adults? We see you. We hear you. We know you would do the right thing as soon as those checks clear your bank accounts.

Do The Responsible Thing

"Get an attorney"


"One who specializes in lottery winners. Add in a tax consultant and meet with a couple/few financial advisors (independently so I can see if they recommend the same advice). Note financial advisors would have to be a fiduciary."


Just Get It All Down

"Pay off bills"


"Probably everybody has this"


Keep It Anonymous

"Donate a portion of it to help domestic violence victims and survivors. Donate to charities that help with people struggling with mental health. Secure a house and basic things. After that put the rest of the money to create passive income for my daughter and I"


"I've heard that the best way is to make anonymous donations. If you don't, they'll constantly hound you for more money, and if you refuse, they can drag your name through the mud. That's happened to a few unfortunate people who were carelessly generous."


For those with a little more imagination, there's these types of purchases. Though, to be fair, a few of these could do with a couple more castle moats.

Oversee All You Own

"Build a massive spire as high as legally allowed and live at the top"


"I'd hate to have to take out the garbage"


"Just throw it out the window"


No Overhead Sounds Nice

"If we got a mil, I'd keep 250k for my wife and I, 50k to my brother and give the rest to my parents so they can retire."

"If we got a more substantial amount, I'd pay off all my closest families and friends debts, plus a little extra. Buy a shop so we can run our business with no overhead, go on a nice vacation with the closest people to us, and bank the rest. Live off the interest. Live a comfortable life, work when I choose. Keep it simple."


Provide The Ultimate Way To Help

"I would build a homeless shelter in the town I live in, and hire those eager to help and pay them more than anybody else does in said town I live in. It would include programs to help those less fortunate to get off drugs and kick alcohol habits as well as a reward system for those who kept sober (fully paid scholarships, financial assistance for when they leave, etc.) This wouldn't be like a shelter we all know about, instead each resident will have a fair sized apartment and a total of one roommate."

"There would be zero tolerance for violence and questionable activity, as well as a Statewide travel service to deliver willing participants to the location in question. I, myself, would pay random visits twice or more weekly to ensure that things are going according to my vision. There would be no bullying or putting down of these people who are less fortunate, neither from my staff nor the participants. It would be, for lack of a better phrase, an ideal place where somebody could go that is free of social cruelty; a place where you could actually feel true and genuine hope for your future."

"I've given this plenty of thought. I believe that this is how I would immediately proceed."


There's a fine line between responsibility and careless spending that most likely happens when you suddenly come into ownership of millions of dollars. Which side would you fall on?

Pay The People In Your Life Back

"Buy my mother a house."

"That woman has been in my corner and lifted me up when I was at my worst. She birthed me and my two triplet siblings, and raised us brilliantly."

"She loves butterflies."

"I'd spoil her first."


Live That Secret Life

"Not tell anyone."


"Hire a tax, trust, and asset protection attorney."


"This. And then have an in-house chef."


"And then quit my job in spectacular fashion."

"Just kidding, I'd call my boss and say I won't be there on Monday."


Save Someone

"File for custody of my sibling. Finally give her the parent she deserves"


Odds of winning a jackpot lottery? 1 in nearly 300 million.

Still, it's fun to pretend, isn't it?

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