Friends Of People Who Won The Lottery Describe What Happened After They Got The Money

Balls from the UK national lottery
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Most of us have had one of those fantasies about all the magical things we would do if we won the lottery, like starting an antique car collection, buying a mansion, or even more humbly paying off their or their family's debt.

But most of us have limited knowledge about what it's actually like to win the lottery or what their lives look like after winning.

Redditor RivalxGames asked:

"Have you ever actually met or known someone who has won the lottery? What happened to them?"

Cottage Core

"Friends of ours won 30 million dollars. They took a group of us on vacation. Then they bought a cottage and built a house."

"Not much really changed. They are doing great."

- Blondefarmgirl

Responsible Purchases

"My MIL (Mother-in-Law) won $33k on a scratch-off. She paid off some debt and got new windows installed on her house. The new windows in an 1890s farmhouse are amazing, don't think I've seen a happier woman!"

- CaseyBoogies

Spending Where It Matters

"I knew a welder who won a 30 million jackpot."

"He retired, bought two Ford GTs, and spends his time doing yard work, playing low-stakes poker tournaments, and raising his two young kids."

"His wife bought a crib from me used for their second child."

- PigStickerOnStone

Two Kinds of People

"I've known two people who won, actually."

"One was a friend of mine in high school who won $15k on a scratch-and-win. She rented a house downtown and threw a party."

"Somebody said I should stop by and check in on her, because they'd been down to the party and hardly recognized anybody."

"Sure enough, I got there, my friend met me at the door, put waaay too much money in my hands, and told me to go get a bottle of wine. She just partied with whoever was around until it was gone, which took about three weeks."

"Next was a friend of mine from Toronto who is mostly known for doing zombie walks. She won a 'cash for life' dealio and I think it's around ten thousand a month. She bought a theremin and started making 50s-style monster movies and is generally living a high-rolling rockabilly lifestyle."

- greihund

​It's All About the Goats

"My neighbor won the lottery in his sixties, it was something like 1.2 million in the late '90s. We lived in a trailer park in a rural part of the US, a pretty low-cost-of-living area so the money stretched pretty far."

"He bought his trailer and land outright with the money and pretty much just spent every day drinking on his porch and yelling at his goats."

"If I remember correctly, he used a good chunk of what he won to put his son and grandkids through college. Died of liver failure at 85 or something. Not a terrible way to do it, all said and done."

- Kahazzarran

Oh, the Irony

"A neighbor won a few million, built an old folks home, named it after his mother, and she refused to live there."

- pascontent

People Letting Their True Colors Show

"Someone got 30k or something. Not too much, not too less. She got a lot of hate for not 'sharing her riches' whatever the f**k that means."

- Eveleyn

Family Matters

"I did see news footage before of someone in the US, I believe, who won a huge amount but somehow they worked it out that they could wear a 'Scream' mask or some sort of Halloween mask to the check pick up and photo session. And I can't blame that person at all."

"My favorite was I saw a legit story about an older woman who lived in a trailer park who won several million at least in the lottery."

"Her kids quietly moved her out of the trailer once they saw the ticket at her place and knew she won, they found her a new home in some retirement condo community that was nice with extra amenities and they packed all her stuff up for her. Whatever they didn't take from her trailer they just donated out and sold for her and sold the trailer off."

"Because they did not want her going back there after everybody found out she won all that money, especially when she was older and more likely to be manipulated with sob stories or demands."

"Some of the neighbors went on about how sad they were they never got to say goodbye and fair game, I can believe the odd one was sad. But I suspect most were sad they didn't get to see her to ask for a cut of that money or ask her if she could just help them all out."

- Dancingskeletonman86

Bragging Rights

"Technically, a kid from school's parents won a few hundred thousand. His parents were chill, and acted like they had the same money as before, but the kid was acting like a baller."


Romanticizing Life

"My aunt's husband won $36 million. They bought property and traveled. He liked to fish and drink and build stuff. He passed away three years ago, but he was an awesome dude."


Keeping It Simple

"I know two people who have won significant sums (well, significant for me)."

"The first guy won $100k back in the early 2000s. He and his wife agreed to split it between them. She bought a car. He slowly lost most of his half over the course of a couple of years playing in poker tournaments."

"The other people aren't friends, but I see them a few times a year. They won $61 million in 2013. They bought a home i my mom's neighborhood (lakeside property, but priced in the $200k - $500k range back in 2013, depending on which lot)."

"I'd met them several times before finding out that they were 'screw you' rich. You'd never know they were more than a regular retired couple who had enough money in the bank to take cruises and such. They are some of the most down-to-earth people I know; nice cars, but nothing fancy, etc."

- Nythoren

Blasts from the Past

"I had a patient, a hairdresser who owned her own shop, who won about 6 million. Her winnings were announced in the local newspaper."

"She consulted the right professionals, worked a plan to sell her salon, and mapped a way to retire on her winnings without a change in her lifestyle."

"But she told me that she had old boyfriends, and even guys that barely knew her in high school, who called her with some variation of, 'You know, I always loved you...'"

"She just laughed and blew them off."

- Earguy

An Epic Pizzy Party

"I worked with a guy who won like $3k/week for life on a scratch-off. He continued working for like six months before he bought a truck and went and lived the O/O life in the oil fields of North Dakota. He bought everyone pizza on his last day."

- 0100100012635

Keeping It Humble

"A friend won 1 million. They paid off their house. Saved for their kids' education and basically don’t live paycheque to paycheque anymore. Both of them still work full-time."

- hornblower_83

That Darn Pandemic

"I met a girl at a party shortly after the pandemic who won 1 million pounds. She won it about six months before the pandemic hit. Her parents are already millionaires and her dad convinced her to put more than half of it into reliable stocks."

"She also planned a huge family holiday all around Asia... Well, the pandemic hit, canceled the holiday and disintegrated all her shares."

"She said she bought a house for 200k, a new car for 20k and she has about 100k left, and still has her same job."

- TheBrazenBeast

While some of these were extravagant by everyday standards, most of them were heartwarming in how the person continued to lead a simple, if not also humble, life after winning a large cash prize.

It's a great reminder that while money can afford someone stability, that money doesn't necessarily equate with happiness.

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