random facts

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The amount of knowledge we acquire over the course of our lives is astonishing. When we really sit down and think, we'd all be amazed at the stockpile of information our brains store. That's why more of us should try to get on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" You don't have to be a genius to know things. And we know the most inexplicable things.

Redditor u/JM5172 wanted to learn a few things about life by asking... What's a random fact you know for some reason?
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Random knowledge is sexy. Knowing information seems like a dull prospect but it's a pretty cool attribute. But certain information can come with a warning label. As we grow older and live each moment, obscure facts will find their way into our psyche. With experience comes knowledge, we just have to be prepared to explain how we acquired such insight. Alex Trebek may think its cool but some audiences may worry about our life choices.

Redditor u/pygmypuffonacid wanted to know who else is full of crazy random info by asking.... What are some" why the f**k do you know that information " facts?
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You can never have too many random facts in your arsenal. Lord knows how many ice breakers we're going to deal with after the pandemic eases and we have to learn how to socialize all over again.

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The world is a fascinating place. We should know-we live there.

In and above the world, we have so many exchanges of life; space; information; it feels impossible to ever fully grasp this incredible, strange thing called life that we live.

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