People Share The Greatest Lies Ever Told
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I find it difficult to believe in the concept of karma because karma implies that the world is ultimately fair. Experience has shown that it is anything but, actually.

Sometimes bad people win. And very often, they get what they want.

It's not a truth many of us like to hear, but it is a sobering one (and learning it sooner rather than later saves you a lot of grief further down the line.

People shared their thoughts after Redditor QuietCustardRoll asked the online community:

"What is the greatest lie ever told?"

"Just let us..."

""just let us have Poland and we'll stop there."


Oh, dear.

And we saw how that went, didn't we?

"I have read..."

"I have read and agree to the terms of service."


Ha, almost nobody does. I think the next time I actually will, just to see if there's a hidden clause that entitles me to a check for $10,000 or something.

"Your call..."

"Your call is important to us."


Is it, though?


(No. It's not.)

"We're experiencing..."

"We’re experiencing an unusually high call volume right now."


Doesn't matter what time of day or night you call – you will always hear this and it is very frustrating.

"My mom and dad..."

"My mom and dad would always say 'If you tell the truth, your consequences will not be as severe.' And do you want to know what happened? I would tell them the truth."


So it sounds like that ultimately didn't work out, huh?

"The customer..."

"The customer is always right."


The number of people out there who swear by this as if it was the gospel are the reason why it's so awful to work in retail.

"Hard work..."

"Hard work can get you everything. Sure it's necessary but it can't make you a billionaire that easily."


The number of people out there who get a break just because they're connected while the rest who actually do the work get paid in peanuts is too damn high.

"If you're nice..."

"If you’re nice people will be nice to you."


People assume this in diplomacy, too. Yeah... it just doesn't work that way. People are more petty than that.

"That our governments..."

"That our governments are working for our best interests."


If by "working for our best interests" you mean enriching themselves, then you might be right.

"That OxyContin..."

"That OxyContin and other opiods aren't addictive. Thanks Purdue, you had a great impact on American health the last 20 years."


The Sackler family has caused so much harm nationwide, it practically boggles the mind. So much of the opioid crisis is on their hands.

Don't you just love the way the world always lies to us? It's endless, truly endless.

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