People Share The Most Life-Changing Items They've Ever Gotten For Under $100
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Money isn't everything. That is one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs. And it epitomizes so much.

Yes, money does make the world go round and it is a vital and necessary part of life, but you don't need to hoard tons of it like Scrooge McDuck to make a few essential purchases that will make life a little more fulfilling.

Sometimes the most simple item can change everything. You never know when a late night infomercial is selling you the goods.

Redditoru/MiracleRianwanted to hear about some of the best treasures out there, that are affordable, by asking:

What life changing item can you buy for under 100$?

A cellphone. That is the item that changed it all for me. And in the beginning, I didn't want one. I fought to have one. I thought they were so useless. Ha! I got ny first for $35. Of course, the bill is a different story.

Tushy Love

Toilet Paper Dancing GIF by The CooligansGiphy

"Soft close toilet seat."

- Altruistic_Dish_8345

My wife bought one for the powder room downstairs. Guess who slams the toilet seat upstairs like a moron?"

- ickpics25


"A good quality electric toothbrush."

- jojokie

"Philips Sonicare is the best. I'm a dentistry student and we recommend those always. They can be used as a regular toothbrush so patients easily adapt. A lot of our patients don't get cavities anymore since they use those, highly recommended. For interdental cleaning get Jordan toothpicks. Don't floss, toothpicks are way better."

- Userredux

Keep it Fresh

"Air purifier."

- dylfamjenkins

"I have a few BlueAir purifiers, the 411 and the 121 models- they covered the biggest sq ft for the smallest $ and the replacement filters were the cheapest while also filtering PM2.5 for smoke. Recommended by Consumer report iirc. In addition to the fire season benefits, makes a huge difference for my (v. slight) cat allergies year-round. Before I got these, I taped furnace filters to a box fan and that worked well on smoky days."

- callmemeghan


"A nice hoodie that comforts me when I'm lonely."

- GamerLean-107

"Love a nice hoodie. Trouble is they take a while to wear in until they are comfortable. For that reason I always buy them second hand."

- sznfpv


Think About It Reaction GIF by IdentityGiphy


- OzTm

"100%. Remember it takes many screws to make a crib but only 1 to fill it. So wrap that thing!!"

- BuckGerard

Now there is a lot of truth id you ask me. My shopping list just grew. Of course a few seemed obvious... a soft toilet seat and condoms? Duh.

Pik for Life

Teeth Tooth GIF by OllieTorresGiphy

"A Waterpik. Got one when I had braces, and am never going back to pre-waterpik life."

- crazyparrotguy

"Flossing is such a pain, I've gone an ordered one from the Penis Rocket people. Thanks stranger."

- Sirjohnington


"Towel warmer. Step out of the shower and be wrapped in pure warmth. Especially nice in the winter."

- throughvagabondeyes

"I have the previous model. Looks like it got a little bit more of expensive. So worth it though. Makes me feel like a millionaire. Zadro TWB Towel Warmer, X-Large, Gray."

- throughvagabondeyes

"Or you can go for real luxury and also get a towel warmer warmer. Keeps your towel warmer warm. It's just nice to have a warmer towel warmer. Warm towel warmers warm towels better. Besides that, there's the simple satisfaction of having a nice warm towel from a warm towel warmer."

- GozerDGozerian

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"Noise cancelling headphones. They don't even need to be particularly good ones, but it makes listening to music more enjoyable in my opinion. And sometimes you just need to block out the world for a bit."

- AceAconite

"Especially if you have a noisy commute on the subway or bus. It definitely helps your ears so you don't need to turn up the volume as much."

- CrescentCinder

Bring the Heat

"Bidet attachment for the toilet."

- Sarke1

"It seems intense at first but I've had one for a couple years ago and don't really think I need heated water. It's a little cold in the winter but it's never been so cold that I couldn't tolerate it for a minute or so to get clean."

"Heated ones either have to heat the water locally or wait while the hot water comes through the pipes. The latter won't work for me because my shower takes 3-5 minutes to heat up. You get used to the cold water and it's really not that bad to begin with. Totally worth it."

- IceNFire

Hold me Down

"Weighted blanket. It's very comforting if you are distressed. I have panic attacks and it helps. Even if I'm just feeling anxious it is a great help. They can be expensive but 100 would be going pretty big on a weighted blanket. Be sure your medium to small pets don't get trapped in there."

- lilsnaxxus

Used Love

Season 6 Nbc GIF by The OfficeGiphy

"A stuffed animal to sooth loneliness, going the used rout will get you an amazing one."

- 333Orobas666

"When my wife passed away about 7 months ago my daughter went to build a bear and made me a bear with a recording of her voice singing "stop in the name of love." I have snuggled with this bear every night for the last almost 8 months now. This bear has gotten me through some rough nights so far and idk what I would do without it."

- StraightSho

Ways to Slumber

"Sleep mask and ear plugs."

- natknewz

"Maybe this is just me, but earplugs make it so I can hear my own breathing and heartbeat. I feel like I'm going insane every time I've tried it."

- MrGradySir

"Try a weighted sleep mask- game changer."

- callmemeghan

For the Feet

"A good pair of comfortable shoes. Save yourself from debilitating foot, knee, and even back pain."

- hhhhhhd5

"If only I could find some that actually fit. Last Saturday I spend 6 hours going through every single shoe store that's near my home and trying on every pair of shoes I saw that was even remotely to my taste. End of the story is I still walk around in my old shoes that have holes in them."

- Xello_99

Pump It

Working Out Lifting Weights GIF by Chance The RapperGiphy

"Gym membership, at least in my country."

- hadravao

"Got one of those, didn't change my life! Looking back, maybe I should have also used it!"

- Beautiful_Ad7181

A Clip Away

"A good nail clipper can make grooming so much easier."

- ActingAspie

"I will add that the best nail clippers aren't nail clippers at all, but rather high quality wire cutters! I was ordering jeweler's supplies several years ago and added some lap jointed flush cutters to my cart. I saw a woman in the reviews claiming she used hers as nail cutters which I thought was silly. I was curious, so I tried when they arrived and I have never gone back to nail clippers! The flush cutters give excellent control, squeeze effortlessly, and cut through nail like butter."

- OrchidMouse

For the Lambo

"I bought my Dashcam for 80 bucks and it save me money and time dealing with "he said she said bullsh*t" over whose fault it is. There was clip just went viral where a girl rear ended a lambo then it came out that the lambo driver was trying to gaslight her after he hit her. Imagine if either one of those expensive cars had a 100 dollar dash cam problem solved."


Go Deep

"Magnesium, something that made my life so much better in many ways some are faster recovery (working out), deeper sleep, calmer mind, helps lower inflammation (we all need that), lowers cramps, and so much more, check with your doc though it may interact with other meds."

- hoodyk

Let's Plant

"You may not think so, but using it to buy a few plants can be amazing. There have been studies done on how caring for plants releases endorphins and is really good for mental health. I think this is why there was a surge in plant ownership/popularity during quarantine; even best-case scenario we were all a bit lonely and stressed. Plants help to alleviate that."

- Peppyromia

Know your tools...

"Mechanic tool set. Got my first one, Husky 230 piece set, two years ago. On sale at the Home Depot for about $99 plus tax. Picked up the Hart 215 piece kit at Walmart for $98 plus tax, as a back up. It is a good kit to start working on cars, in my case, I leave it in my truck. I have a few side hustles to supplement my income, the struggle is too real."

- thewaylost

I can personally attest to a weighted blanket, towel warmers stuffed animals. They should all start a life "must have" list. The essentials don't always have to break the bank.

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