People Explain Which Lessons They Had To Learn The Hard Way
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Some people typically don't like being told what to do because they think they already know what they're doing.

That is until they stumble and land on their face.

It turns out what they were resistant to accepting in the first place was accurate all along.

If only they listened.

Curious to hear of other people's growing pains, Redditor TinyUnderstanding948 asked:

"What lesson did you have to learn the hard way?"

You can protect yourself with these reminders.

Leave A Paper Trail

"Any monetary or business agreement needs to be in writing!"

– phi316

Observing The Fine Print

"Read the contract."

– BoB_thu_Builder

Generally speaking, business relationships and friendships are mutually exclusive.

Strictly Business​

"Not everyone you work with is your friend."

– Cracktower

What Venting Led To

"My grandmother learned that the hard way a few years ago. Had been in the same industry since the 90s, was being paid less than she was worth honestly. On a break at work, she was venting to a coworker she thought she was friends with, about someone who worked in the same place as them."

"Word got back to the boss pretty fast and they used it as an excuse to stop giving her work and forced her out; they preferred a younger workforce that they could pay less. She had to retire without much savings, had to sell her house and move in with my aunt, and now has to live off of social security benefits. She probably would have never retired if she hadn't been forced to; because of her age, she wasn't able to get hired anywhere else."

– Cotton_Kerndy

Pretend Friends

"I work with someone who will laugh with you and pretend to be your buddy but as soon as you turn your back, she's already b*tched about you to 20 people and whined about you asking for her help with some small tasks (even though she offered her support)."

"The worst part is she is part of the HR team and she has a documented history of exploding at people, harassment and bullying, and not doing her job (because she spends most of her time crying and complaining). She is the stereotypical HR representative."

– Cole__MacGrath__

Consumers who were previously taken advantage of have the following advice to pass along.

Splurge On Good Quality

"Buy it nice or buy it twice."

– BlackFlorida

Caveat Emptor

"This is 100% accurate but needs a disclaimer: expensive does not always equate to nice."

– bumstopper

The relationships we have with people are complex, but you may want to keep these in mind.

Extending A Lifeline

"You can’t always help people. You can show them you care and point them toward help, but it’s up to them to get better. And if you fail, it’s not your fault."

– AerobaticDiamond

Don't Settle

"You can't have a relationship with someone's potential."

– comeawaywithmee

Achieve Mutual Adoration

"Loving someone doesn't mean they will keep loving you."

– mrenglish22

Let People Come To You

"People who want to be a part of your life, will be a part of your life. Stop wasting time convincing someone to be a part of it."

– camehereforfriends

And when it comes to your health, listen up.


"Drink plenty of water."

"It's hard to know when you're dehydrated sometimes. Felt terrible and didn't know why. Never felt thirsty. Had skin issues, lack of sleep, irritability, lack of concentration, dizzy spells, could not function at work, among other things."

"Ended up at the ICU with an IV drip for severe dehydration."


– bebarrucha

Mind Your Tolerance Level

"If you wait to not be able to take it anymore to leave, then you'll have to deal with the stress of changes at the same time as you heal from hitting rock bottom. Just leave before it gets unbearable."

– Haebak

You Are A Priority

"That it's important to put yourself first."

"I've never had a relationship that wasn't codependent and I am currently in the process of healing and accepting myself without needing someone else. It's so hard some days. I have done a lot of harm to myself and others by not seeking to meet my own needs, thinking that my needs were unimportant, and sacrificing myself for my relationships. But the days where I do put myself first I feel so much better. I wish I had learned this 15 years ago, but I'm happy that I'm learning it now."

– princess_noir

While advice from the people we care about comes from a good place, they are not always appreciated.

Sometimes, we have to make our own mistakes in order to fully comprehend why we should apply certain standards to the way we go about our lives.

At least for me, I've found that picking myself up and dusting myself off was most effective.

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