People Share The Most Important Lessons They've Learned From The Pandemic

No one can deny that the first year or so of the global pandemic was a difficult time for everyone.

In addition to the fact that people had to remain home, and limit all communication with friends and family through phone and video chat, people had to adjust to working or studying from home, and be on their guard when out and about in public.

But now, just over two years later and as things seem to be easing back to normal, one can now look back on these difficult years and realize the many lessons we as a society have learned.

Some might fill our hearts with hope and optimism and others which might infuriate us for the rest of our lives.

Redditor Affectionate-Ad1060 was curious to hear all the lessons, the good and the bad, people otherwise might not have learned were it not for the pandemic, leading them to ask:

"What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?"

Healthcare needs fixing.

"Healthcare needs an overhaul."- Toxic_Politician

We could have been better prepared

"When the sh*t really hits the fan, we're f*cked."- idkijustlikememesetc

We overestimated people's concepts of basic decency.

"That it wouldn’t take much for civilized people to turn on each other."- hindmaja

"Most grown adults are nasty and have to be reminded to wash their hands."- shantyirish13

"People are sh*ttier than I expected."- WhitePhatAss

Cherish every moment

"You should take the time to spend with those you love."- idontworktomorrow

Nothing wrong with a little alone time every now and then.

"How comfortable I seriously am with just myself."- equidistant_life


"Bold of you to assume we’ve learned anything."- Airsoft07

Don't give in to vices.

"Alcohol doesn’t improve my life."

" t just feels good for a moment."

"9 months sober!"- bugaboo2013·

Major differences between city life and country life.

"The biggest take away I can come up with is how under serviced rural areas are."

"The local grocery store can’t offer curb side pick up, door dash doesn’t exist here, all the answers for what we should do in a pandemic aren’t feasible where there’s only 500 people."- medicff

It's necessary now and then to stop and reflect, something we all had plenty of time to do in the early months of the pandemic.

And though some major problems became more apparent, which we still need to continue working on, one can also appreciate that maybe the pandemic was the great big reset button the world needed to improve the many things which were otherwise being overlooked.

Here's hoping we remain proactive in continuing to make the world a better place.

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